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A visual manuscripts is a collection of artworks and inner working of the artist/author minds. I started making this unique kind of book-making around 1985 during my self-searching years after the CCP Visual Arts summer workshops. These collections serves as a laboratory of my personal experiences towards 

Nearly 3 decades now that I've been honing, exploring, and gathering image on these journals and maybe in the near future I will finally present the final editions one by one for public viewing. Some of the pages actually had been previewed by my online friends...

I'll be keeping updates on my journal every now and then keep in touch and click this page once in a while.

I do a lot of tweaking and re-evaluations with my art journals. Like the the manuscript above I called "A Whisper to a Scream" it has undergone 4 revisions...
   Here is my latest baby "Intentional Moment" 

My Largest Visual Manuscripts that I hopefully...and finally be able to show in public...Experiential Dictations 10.3

(it will continue to evolve as a lifetime thesis...)

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