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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


When Was JESUS BORN? THE DAY. Concrete Evidence. Yeshua. Yahusha. Messiah

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Golden Years up ahead but Darkness they Saw

They said Fifty is the Golden years...for me a golden year of awakening...and the meaning of the word awaken has mean more to me now. Deeper than the last known definition that the world gave. 
   It is 2018....last year I turn fifty and so many great things came to me in 2017. It's all about The Great Reveal. Cosmology, the Garden of Eden, Ophir, Essense, Pizzagate and how wicked these people truly are. While for my art, there was that Mural project for ParaƱaque city hall.  Improving a great deal in my rendering in various styles and strokes....There was a great leap. Although at times I still struggle with the heartache that goes along with it. 

   Reality is truly stranger than fiction....Ridiculous as it may sound but I never thought that these strangeness was in fact nearly the same amazement or bewilderment as Alice feels in Wonderland. Where as False narratives were almost True if you would think about it. 
   No we're not splitting hair against fact but those hidden truth in plain sight. Revelations as well as Knowledge increases or evolve...or slowly being reveal, as God has intended it to be. There was enough trouble for tomorrow.... 

   Are we therefor in the Last of all Last days? The Book of Joel speaks about Blood moon and Extremely dark Sun. This isn't an ordinary darkness but a Supernatural velvet black that would truly overwhelmed mankind. Perhaps last call of warning. Kinda scary when you think about your love ones...
   These were the warnings often coming from those End-times watchers. Dates are adjusting as to which is which. Can we really know the exact hour? I believe so....because there would be some who wont actually knew it is in fact the very moment. This I came into conclusion that we must watch and be very vigilant. We can already smell it.... by the stink of filthiness going on. 
   I think it would be business as usual for most of the world. They've missed their Messiah before, shall we recognize Him the second time around?
   Christians, or not just Christians, but those who truly Love our Creator God, who had sincerely seek for His truth and presence day and night knew at that hour what to do. We will know, the Spirit within us that God gave knew.