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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Behind The Anti-Islam Video

    Where does Freedom of Speech starts and ends?
   Innocence of Muslims is the Muhammad Movie by Sam Bacile that caused Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. The anti Islam video claims Islam is a lie and Mohammed was a pedophile. The movie was poorly made and unprofessional but it stir up strife just the same. 

   Aren't Muslim over-acting on this clip? 
   The killing of US ambassador and threatening to kill more justify that the movie deserve the pedestal. The irony is, the reaction of Muslims shows how true the film was.   
   Basically, what the same sentiments the movie is trying to project is what the rioters are doing now.  

   These reminds me again how people violently reacts to defend their gods. Just look how various Christian group here in the Philippines reacted about Lady Gaga's song Judas. Or how the Catholics rages over Mideo Cruz controversial artworks.

   I must commend the reaction of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the largest Moro insurgent group in the country, they are not taking action to protest the video. On Sunday, it rejected a call from the international terrorist network al-Qaeda to attack US targets over the video.
   “We do not live in the dark ages, there are rules and laws that need to be followed,” Jaafar told Agence France-Presse. “We have an existing ceasefire with the Philippines, and we will not violate that.”  “Even in war, there are international norms that need to be accepted, including the protection of diplomats and embassies,” he said. (Source)
   Muslim calls Islam a "religion of peace" and this is the time to show that they live for that cause. 

   I am a firm believer of "Freedom of Expression" most especially when the medium is thru the arts. Film making is a non-violent way to express your thoughts. 



   I sense something diabolical behind this hype. This is another Hegelian tactics or in plain words order out of chaos. 

    At the early stage on the search for Bacile, his identity is quite mysterious ... LINK.  But later they identified him as an American Citizen, Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, an Egyptian native...
   How well would the US government handle this issue. In America, its normal to spoof a religious figure, remember for example Jesus Christ Superstar.
   In America Nakoula could be protected by his basic rights but there are also  diplomatic issues needed to be balance. 
  Jody Armour, a professor at the University of Southern California's Gould School of Law, said it's "not unusual at all for the government to step in and give a citizen in distress or danger special protection, but it can't unlimited. They're going to have to strike a balance." 

    Actors on the film are being misled and there was overdubbing done. Maybe we can start investigation from there. 
    I am seeing some patterns here of Christian vs. Muslims under the baton of another religion. Can you guess who? 
    The movie is unknown until the riot came. Somebody stage this event...not the movie (or the trailer) alone had ignite the protest. The protest just ignite? Does that sound strange? Someone is orchestrating these things. 
   What I believe so far is that the clip had achieved its purpose. 

   I am asking now: is there really a movie? All we have seen are the 14 minutes trailer? Is this just a propaganda? Are these really done by Evangelicals? The Coptic Christians? or the Jewish? Is this related to 9-11 attack? Something is not right at all ends. Consider a study taken from the next film: 

   Here's an advise that may sound obscure for now but believe me this may actually save you: "Don't Join Any Causes" 

    You are maybe hearing Pro-Life, Pro-Planned Parenthood, Think Green, Stop Animal Cruelty, Save the Environment, etc...these are just few of the causes that sounds good but behind are evil agenda  inspired by the One World Order. 

   Set aside Idealism for awhile...youth had been wasted and used by brainwasher. 


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Farfalla Dreams said...

Very interesting. I thought it was a bit odd too, all the circumstances don't add up. Thanks for sharing this.