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This blog is created for one sole reason, to express my random, complex and often effervescent mind....Share my journey together as it is interwoven with my other blog: The Art of Realizationism and The Armor of God. 

"We are what we intend to be..."
     What I would be writing here? 
   I exactly do not know. My first blog The Art of Realizationism was all about my artworks and the thesis behind them. The next one was about my faith I titled "The Armor of God". Here, on this blog I think I would be tackling different issues about life in general. This may also serve as a memoir of personal experiences or reactions on things that was going on around. I want this to appear as random as possible....spontaneous and subjected to learning and unlearning. To understand also the inner workings of my mind I had included inside Illumination series.
   This is the wisdom of a fool....