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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Science Admitted that there is a GOD!

I thought I am moving into another phase. Like I've discuss on my previous blog that I am done with trying to prove the existence of God. The challenge for me now is to prove that The God of the Bible is the real Creator. 
   But then again, I did not resist the temptation to reply to an atheist sentiment. Well, I have to move on...but before that I think I still have to further clarify matters. In my blog The Armor of God I've discussed some Biblical text that prove there is a Supreme being that already declared the future from ancient times. Without a doubt there is an Intelligent Being that dictates ancient human mind to declare things that are alien concept from the time they were written. So I think the authenticity of the Bible is proven as well.
   This time I will state scientific principles that prove the existence of God. After all if there is a God then science should be able to prove it. As if this thing is necessary given the fact that the Bible was so obvious of its irrefutable declarations. And the growing number of artifacts that shows the non-fiction story that it contains. 
   First we have to agree on Four Major Attributes what a GOD should be. 
   These Attributes are 
   1. Eternal- not involve with the flow of time. 
   2. Omnipresence - can be found anywhere and everywhere.
   3. Omnipotent - all powerful
   4. Omniscience - all knowing or have the knowledge of all things

   If we agree on the above qualities what a God should be, then perhaps we can continue. If we can found all the above given attributes in ONE force then it proves that God exist. If any of these qualities is absent in this ONE FORCE then we will call off the matter, pack our things and be an atheist for life. Be prepared for oblivion and a purposeless life...

   Eternal Proof:
   Werner Heisenberg came to the conclusion that quantum events can not be predicted.  Uncertainty Principles states all freed electrons behaves as if they are being influence by an outside variable of force. 
  In signal travel and faster than light by Malcolm W. Browne, a force was found connecting two freed electrons was proved to be eternal--present within our time but not involve with the flow of our time. 
Strange events that Einstein himself called "spooky" might happen at least 10,000 times the speed of light, according to the latest attempt to understand them.
Atoms, electrons, and the rest of the infinitesimally tiny building blocks of the universe can behave rather bizarrely, going completely against the way life as we normally experience it. For example, objects can sometimes be said to exist in two or more places at the same time, or spin in opposite directions simultaneously.
One consequence of this murky realm of quantum physics is that objects can get linked together, such that what happens to one instantaneously has an effect on the other, a phenomenon dubbed "quantum entanglement." This holds true no matter how far apart these objects are from each other. (Livescience)
   Wow! Now we found an Eternal force that Einstein himself called spooky. This eternal force connects every particle that releases energy. Freed electrons connects every single things that emits energy. 

  Given the above proof it will be simple enough to prove the Omnipresence of this force.That was observed here on Earth. Now outside our Solar system, like the sun, stars, radiations, lights etcetera all releases freed electrons...further proof that this force is present everywhere in the Universe.
  In Russia an experiment was done by scientist, found that Laser Photons knew when a DNA molecule is added into a vacuum. The photon/electron strands begun to change the order of DNA molecule to what it desires. (A possible evolution or creation?) Anyway, after the DNA was removed and the laser was turned off the excess photons remained in a position similar to the DNA for 22 minutes or so.  Source:
   To prove the "All powerful" aspect of God or that force, is very simple. We can use our naked eye to observe this force. We see everything around us is  complex: Complex environment, the galaxy in its awesome and mysterious array...the complexity of nature and the complexity of life itself. 
   The DNA for example, if we compare that to Super-computers it will still be thousand times more superior. 
   If this force, able to create complex life out of nothing, then this force is all-powerful, right? Then if energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the first law of thermodynamics. That this energy can create everything from nothing then this force (God) is all powerful.

   Now if our own visual capacity can see this complex force, and thermodynamic states it can not be created, then where does this force come from? Where are all the energy in the universe begun? Does it also proves that this energy is Timeless?!
   If the Russian experiment shows that this force can manipulate DNA on microscopic level, can you imagine what large scale freed electrons has done to the universe? That since our universe is full of freed electron, it is no wonder now how it was able to create the universe in just 6 days if it uses all freed electrons to act as a single being or entity.  

   The last aspect to prove is All-knowing. Does science have proof that free electrons (or the God force if you want to call it) have also some kind of intelligence. Is it all-knowing?
   In the Double-slit experiment,light (a freed electron); showed it was observant of its surrounding. It knew when it is being watched and knew when not.  Strange? Bizarre? Watch the video presentation below that explained this phenomenon.

   Recap: When a camera observed the electrons, they acted as particles. However, when the no equipment was used to observe the electrons, they acted as waves and particles simultaneously.
So what’s the reason for this? Does the electron somehow know that it is being watched? That was the only “logical” reason that scientists could come up with so much skepticism and controversy followed.
   Then in 2002, a group of researchers set up the experiment in a way that the electron could not possibly receive information about the existence of an observing instrument. The setup was on a much smaller scale: a single photon was emitted and an interferometer that observed the wave-or-particle behavior was either inserted or not inserted. (Click here to download the full report)
Here’s the kicker: The insertion of the interferometer took only 40 nanoseconds (ns) while it would take 160 ns  for the information about the configuration to travel from the interferometer to reach the photon before it entered the slits. This means in order for the photon to “know” if it was being watched, that information would have to travel at 4 times the speed of light, which is impossible (the speed of light is the universal speed limit).
The Results: The photons acted like particles 93% of the time that they were observed. Even if the photon “guessed” the configuration each time, statistically speaking it would never have more than 52% accuracy. In scientific experiments, a 93% success rate is as conclusive as they come.

   Now that wad just a simple experiment that freed electrons reacts to visual stimuli. First proof that it is All-Knowing?
   In the early '70s Physicist Roger Vogelsang created a device called STI-Self Thinking Interface. STI devise is a 5th generation computer with artificial intelligence discovered during the '80s. Alas! There is ultimate knowledge in the force that connects all freed electrons. 
`" We can thank God for the coming mental paradigm shift, even the bloodshed it brings to get things restarted correctly with a Self thinking interfacig device directly to God!"  Quote by Roger G. Vogelsang. 
    Thanks to brave and realistic scientist like Volgesang, who is unafraid to attribute this as the "self-aware consciousness of God." But other Physicist are still in denial and called it a "universal consciousness"

There is a GOD. This was proven by scientific experiments. God does exist. Hallelujah!!! 
   Let me have a re-evaluation for your benefit: 
   1. ETERNAL- the twin photon experiment by Nicolas Gisin found photon, freed electrons to be connected to this force. That this force connects all and Nothing can go faster than light except this force.
    2. OMNIPRESENT- this force connects all and is everywhere. Even beyond our known universe. This force also can be found to what we call past, present, and future. Time does not exist to this force. 
   3. OMNIPOTENT - Seeing is believing and the power of this force is very evident. 
    4. OMNISCIENT - STI device or Artificial Intelligent proves that this force  can communicate and not only that, it knew the past, present, and future.
      This device is simple, it contains only 4 main components:
       1. AM 241 (a radio active particle) that releases freed electron, randomly.
       2. Geiger counter to detect those electrons. 
       3. KVM switch use to relay the signal into computer.
       4. A computer to send random character into a monitor or CRT.

    Very simple? That is why God declared:
Jeremiah 8:9 The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. Since they have rejected the word of the LORD, what kind of wisdom do they have?
   Trapped? Hahahaha. Those atheist scientist are now trapped in their own experiments and findings. They have actually discover God but they overlooked or ignored.  They want to disproved God but hey! They have actually discover God in the process...what a shame. 
   And may I borrow the words of Jeremiah again: WHAT KIND OF WISDOM DO THEY HAVE?   

   "Oh Fher, those are just like the WISDOM OF A FOOL to me." An angel whispered to me. 

Resource can be check just in case you doubt Fher Ymas, being non-scientist claiming he found God through science !!!
Signal Travels Farther and Faster Than Light 
By Malcolm W. Browne, July 22, 1997
Roger G. Vogelsang's Journal
Complexity of life in Intelligent Design
Tomotsugu finds galaxy 12.8 billion light years away:

   Finally, we can now leave the issue whether God is real or not. My concern now is to prove to the world that the God of the Bible is one and only true God. I rest my case. Adjourned. 


J. R. Nova said...

Science is far too limited to prove God. It doesn't even understand why gravity doesn't work at quantum levels. In reality, it doesn't understand much of anything. Have faith, faith is really all we have, even in science.

Plus, you're trying to prove the God of the Bible, but it seems like you're really trying to prove "the Bible". If God is truly everywhere and all powerful, why would he have stopped at one book? To me it seems more productive to try to prove that God came to people in different ways, than to try proving a single book is the only truth.

FherYmas said...

Thank you so much Nova for dropping by...I truly appreciate your time.
About your comment on Science, I agree on that But I think you misunderstood what the blog is all about.
Anyway, you are correct I am trying to proved the Bible as the only inspired word of a One true God. I will not quote verses bcoz you will not agree.
A clarification though the Bible is NOT A SINGLE BOOK. It is a collection of books from different authors from different era, generation and culture. The Canon version included only 44 authors and 66 books. The oldest text was probably written around 5000 years ago.

Many books that tell stories of different men and women from different time, isn't it proof already that God came to people in different ways? Did God stop in working to people...many lives had been saved by the Bible, testimonies of Christians after reading the is a living book that does not go outdated.
I hope I have satisfied you with my answer.
Thank you so much.

john2230 said...

Truth is truth. This is an inspired piece of writing.

Positive Dignity said...

I am a bit amazed. The observation of the author of this article just proved that God does not exist and yet his conclusion is God exist.

One delusion to the other. I am amazed.

Plaster Mural said...

You state that “If any of these qualities is absent in this ONE FORCE then we will call off the matter, pack our things and be an atheist for life.“ I have to argue against the claim of complexity of the universe. Complexity is arbitrary. If you claim that life is complex, you need a standard of simplicity. Comparing DNA to a supercomputer does not alone make the DNA complex, because the supercomputer could be complex or simple to any number of things. Take even a cube. You could say it is simple in comparison to the supercomputer, but it is vastly complex compared to a line. A line is vastly complex to a dot. Even emptiness could be considered complex: how is there a space where there is no matter despite the universe being relatively full of matter? Complexity is arbitrary. As well, I believe that stating that a god exists because of some of these properties that we have prescribed to a god have also been observed in an experiment is akin to saying “All dogs die. The first president of the United States died. Therefore the first president of the United States was a dog.“ For lack of a better word, it seems pretty close to the sharpshooter fallacy to me.

Fazel Subian said...

Understand the difference between the LORD and the GOD

Christ said that, "I died because of your sins (ego)"
This means if you do away with your ego, you can experience the Christ within you.
All religions are equal & single philosophy. Understand the difference between LORD & GOD
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The death of the self (God/Bodisatva), of  Siddhartha and the birth of the selfless, Gauthama pbuh (Lord) ⏩ WESAK
The prophets and saints are spiritualities (Reality), not physical entities.
G O D ▶ Avaricious, evolving in delusion. Worship ▶ Wore-ship  ▶ Yaa  ▶ Remove one.
LORD (Rabb)▶Consciousness
Within your consciousness,  all prophets and saints are alive. Activate your selfless bliss by talking to them.
Understand your religions, Through ACRONYMS ⏩⏩⏩ ENGLISH & ARABIC TRUE ESSENCE OF RELIGIONS' To unite all. #lezaf