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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fish Kill in Pangasinan and Batangas

The sudden change of temperature causes millions of fish kills in Bolinao and Anda coastal towns, particularly on Kakiputan Channel. As of May 31 an estimated 70 tons of Bangus (milk-fish) were found floating lifeless on fish pond through out the area. BFAR regional director, said the sudden change in temperature due to heavy rains following warm days and the drop in the dissolved oxygen level in the water caused the fishkill.
   Meanwhile, . Fishermen in Batangas province have lost millions of pesos following a massive fishkill in the waters of Taal Lake. In Talisay alone, the town's agriculture office said around P33 million worth of fish have died. This equates to around 355 tons of fish, or food for around 335,000 families.
   Yearly, fish kill happens due to sudden change of water temperature that may result into a drop of oxygen level. Usually this happen to ponds or fish pen where fish are contain in limited area. 


   This blog is an appeal to my fellow Filipino's abroad who without their consciousness represent our Nation wherever they go. I was saddened most of the time when I hear our very own people lambasting his own country and countrymen in foreign land. These actions are like spitting to heaven. Haven't you heard what are the penalties for treason? 
   Okay we are known for graft and corruptions, but that's just a handful of crooks. In general we are honest and peace loving people. Other Nation's had there own filthiness too and so we are not an isolated case. As a matter of fact, we had the most honest people in the world. Well, the people of Batanes island at least. As I've said this blog was an appeal, and perhaps to plead and beg that when you go abroad make it your mission to endorse our country or maybe clarify the bad reputation our motherland had been labeled due to few rotten eggs. To inspire you and may be a good start for our own personal advertisement...let us talk about the People of Philippine's Northernmost island....
   YES!!! You can visit the Province of Batanes and be ashame of their EXTREME HONESTY. Their grocery and gift shop was unattended, all you have to do is serve yourself, get what you want and then leave your payment on the counter. The owner said there was never an incident of burglary, not even once. And if you check the record of their prison, there are only one to two person detained there many years ago, and these are people found drunk in the street. Did you know that they even return item to a radio station (Radio Ng Bayan) even if ownership is not identifiable. When I visit that place I saw about a dozen wrist watch and some cash under the custody of the radio announcer. 
   200 kilometer away from Manila, separated by oceans, wind, and typhoon Batanes group of islands rouses in you the ancient, forgotten life core — free from modern excess, and what made the Ivatan (people of Batanes) undaunted are their regular battle with nature as the island are favorite route of storms and typhoons plus the harsh windy weather all year round being surrounded by South China sea North-east and the Pacific ocean on the other side.
   In Sabtang, a smaller island 45 minutes away from Ivana’s port, only a couple of stores sell cooked food—by request. After all, everyone grows and raises his own chickens, cows and crops for their own consumption.
  Others still find it embarrassing to sell their vegetables; they find it strange to have to ask for money for what grew on their fields. 
   Farms have no barb-wire fences and livestock freely rove the fields. The pasture are own by everyone, as people hardly raise crops for profit and that is even in the main island of Batan (where Basco City can be found) the most citified in the island group of Batanes.There was even a story I once read in a newspaper that a certain woman build a hut for a stranger she found homeless on the road.
   If you think this isolated place is god-forsaken in terms of basic needs and social services better think again. This is an example of the fruit of good governance, hospitalization and public school are free with teacher-student ratio of 1:12.    The provincial governor, we will discover, lives in a modest, unassuming house, absurd anywhere else in the Philippines. While most prototype of our public officials we knew own a dozen luxury cars, you'll find the former mayor of Sabtang wheeling the street with an old rusty bicycle. 
    I just wonder if the whole Philippine archipelago get battered by regular 200 km/hr typhoon almost on daily basis, will they be as honest and helpful as the people of Batanes?


Thursday, May 26, 2011


   If you are not giving yourself the respect you want then don't expect that  from  others.  As well as you can not give what you do not have...
   I'm sick and tired of telling you that. I'm hurt seeing you being treated that way. BUT you don't should give a little respect to yourself.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scattered after thought

   Glued my eyes on my fish choco on one hand. 8 AM and I can already feel the heat...summer is not about to leave, not yet. Even if Typhoon Bebeng had brought roof tearing breeze and couple of inches downpour last week. Burning road....
   But that was last week's a quick season change...another 8 AM morning again...and at any moment Typhoon Chedeng is threatening to hit land any time this day. I feed my fishes with cockroach and now watching the tiny carnivore ramble and wrestle to get a chunk. If Sunshine is still alive this would be consumed in one gulp. 
   Yesterday, I made a realization piece by placing my self on the female mindset. The work I came up is "Undecided decision" done in mix-media. A reaction for the RH bill. It has taken a controversial twist because of th Catholic stance on taking the bill down. 
   A one kilometer tornadoes hit Missouri, USA...about 200 are found death as of this writing. Just part of the sorrows that was spoken in the had started and it is inevitable. Speaking of the end times as some false prophet claims and supposed to have happen the other day May 21, 2011...or as some claimants said it is the day of rapture. The preacher who prophesied it now made a back up statement and said he had to review his math. Now, we had just identified a false prophet. 


      Led to a self-exile once again…these detachments was quite proper as now I saw the situations getting rougher and tougher. Maybe I have dupe myself so much. I have to saw the meaning of all these once again…there my fishes are roaming waiting to be nourished.
    As the spiny path of recent past have we cross now I thought carried by the flood but still the echoing gyrated scoff as I stall. This are part of the illumination, of the traverse path only selected among the vast, the chosen few…and now can I request you my father to let this cup pass?
   On the pelagic realm of the cannibalistic society where you have to stay focus on the truth and be not swayed. 
   Will I stab another unheralded epic move? The ocean is vast and all you need is to spread your net or at least hurl some lure. Turning the avenues isn’t enough to attract….you have to do some shout out. Advertise to be the authority. And now back to Laboratory and spot the flaws of the experiment. I might have missed a significant ingredient.
   I saw her sacrifice and fortitude to fill the gap I have not filled. Amidst the burning heat or windy bristle of rain, that she ignores to brave the horizon; and the constant danger of being on the road. The preacher; whose images are hailed as excellent on the painted lane– what a tremendous foolishness, to be even given the designations. Part of the wine you have to drink was to swallow the sneer.
   Her affability was to entice the audience….Now you are experiencing audible range voices…stop it! Stop it! Don’t listen to the jesting of the fraudster.  If she is giving time to them it is because of her nature. No bones to carry my own flesh…flaw eating me. I held my head up high and see my vision. They misunderstood her and lie and wait to kill…to blaspheme? I just became what I am, have I chosen to write my novel this way? Don’t let my enemies rule against me...
   And the story flow as they emerge on a brand new bleakness of a contrite heart bad bruised by sudden thud. Here the remorse was a vengeance of the spoils you have taken from your crafty patches. But have I not cried hard after the Queen of Thieves crash my head. Are they paying for their crimes? We have taken our part…from the great example she had mold us. Until the sudden death was justified by the conspiracy, in our projected innocence sculpted to gave the heroic exit and an excuse. And then I have left my own dark stains…Mark that face when you cross my path. They have scraped their crimes and republished with the saintly images of a guru we had become. 
   Now tell me the scriptural quotations Oh chosen of God, are you gentle? Are you pure? Remove the soft linen you have wrap your head down to your feet.  Why tell them the better religion you follow where in your closets you have hidden the cadaver…a smelly cadaver. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


On Sunday 8:45Pm Philippine time GMA News TV will air RH Bill Grand Debate…There will be panel from different sides of the issue. This is our opportunity to hear some of the gray areas we been wanting to hear and inquire about this very controversial issue as to which are better alternatives and is there really a population problem, is this really the solution to the current financial strain our nation face, or they are just throwing pearls on the pig pen.
   Just look at the irony of that the Catholic Church and the Philippine Government both at certain point agree on some sort of family planning...the only issue I can see in their disagreement is the process or methodology. RH Bill supporter want to implement the choice of using contraceptives while the Priest want natural method. 
   Now the irony again is that both CAN CLAIM to be Pro-Life. Just look at the wasted life of Children from parents who can't support them...who are more likely to end up on the streets and obviously more prone to be criminals or law breakers in milder sense. When you want to guarantee a better life then you are Pro-Life. 
   What I don't understand is, why call it like abortion already or against the Law of God to use contraceptives? Without the meeting of egg and sperm cells, there is no human life form. If you say that is already preventing life then that is also what you are doing with natural method, you are also avoiding having babies? On the area of planning a family I don't see any need for argument but clarification. I have written my blog regarding the conception of life attested in the Bible...
   Now both party are using scare excommunicated if you don't obey your church leaders or lesser food at your table for great increase of mouth to feed. 
    Back to methodology, just how do celibate catholic priest able to teach their followers "the natural" ways? And why does RH Bill supporter sporadically give condoms for free? Is the problem here multiplication or divisions? The issue here is health. Then why does it seems we are not facing the issue as a health issue? Is there really a problem of population explosion or exploitation?
  Will there also be a shortage of work force in the future if this bill gets implemented? Up to now I am not getting the point why they try to tie-up this issue with Sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms may prevent the spread of Herpes or HIV but that is within the realm of marital fidelity or teen age sex for that matter. What we should look here is the health of the mother after giving birth more than once or twice, the proper spacing of having children, and the proper nourishment of both parent and child. Most couple especially the young ones enter a relationship unprepared. I think this issue must be given to the church. Church form our values....    
   I NEVER SEE POPULATION AS A PROBLEM SINCE THEN. God gives and take life. Just look how many have died from the recent earthquake? So I am not taking the issue on that stand-point. I leave that prerogative of giving and taking life to God. 
   What I like about the RH Bill in fairness is the term "choice" which the catholic church strictly does not offer. The option of spouses to add, minus, deduct, or multiply. Now since you are giving choices, you now have the obligation to educate the people of the consequences. Sometimes our freedom of choice is being abused. 
   Tell them, "Okey Juan dela Cruz, since you have more children then you work double time." BUT "we can solve that problem if you wear this rubber or swallow this pill..."
   Now we are adults here so we can talk a little more mature. Sex is a wonderful gift from is a natural thing from all living things. We all had that urge to reproduce or copulate. But the law of economics is telling us the significance of "supply and demand". Now married couple does not have that vow of abstinence so we expect maybe an average of 2 to 3 session per week on busy bodies and among the poor unemployed couple an average of 2 to 3 session per day. Eh, most poor families in remote areas does not have television to distract their attention. And when you get horny, you have no time to think about RH Bill or Pro-Life. The solution? Make them busy….which is perhaps not workable at this time since we are not generating more jobs.
   What scares me about this bill is the opportunity for corruptions. Let's buy condom Mr. Speaker of the House for the amount of Billions plus incentives to our officials, my cousin is dealer of contraceptives so let us bid for her... etc etc etc...Aren't we raking away the national budget for another shortage of supply? What supply? Supply of cash for other more important building cemetery for dying Overseas Filipino Workers; who because of poverty have to accept being a drug courier just to leave our Motherland or be prostituted by their bosses. How much does a pack of pills cost against a pack of pencils to be utilized by our young people for their education? 
   Then again the problem is not really population control. But moral issues. I agree with the catholics that this bill seems to promote immorality and promiscuity because of the improper presentation and misinterpretation by its critics. I think sex without any legal impediments should be upheld. I did not say marriage because people have so distorted the real meaning of it since they invented the church ceremony. Marriage ceremony is just a ritual added. In Genesis the first book of the Bible most couple did not observe that practice.  During Ancient time, when to couple have agreed into a relationship, that is already binding and sacred. They don't need priest or the government but just personal covenant of two lovers. Oppps, that would be another issue….
   As I was saying, SEX should be treated as SACRED. Why sacred? Because the act of making love have the possibility of creating another LIFE. And when you speak of LIFE it comes from GOD. But when this added life becomes a burden, it does not come from God any more…we are told to be responsible. God did not order evil to multiply, He want obedient people like Noah to multiply with a responsibility. Did you get the point of the FLOOD during Noah’s time? He is controlling the overspreading of evil people….
   Gandhi once said something like this: The world is sufficient for man’s need but never for man’s greed
   Reproductive Health Bill like any other man made ordinances is guaranteed to have its we need a grand debate to resolve the hindrances and hopefully end up with the best solution BUT I think seeking the solution according to the wisdom of God is always the BEST.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Saint They Made

Holocaust Victim
In the early 1940s, I.G. Farben Chemical Company (manufacturer of cyanide gas) company employed a Polish chemist and salesman who sold cyanide gas, Zyklon B and Malathion to the Nazis for extermination of groups of people in Auschwitz.

   After the war the salesman joined the Catholic church and was ordained a priest.

   In 1958 he became Poland's youngest bishop and after Pope John Paul I's mysterious death, the ex-cyanide gas salesman Karol Wojtyla was elected to the papacy as Pope John Paul II in October 1978.
   On May 1, 2011 they made him a saint. 

   By the mere fact that Saints are not attached to servant of God after they died, which I have already discussed on The Armor of God, the sainthood of Pope John Paul II is questionable. Any way The Vatican was known to these kind of notorious mistake like the case of Joan of Arc who was they burn at stake for heresy but later withdrew the judgement and they themselves declare her as Saint. Poor Joan who had to die for erroneous trial of the False Church. 
   Now I wonder if they will retrieved the holy title once they accept the truth about this fugitive. 

ILLUMINATION 020 (On Circular Motion)

Still on illumination cycle...
had those topics hanging and yet I can not at the moment plunge for the 
instances I had no real knowledge.
I just want to sink in my hole...

not hibernating nor blocked but in contemplation, whatever that was.
Trying to change the course, I wear my sandals and carry my bag...
going to a point somewhere I know but unfamiliar. The circular motion was to persuade
my incapacity to present the eloquence...

Speak and you can test the water. You can stir the cloud of doubt.
Actually, that is the main hindrance.... comparative to conquest of your infinite self.
Was self infinite or finite? The bully just hang there and wait to grapple you...
The imagination of foreboding shadows...just what was that?

I just wonder?
   Are there any new update from Japan? It seems people shall be numb again and return to the common patronage. The shaking continues...a major strike doesn't hit the home run. We indulge for a while to the grandeur of The Royal Wedding, the sainthood as they claim, and the punching of PacMan's glove. We can ignore the calling of the choir, the stirring of heaven, and the crime of the rich hood-looms. It seems inappropriate to speak of the evil clearly visible from the book. They just don't make sense when you are having a feast.    
I have to look at the sky, lift my hands...move the earth.
Unwelcome faction marching on the horizon and it is not changing its directives. It could turn the tides...does God throw a dice? Everything was on constant migration and we barely making friends. My sole are tired and calloused from the rugged terrain...and we are yet to find our nesting ground. Moving again.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ILLUMINATION 019 (Empty Hands)

Finally I had you! I don't know what causes why I can't access this site for a couple of days. I suspect it was my network connection. Well, now that I am in what would I really be blogging this time? The usual thing would be the fragment series on "illumination" to recollect my thoughts and perhaps had a topic to discuss and share.
   My heart was bruise and recuperating...trying to forgive. I must forgive. That's the Christian way. 
In the middle of round 2 I fell down much earlier than Mosley. Great singing of the
National Anthem by Charice. 
The fight was not that impressive but anyway Pacquiao proved his still the champ.
Dwarf Ram Cichlids
The quick punch just hit. The gloom was in the sky probably crying with me...and the fiesta passed as my soul heavily succumb to despair. I was expecting at least a see my self-worth. There were supporters who believe. How many times have they crushed my spirit? I just wore the mask. Now, a new illumination is coming and I fear the results. 
I am lucky that she is my destiny. The exact shape for my wholeness and worth. 
  What would had happened if I stay on the path? Be the bachelor where children learn their first recognition of words...probably, Realizationism traverse a different path or none existent at all. Heaven had written these lines and I had follow...did I follow?
The respect were there. And the children watch me recoil in humiliation. 
Henna gushed from my wound. Marking your face with insult!!! ... of shame.
splashing thunder from a previous parallelism 
of the almost same punctured from the brain--a memory
added to the collective misery. 
Then I would stay silent for a are just a scamp.
The pope laughing now until he realized my time will soon come.
   Would the second return be injected faster? I still have to make a relative contribution to my church...the Church Jesus build. 
   That night wont the night I chased for her, and the heavy construction boots drove some mud...together with sneering folks behind me. Now they saw my real face. I ran only to realized I look ridiculous for the chase. It is a useless child asked for a penny I heavily dug on my pocket. The crown belong to the woman and this man became the slave...he who hold the gold controls the power. Should I be thanking her, I must, but the scepter must be return to my hand. My hand should paint a millions worth. In time past, that label had been clear...the master...the grand master. "Look at you man, you should be ashame to let her burn in the sun and sweat..." These are not your destiny...create what you had shouted in the name of love. 
   It has been a long night...the stars are out and the dawn still soaked in her recluses. You can not poison the mind of the daylight truth. The web pages are just an illusion of the illusive reality. Taxing my ego are the insecurities weaving on my creative spoils. Sculpting the images of a situation that you was not the reality of realities. I saw her pain...and her tears how her shoulder carry the world. Alone. I should have stayed on her side. But I am too weak. They have assembled my arms on fragile clay. I need the energy her sunshine provided. The total eclipse just had been happening long ago even before you realized. The slow decay was not anticipated and are these your payment for hurting the poor?
  This are my illumination, don't bother to will grow or it will dies...time will tell.