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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep Thoughts

   I found several articles that I am indulging myself now. Dipping my heads into nourishing insights from both sides of the spectrum. I need to balance all details since many false prophets are claiming to be inspired by God.
   Here are some sites that I have discovered with my surfing...

   There are still other sites I must explore and at this time needed some thorough reading. I will not be able of course to grasp all these...instantly, therefore, without any conclusion...I'll just take whatever it is now...swallow? Not necessary but just gathering this info at the back of my head, as many as its accumulating capacity. 
   It is good that my computer is functioning well...I mean the transfer to our kitchen makes my networking experience faster. It's going to be a busier neurons than the usual. 

   I've renovated Stolen Moment (V.M.) with all original pieces and the dismantling happen yesterday August 30. I have planned for this many weeks ago and the pieces that will not go to this collections will have to move from my other VM-Visual Manuscripts. 
   I also have a new site called 
Art by FherMission

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jose's Noche Buena (A Short Story)

   “How much?” Someone asked for the Puto Bungbong.
   “Twenty.” The lady vendor said while she took one steaming bamboo cylinder about the size of her two fingers joined together. She was cautious touching only the part where there’s a piece of cloth wrapped like bandage around it…and in two or three swift shaking thrust against her other hand  underneath to support the hand with the tube, instantly there from the inside of the tube came out purple roll made with rice, galapong, and ube. She place four pieces of these hot sticky rolls on a banana leaf that she folded as wrapper after adding a rich spread of margarine and sugar. The smell of which mingled the chilled air.
   Jose was intently watching this activity. He overheard the cost for the nth times and counted his money again, one…two…three...  He could already feel his stomach rumbling made more intense by the sweet aroma mingling in the air. There’s the strong smell of ginger tea (salabat); a little dash of chestnut roasting, and the enticing charcoal burn aroma of bibingka and variety of sweets and goodies that in Jose’s eyes where tempting. He could almost taste them from his saliva…intentionally making sound as he sniff in air.
   Christmas season had started many days ago and for Jose this is a special season too; base from his previous experiences asking alms where he usually would received bigger money. But this year seems to be different; that made him wonder why people are so tight in holding to their coins. The other boys and girls like him who roam the streets were talking about financial crisis that they’ve heard people are gossiping lately. They have no idea why gasoline hike would affect them.  
   “Old people say money is hard these times.” Bal would said. He’s the bully among street children being the eldest at 14 and eternally holding a small bottle of solvent, which he inhales underneath his shirt. He is usually with his gang.
   Earlier this afternoon Bal approached Jose asking for 5 pesos from him. He was cursing when the latter would not give. “Ah so you think you’re already tough boy.” He holds Jose by the arm gripping and twisting them.
   “No please Bal just for tonight,” Jose pleads from the pain “I just want to buy puto-bungbong.”
   Bal laughs scornfully “Okay Jose since it’s Noche Buena tonight I will let you pass this time.”
   Jose was relieved when Bal let go of the hold. He was angered inside but he was too small to wrestle him.  
   “But you can’t go near the church, it’s my territory.” Bal said and thud the bottle of solvent on Jose’s head. “Go now stupid.”
   Jose running away to the other side of the street across the church where stalls selling different kinds of Christmas goodies. He didn’t mind a screeching vehicle that made a full stop when the driver saw him rushing. He heard him cursing.
   Jose shook his head. Smiling to himself he said “I was almost hit there.” Then he rubs his head when finally he felt the pain of Bal’s pounding. Jose was mumbling a curse for Bal. He was thinking how he would be able to get bigger alms tonight if he was not allowed near the church.
The night grew dimmer and colder. Jose is feeling an unusual coldness from the breeze. He was coughing and mucus is already coming out of his nose. The chill was pinching on both of his bare arms running to his body and he is a bit quivering and a strange hot air clouding his eyes.
   But Jose is persistent that he will be able to buy his favorite treat. He stretches his tiny arms with an open hand for passerby. Most seems to pretend they didn’t see him at all. Others shook their heads without looking. Almost midnight he heard the chatting of people as they rush to the church. Excited voices mostly greeting happy holidays…there’s also the sound of chimes, carols from the choirs,  flashing multi-colored lanterns, pulsating decorated trees, teen-agers are in their best clothes, most children’s are happily boasting their gifts…
   Noche Buena in a few hours or so…
   On his pocket Jose fishes some coins he had collected so far from asking alms, counting them but he was not sure, being only 9 years old and had never experience school. I think this is enough. He whispered to himself.
   He went to the stall where various delicacies are serving. He stood their for a while waiting for other costumer…watching busy bodies sell and cook.
   “You! What do you want?” Finally the store keeper notices him.
   Jose timidly point to the steaming puto-bungbong.
   “That’s 20 pesos.” Her voice was raised as if doubting he was able to pay.
   Jose took all the coins from his pocket, not sure how many was twenty. The storekeeper mumbling and count the loose coins. “This is only 18.” She gave it back. “Two pesos more.”
   Jose took the coins and when he was about to leave he heard a man said “Ah miss, I’ll pay for the two pesos.” He was about 30 years old, chubby and talking while his mouth full. “Give back your money.” He said to Jose making motion using his lips “It’s my gift to you.”
  With this Jose smiled “Thank you.”
   Happily he received the food and could feel its warmth that temporarily reduce the coldness of the breeze…smile to the man and rush to a secluded corner of the street where some cardboards were laid. It was an old abandon construction site where most of the kids avoid because of rumored ghost in the place. So Jose chose this place to hide and enjoy his food alone.
   Suddenly he panics when the arid smell of solvent rises in the midst. In spite of the foul odor of the dilapidated place with smell of wet soil and urine, Jose knew at that instant he must move fast.
   “Ooooops.” The familiar voice came from the dark.  “Wow so you really have puto-bungbong huh?!” It’s Bal and before he could run he was already holding his shoulder. “Can I taste it?” Even in the dim lit room he can still make out a flashing silhouette of Bal’s sneering face. The blinking of Christmas lights made an eerie cast on him.
   “No!” Jose was surprise on the loudness of his own voice.
   “Give it to me.” Bal snatch what is in his hands.
   Jose try to grab it back but his body was met by a strong elbow.
  He groans in pain as he fell…immediately tears rolled to his cheeks. “Bal give…” whimpering while he hold his left ribs.
   Bal is already tearing the leaf packaging and fingering the puto to his mouth licking and mechanically munching …”Uhmmm! Delicious.”
   His eyes flames in heat and watery substances both streams from his eyes and nostrils. Gathering his strength Jose saw a piece of wood and in one swift motion hurl it forward while cursing “You son of a whore!”
   Bal was quick to dock but Jose still manage another blow that hit him on his arms. “You stupid son of…” Bal make side step and look for an opening when Jose hesitate after another miss, he immediately grab the piece of wood away from Jose and make a strong push that makes Jose bang against the concrete wall. Bal got hold of the little boy fast to the chin then encircle his hands to his neck but change mind and grab his hair instead; and bang Jose’s head to the wall.
  Bal stop when he notice dark blood sprang to Jose’s head. “Stupid!” He said. Then slowly walk away mocking. Leaving the loud crying of Jose behind as it makes some reverberating sound in the hollowed place.
  Jose knelt to the dampen floor blood oozing from his head. He wipe his tears using his sleeves…and the quivering became more intense as he can already feel his fever rising. He can no longer control the shaking…involuntarily his knees shiver.
   His swollen eyes saw something in the dark. Against the distant twinkling of neon colored stars…there on the floor…his puto-bungbong.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Van Gogh in Videos

Is it worth it?

   With all the searching and trying to fathom the vastness of the universe (now it is more likely that it is actually a multiverse after all) and getting to know more about God; I came to this point in asking, "what was this all for?"
   Isn't it enough to accept the salvation Jesus Christ had given to me? Am I threading areas that would eventually confused the simple and sound doctrines? 
   As of this moment, I beg not to answer all question. I can not give what I do not have. I will just let the moment flow, I will just let the Holy Spirit leadership take over. I have no definite answer to what I have been presented at this stage.There's a thought-provoking blog by Jerly Thinkingspace that is worth reading, due to its extensive personal analysis...with regards to religion...thus connecting and making link to Hinduism and Christianity. Some are acceptable but of course I maybe having some bias attitude against other areas. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing...or no knowledge at all, is far worse. Then maybe...our innocence will actually make us safer. I don't have a clear idea anyway what really is Hinduism. There is Om or Aum, the equivalent of the Word made flesh...the alpha and omega.     
   These are maybe what was being described in the first chapter of Romans. We are allowed to know the invisible qualities of God. Would I just be contented in eating mangoes and ignores how a mango tree grows...down to the molecular level? I know I am being satisfied but is that enough?
   Once again, that will remain to be either pursued or not. I mean life is too short not to enjoy. Would God be happier if I know him personally. When you say personally you knew what is his qualities than just knew He is God enthroned. 
   Maybe man will not get satisfied with knowledge but knowledge puffed up. Would I get better position if I have political knowledge of Universal Government? Are we measured by knowledge or by actions?   
   I will sleep on this issue for now...nothing to be hurried for there are far more important things than food and shelter. But it is said, that we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness...and all this thing shall be added unto you. What is being added anyway? Material satisfaction. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ILLUMINATION 031 moment in stills

   Probably its time to enter the state of illumination again...I need some assessment on what I have achieved and have not done...or fail to do. Yesterday, I obligated my self to be inspired...I have to paint. I toss, scan, scrutinized, and input some item on my visual journals. All eight of them get attentions...nothing much. It's more of getting energies than making real progress...I have to move...
   Found myself in our veranda in deep thought...
  You do have the power to affect your experiences by paying attention to what you focus upon. Do you know that you are emitting signals that the universe responds to? It's like we're all emitting radio signals that go out into the universe and match us up with anything on the same wavelength, bringing to us the circumstances and events which make up our lives.

   The signals you emit are made up of your thoughts, beliefs, and the emotions that these create within you. You're experiences tend to match what you've got your focus upon.

Jesus revealed that not just earthquakes but "great earthquakes in various places" would herald His soon coming (Luke:21:11). And immediately before the time of His return there will be a mighty earthquake unlike anything experienced in all of human history (Revelation:16:18). The only safety at that time will be close proximity to God and Jesus Christ.

   What if I go for a still-life? So I took my phone and took photo of our veranda...specifically the file of pails and basins...the afternoon should be captured. A rare event in rainy season. I also took photo of my daughters play slippers. And then gather my things once again and begun painting...
   I just float in the moment...and have to smile inside after it's done. 

  As if returning to self-discovery period that begun around 1985 (probably continued till 1987) which I am seeing now as the course of my artistic tendencies at this moment. After these images I might go into painting genre or daily common activities that has been one of my vision before I was sucked-in making symbolism or surrealism. 
   My strokes are different now as results of experiences and visual degeneration. Experience on the basis that I am well verse now with behavior of paints and gained abilities to resolved errors or obstacle. One detour is resources...

 Those who die in accidents or natural disasters are not necessarily greater sinners than those who survive (Luke:13:1-5). 
  Still baffled why Catholics still ignore sound doctrines. Do they need glasses or must learn how to read. The scriptures are clear and no heavy theology needed to understand that the Vatican practices Satanism. 
  Personal tragedies or calamities are not necessarily the result of one's sins (John:9:2-3).
   I have to move my computer away from my studio because I am not getting good signals. Whew! At least here in the kitchen I was getting faster load...just good enough. Maybe I can play again Terra Militaris and Pearl Heroes.
   Here's a site that might interest you; it's about the evil of RCC.

Think about this Biblical Perspective

   Surfing the vast ocean of WWW I came across some interesting thoughts that I would like to further the moment I have abstract ideas on following subjects being discussed. Here I would just like to pin the following quote or article that may be I can further discuss if given the chance...
   The first item was found somewhere on a blog, and lately I have been revealed with the answer or additional input but still looking for time and additional resources...

There is still a chance for Non-Christians who die in natural disasters, those who never had a genuine understanding of God or real opportunity for eternal salvation, they will be raised in the second or general resurrection to live again in the flesh with their first real opportunity to learn God's way, repent and therefore be saved.This will clear the speculations that God is unfair when Jesus stated "I am the way, the truth, and the Life; no one come to the Father"(John:5:28-29Matthew:12:41-42Revelation:20:5)
   From a strictly biblical perspective the beginning of the next thousand years signifies nothing and the turn of the century means nothing more nor less than the progression in a humanly devised system of counting years. Remember that the year 2000 is the year 5761 for the Jews, 1421 for the Muslims and 4698 for the Chinese. In our limited awareness we often assume that dates that may be important to us should be important to everyone else on the planet.
    Next is a very intelligent view coming from an agnostic atheist...

   , I feel comfortable their answer is that our world was designed to be perfect, but we ruined the design by sinning.
Our world was never perfect from the very beginning…God had to do some re-designing before it became inhabitable again.
Earth is not the ideal homeland Geisler and Turek make it out to be. Things have only been as good as they are on this planet for a very limited time, too – a blink of an eye in geologic terms. For most of its existence, Earth has been completely uninhabitable, and forecasts are that it will be again “soon”. 

What then, did God create on Day One? Our conclusion must be that, on Day One, God created the basis of Time. God created Time on Day One. It’s not about light. It’s about Time. And that’s the first step in bringing order to the cosmos. And I don’t think that any of us would disagree that it’s probably the most important foundational function of the cosmos: Time. Our lives are ordered by it, dictated by it, driven by it. God set it up. That’s how the world works, that’s how He made it to work.

By [Geisler's and Turek's] definition, an agnostic is one who has the integrity and intellectual honesty to admit that he is not absolutely sure about the existence of God. Being agnostic, then, is a good thing. Anyone can be agnostic, no matter what conclusions he has drawn. You have drawn the conclusion that God exists, and because you also believe in Jesus, you correctly call yourself a Christian. I have drawn the opposite conclusion, and I correctly call myself an atheist. Yet we are both agnostic, too; we both admit the possibility, no matter how remote we think it is, that our conclusions are wrong. So you are an agnostic Christian and I am an agnostic atheist.” Kyle over at ExChristian.netwrites in his own rebuttal to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist:

   In the meantime I'm just recording it here just in case I still find the need to elaborate the issues...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artistic Freedom!

   Censorship had been around since ancient times. The early Catholic Church exercises this when they remove the phallus from pagan Rome’s sculptures replacing them with leaves. I am just curious where did the Vatican archive those files of male organs? Also, there had been long standing debate between moralist and the art community regarding nude paintings. Just recently the art community in the Philippines cried foul when the premier art center The CCP gave in to the pressures of various sector to stop the exhibition “Kulo” (by including one controversial work and affecting the other artworks as well) which is supposedly to commemorate University of Santo Tomas 400 year as an institution and also coincides with the 150 year birth anniversary of our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.  
   Dr. Jose Rizal by the way suffers the extreme penalty of death under Spain because of censorship too. He was accused of inciting sedition, when all he was trying to do is educate his countrymen about the evils of a colonial rule by writing two Novels. Musicians, poet, painter, and performing artist are susceptible to criticism when they cross the norm or if they tried to go against the tides. 
  Can any individual claim artistic freedom? Well if so, what are the limitations or is there any limitation at all, since all freedom has to have its boundaries too? Should the government create a body like censorship committee to set by-laws and therefore give “ratings” and determine for themselves what the general public ought to see or hears. Most of this critics, if not all are from the academe and generally artist came from the masses.
   If the artist is simply showcasing reality, which is according to his own perceptions and experiences, can any group or association condemn his right to “express” personal stands? One thing have to be investigated here too; can we rely all the artisan’s self-regulating themselves. I mean, can we trust the artist to censor his own works and be a responsible citizen.
   How about the masses, are we also withholding from them their rights for information? By the way, the Freedom of Information bill is still under stipulation in congress. 
   Freedom of Expression falling under basic Human Rights, should be once and for all clearly define in our charter.  The 1987 Constitution guarantees the free artistic expressions and the late Director Lino Broca  himself advocates and insist to be included in the convention works  “that will hurt…that will not make you rest…For the times are really bad, and given times like this, it is a crime to rest.”

   I think it is improper to favor certain institution because of an artwork that is brewing its opposing sentiment against that group. Activists do that to our President more often than artist making funny caricature, when in fact these revolutionaries throw tomatoes on his replica or burn his effigy.  But do we charge them with treason for mocking its leader? After all, character assassination is less evil than actually aiming sniper on his head.   Now instead of burning churches which had been happening elsewhere in the world…these artists is just expressing their anger thru visual arts.
   The sad truth that one must accepts is that Art does not always paint beautiful landscape, lovely faces, icons of Martyrs, or starry nights…they also paint hell and devils.
   Now am I in favor of Artistic Freedom? I can not tell. As an artist myself, of course I will be bias on my own creation and will surely condone anything that will hurt my beliefs.  

Here are some controversial Art pieces that you may want to discuss…

   Now seeing goddess Lakshmi on swimsuit would enrage most Indian for sure, are you? 

   Now how about being sandwiched in the middle by this two piss-off sculpture done by David Cerny? 

   Paul Gauguin painted "Yellow Christ" in 1889 and why dutch women in particular kneeling on this? 

   In a sprawling gallery space in Milan, women with marbled skin mingle with marble plinths. One hundred and fifty people at a time streamed in to take in the sight of the vivid hues– green onyx, French red ochre, Portuguese pink marble, lapis lazuli, sodalite blue, macaubus light blue, and black Belgian– glowing against a white cube setting. As Roberta Smith said in a 1998 New York Times review of the artist’s work, “It’s art; it’s fashion. It’s good; it’s bad. It’s sexist; it’s not. It’s Vanessa Beecroft‘s performance art.” (

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Goodness in Crab Mentality

The Goodness in Crab Mentality

In the Philippines to climb the corporate ladder it is almost unavoidable to face the menace of Crab Mentality. Like a silent assassin ready to discredit your capacity as a person without you knowing.
   Crab Mentality considered as a Filipino Trait (or threat) is almost synonymous with the word “sipsip” (sucking) as in bloodsucker or leech.  Sip-sip or the much brutal form Higop is the method employed by a Crab Mentalist (The practitioner) usually working alone in almost any associations or corporations from North to South. No one is safe from the bottom and up to the top of any bureaucracy.  They were sometimes labeled as Malabanan (A reknown Septic Tank siphoning company in Metro Manila) the sip-sips tactic is only a tiny portions of the symptoms called Crab Mentality.
   I am not sure whether our Colonizers have labeled this attitude to Filipinos or we had made it on our own; was it something genetics? But we had been exposing ourselves to this kind of mentality early in our life, usually in the form of sibling rivalries.
   The first book of the Bible also had an intriguing incident about trying to win the favor of God. In Genesis we read the story of Cain and Abel both making their offerings to God…it is not clear why God took favor in Abel’s gift but it often made me wonder, maybe Cain’s jealousy had its validity anyway…to him, Abel maybe is some kind of sip-sip too?  Oh No! We are not going to divert about theology here…
   Let us return and take a closer examination about the menace of Crab Mentality. The illustrations using crab as the poor example, supposes that when you place all the crabs in one basket, by instinct will individually scramble up, pulling and wrestling each other trying to escape and in the process toppling down the other to the bottom. It is noted therefore that if the crab would just cooperate using the Bayanihan Spirit (The opposite positive traits of Filipinos) they will all reach freedom.
   It is at the same way, our people view some government officials, officemates, colleagues, and even neighbors.  It is more subtle than “survival of the fittest” because a Filipino employee with this mentality is often disguised as a helpful and valuable source for the bosses and therefore destroying reputations and in the long run the whole system itself. This they believe will guarantee security of tenure. 
   A practitioner of Realizationism like me, who is always on the look out for the bright side of things; even from a treacherous attitude like crab, mentality…
   As I digress and imagine those crabs trying to escape and reach the rim of the basket, I found out that there is something heroic too in the process. There are actually some crab making it to the top and therefore escape. I saw that those left have actually sacrifice themselves for others. 

The Power of Question Mark?

   Triggering the person's to think and be more creative requires special skills from leaders. Making the person owns the solution  to a task will build self-esteem and confidence. Most managers and supervisors forgets that human tendencies are more incline to the personal aspect of their being.
   To tap the creative  side of our subordinates we must be able to challenge their mind yet not pressuring them.
   Asking the question rather than using a declarative statement is usually more effective because it gets people reflecting upon their situation. We can't motivate anyone to do anything. They have to motivate themselves. And they best motivate themselves when they reflect on their character and their situation. The question prompts people to answer, and when they are answering, they may engage in such reflection. You may not like the answer; but often their answer, no matter what it is, is better in terms of advancing results than your declaration. Also, their answering the question may prompt them to think they have come up with a good idea. People are less enamored of your great ideas than they are of their ideas, even if those ideas are simply average.

Farewell (a short-story)

(written in 2009)

Her eyes betrayed the smile she bestows at my direction. Earlier those smiles were the most enchanting image I had seen these past days. The past days had been hard for her…even harder for me but I should be ashamed. We knew from the very beginning that this have to happen…it must…
   No matter what justification I have tried convincing heaven and earth this was all wrong. We have hurt so many people along the way. I remember so well the very first time we took our rendezvous…the sun was bright but her face was even brighter. Those dazzling eyes glimmers like gemstones and her radiant face elate even within a crowd.
   The nights and each day that follow after that have been defined as love…but borne from cruelties and deceptions…unfaithfulness.
   This night she embraces me…clawed her bare hands tightly than ever before as if she would fall if she let go. Those valiant yet tender kisses were throbbing; sweet kisses that suddenly brought fear in manner I can not differ. It was there all along imminent as our sweat mingled till we collapse as two separate soul satisfied by hunger…then I saw those hidden tears forming…not visible but I just knew it was there.   
   Oh, No I don’t want to hear these.
   Yet those words came like a distant echo drowned by my own heartbeat. The jargons of an alien reality…
   “This must end.” She said and instantly those tears can’t hold its place anymore. Her beautiful brown eyes fixed at mine. But now, those same beautiful eyes are now piercing…beating every part of my whole being.
   I don’t know why no words came out from my lips. All I could hear are my own breathing and even if I rebuke my heart to stay numb it aches. It aches so much I stopped struggling. I hated my silence…
   Perhaps, if only I had opened my mouth while those tears descend down my fingers; it would have held her back just like before. She will succumb again in my arms…like the many times we both tried to let go…
   “But it would be unfair!” She demanded from me as if she is even trying to convince herself. I beg the scenes to roll back…just for once.
   But time stood still. There were no flickering lights but just emptiness and blurry shadows.
   Quietly she sat beside me…feeling the oneness of each other heartbeat…pulsating images marred by reality.  She avoids my eyes as I tried to search them cupping her chin. 
   I felt a growing lump on my throat as the distance slowly widen…I watch her make uneasy steps; I thought I would not be able to say it… This could not be happening…I hate saying goodbye.
   She turns…hesitate a bit and gave me that sweet familiar smile.

   My mind was erratic yesterday...not the typical bad hair day, it was in fact one of those feelings where I have those excess creative juice that calls for an outlet. So I pick up some of my trade tool...gather all the 8 visual journal in front of me...the tempest swinging from all corners. Smack in the middle between two storms, that was in the News. An opportunity to feel nature on its passionate mood. 
   So I thought I'll be able to come up with new image/s for After Image 8.2...noon time rolled gently, it was so easy I almost fell asleep. In fact I did have some short nap that I did not remember if it ever occur. My mind was wandering, creating, outpouring...into nothing. None. I just held my pencil in mid-air...nothing comes out. "I thought this would be a day filled with colorful outburst."
   The internet session haunting me. There was this gnawing thought I wanted to  eliminate...I don't want to be in bondage with this domination. I'm already a being higher than the common Man. Not a sparring creation but a reasoning spirit. I was made of that material...or immaterial...or non-physical object. Ah! But some man just can't accept ego centered they think their worldviews was Bible itself. 
   Now, I would not let my highly evolve brain stoop down on you. I had fairly answered your questioned and debated intelligently BUT...
   Here I have to co-exist with the world that was not totally in agreement with what I have in mind...or at least from lessons I have gathered from experiences. From sources that does not conflict itself. I found only one book that speaks of the past, present, and future...and accurate too. 
   Leave my strangled thought at this moment...better breath on pure love.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Regaining the semi-forgotten influx of divine light...having strokes of nausea for not being able to fully utilized the energies. Diversified item rushing in and out of my head...When will I write the controversial death of Andres Bonifacio?  Or would I still be needing a reaction on another controversy...about the work of Mideo Cruz exhibited at CCP? 
   Well, I've already make my comment on the guys favor of him. Although I'm not personally impress. Art does not necessarily have to depict images and ideas we prefer. Okay, I may be partial on these issue...I'm not pagan like Catholics who revered icons and bow down to graven images. Maybe that's the answer...both parties will never meet. The art community does not treat images as holy (as they are abomination to God as well) but just mere symbols.

   I understand the initial reaction of Catholics; this is bcoz of an irresponsible reporter from ABS-CBN Mark Logan being judgmental and not investigating further and inciting Catholic faithful to “hang” the artist and even advises to be force to drink “muriatic acid”. A cruel response to a person expressing his own view. 

   An ignorant reporter (and irresponsible as such) lead to confusion on a rather fairly natural human observation on what’s really happening. 

   Here we shall take the word of the artist, which I prefer to believe even if I don't see any clear goal but just to scrutinized and play with images...but that's how art stress the point...

   Here's an article from Inquirer Lifestyle section...(Click
   I dislike the work  of M. Cruz "Polytheism" barely on its artistic merit. Why is's too compound and complex to pin-point what's the real score. It's just vandalism to me...of course classified as a contemporary art it usually thought provoking...maybe he gets what he deserved. I will consider it of course as not junk but art. 

“This is how I see the Filipino way of life — colorful, varied, full of conflicting beliefs and values. Can’t you just see these same images pasted on the walls of houses in the urban poor communities? And Filipino society, its racked with economic and political turmoil, and then there’s religion which frequently involves itself in the entire conglomeration of issues and developments,” he said.
   Sure enough, if one does as Cruz advises — close your eyes after seeing the images, breathe and think– the walls begin to speak about the Filipino condition.
   “Everything around us can be considered as symbols, some are actually only symbols more than anything else. How we understand these symbols, how we use them is what gives them power and meaning,” he said.

   In the past, as I will surely be doing in the future, I have written a great deal of exposure to Catholic religion as the actual personification of the devil's deception in the form of worship. They have made their follower's eyes so clouded and probably hypnotized...not to see the plain truth from the Holy Scripture. Are this guys really reading the Word?
   I have many friends in bondage to this falsification...I understand also the consequences of arguing into something they rely their whole life with...investing far beyond than life.So don't mess with that...
   Another typhoon schedule to hit landfall by tomorrow.
   Last Sunday, show at Bauan, Batangas is fulfilling too... seaside and a river...or was it a stream near the house where the 7 year old celebrant lives and had her outrageous packages of everything from photo booth to cotton candy and ice cream.There were some guest who fires gun to entertain themselves with the male machismo...Oh they are hurting the waters and soil.
   Amazes how people would be willing to die for what they believe to be sacred. I will be too. 
   Now here's a work from Aree M. Salvador-Marin that makes me merry for a couple of seconds...I hope no one get offended by these.  
by Aree M. Salvador-Marin

   Art must be able to represents the truth...or the truth the way the artist sees it. BUT there's a responsibility attached...always. Self-censorship, not unless you intend rebellion or inciting a mass murder. 
   Chapter 4 for Crazy Picture Fictions is on draft stage right now...still hunting for images and blogs to link...hopefully get ideas and stick to the flow of the story. 

UPDATE: Police have battled to restore order as rioters went on a rampage in north London, torching vehicles and buildings amid widespread looting in response to the fatal shooting by police of a local man.
Eight police officers were injured in the violence and taken to hospital. At least one has a head injury.
The mayhem, which broke out in Tottenham just before sunset on Saturday, followed a protest over the death of a 29-year-old man during an apparent exchange of gunfire with police. (source:


Monday, August 8, 2011

Re-focus on the illumination

For quite sometime I've diverted my attentions on the moment...breathing in once again Realizationism or the understanding of things I have been awaken from the not so distant past, maybe around 5-6 years ago. 
   With this renewal I think I'm having the grasp once again...the direction of my evolution. The process had been worthwhile but painful...even filled with chaos. Why was that? Well, I've taken the pleasure road as detour and so my vision was temporarily muddied. You see, sometimes the effect of sins can go a long long way ahead to your future even if you already repented and live a brand new life...a struggle was inevitable but I knew God will resolved all these since I've already put my trust in Him.
   As one of the many steps I'm doing now is re-connecting to beauty...of seeing values and energy in everything. Living or non-living things. Sending love energy even to not lovable individuals or I should say difficult people.

   5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart       and lean not on your own understanding;      6 in all your ways submit to him,       and he will make your paths straight -- Proverbs 3
   Been busy...went to Batangas province for a show. The usual thing I get blockbuster hit for my face-painting. The venue was a resident  near seaside and a stream right in front of their house. There were some gun shots and I don't know if they are military or politicians but it seems a natural thing there aside from the town known for balisong (Filipino knife)...banging for salute? Well, what I've notice are the good values of this are respectful. 
   Another illumination scheme for a better processing is reading and editing my early blogs which are less serious, well let me say serious but not quite investigative in links and sources, just like real journalist and a professional writer. Just in case someone accuse me of poorly written post. So I think it would be worth reviewing my old post...specially earlier post when I started blogging. Some are just hurried reactions without taking much time to stipulate or elaborate. 
   I had some blog on line-up right now...and will definitely consume more sleepless nights or will require more of me but I have family affairs that needed attention just bare with me if I get too slow in progress sometimes. Plus if my art will require more of my attention too.
   Moment moves so I can not say I will stagnate on current events...particularly some new trends arising on the newsroom. In all these I will just focus on moment as they appear on my dashboard. 
   I have some on-line list of reactions to make is about the controversial CCP exhibit. About finding another realizationism writer although on different terms...have to read more. 
   Probably I'll be needing a week to reconfigure my early blogs, and that is dependent once again on the speed my internet connection is supplying me.
   Just stay tune.