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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have You Seen Any Symbols Lately? Emoticons

    Before we go to our topic for today, here are recent useful symbols you can use to make your Facebook experience livelier:
   One topic that I love discussing on this blog are signs and symbols because I've notice that a lot of people are NOT taking this business seriously...even though in the occult agenda symbolism means everything and anything. Most people are caught unaware that even corporate "logos" had hidden meanings. 
    Like for instance on above list of emoticons there's :42:
    So what does 42 means? 42 is the meaning of life....confused?

   Here's the best explanation so far, In Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a superior race builds a supercomputer able to calculate the meaning of life. The answer they get after many years is 42. The super computer then says what they really want is the correct question that puts the answer into perspective.
   So as a joke people will say the meaning of life is 42.

   That is why, as much as I can, tries to educate people about the danger of symbols. Symbols are very dangerous because it goes into a persons subconscious mind. Meaningless and innocent on the outside but vile on the inside. 

   Remember that most of the time ignorance can kill. Aside from the power associated with symbols, these can lead us into understanding secrets and the scopes of evil network. By simply recognizing symbols or icons alone, you will know who's who with their evil relationships.   

   The answer to this article's title question is to my personal observation is that an individual is exposed to evil signs on daily basis without being aware that this symbols had direct effect in their lives. Confucius knew the secret very well...and tried to warn us.

   “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

   The Bible itself uses symbols to represents an individual or group of people. Terms like Lion of Judah, Morning Star, Serpent of Old, Vessel or chalice, etc...

   But in Occult Religions symbols are taken literally to denote power and are even place on pedestal for worship. Bible symbols are even used by Satanic group because they believe these representation will also exhibit the power of character described. Symbolism had turn into idolatry which God hated so much. There is an on-going attack of symbolism and the casualties are ignorant about the weapon that hit them. 

   As an artist I also use symbols to represent an idea or experiences. It was never my intent that this symbols would be an object of worship. In the same way that God intentions on symbols should be observe properly...not for idol worship but for communication purposes to illustrate something. The Occult on the other hand, elevate these signs into an emblem with secret powers. This emblems are known and distributed all throughout the esoteric worlds. 

Their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their fingers have made.-- Isaiah 2:8

   By nature, human had that inclination to associate things with symbols because early in life, we had been educated to understand language via visual representations.  

   Occult group uses symbols to communicate to each other, that's what we have witness during Olympic games. 
   Through this article (and hopefully in the future) I hope it will shed enough light for awareness and understanding of these deceptive symbols. Knowing the origin, like that of 42 will put us into proper perspective.

Triquetra (Triqueta)

   Oh yes I'm sure you've seen this symbol. Also known as the Irish Trinity Knot, this symbols is popularized by Television hit series "Charmed"...probably as a less threatening alternative to the pentacle or pentagram (the preferred emblem of witches real and imaginary). Represented accurately, the TV program uses the symbol as "power of three, acting as one". That is what Triquetra is all about. 

   Deceptively made to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy was actually an interlocking vesica piscis...a fertility symbol. Below is a sample picture how it was tried to tied up with Christianity:

   Well if you understand it's origin, you will know that the act is an abomination and disrespect to the God-head. 
   Wicca witches associate the symbols for the triplet goddess (maid, mother, and crone) but delusional Christians protest the association that this was a clean symbol representing three interlocking fish...the common symbol for Jesus. 
   Maybe because Jesus had made many miracle using fish and he even said "I will make you fishers of men" but that was a wrong association. Would it be more proper to use the Fishnet or Fish hook symbols instead (no I am not suggesting anything) for fishermen? 
   Jesus had never said that He is a fish but symbolically said that His disciple should be like fishermen or even a harvester of souls. This tying-up of the fish worship had been discuss before on my earlier blogs as a fertility goddess and gods worship. 

   The clever ploy was to make two opposite faith meet. That's how imaginative human artist to mix together paganism and Christianity. The vesica piscis or Pisces in Astrology is originally intended for Venus a.k.a. Satan or the Bright Morning Star. 

   To a keen observer, this fertility symbol is often engrave on a chalice (vessel) where Catholic Priest drinks the blood of Jesus. Drinking from the womb of Mary, the Mother of god?

    After this blog, some of you might simply shrugged and ignore...could it be just coincidence that the Vatican love to adapt Satanic symbols? Think long and hard, recall my earlier articles that shows the Catholic faith had so many Pagan symbols in their rituals practices and they are well aware about the origin of those symbols. Catholics encyclopedia admits all the accusation, but their laymen are willing to defend their obscure faith. Why is that? Why do we have to compromise our life? 

   Their adaptation and proud use of Babylonian icons should have caught your attention should have made you investigate further what am I talking about...BUT MOST PEOPLE ARE HOPELESSLY BRAINWASHED FANATICS. It doesn't make sense anymore to hold on to a faith that has so many contradicting doctrines. We are talking of Eternal life here and you are ignoring "visible" and written facts. 
   The Catholic faith has killed more people than any other War in History!!!  Past and Present. You can discuss that with any history professor...In the name of Religion, the Vatican had purge the most enemy without mercy. A God who had instructed it's follower to love it's enemy may have been not really serious about that command since the leading organization that claims to be Christians are brutal killers.  

   Who is the Babylonian Harlot Queen that Revelation is talking about?

   Wake up while there is still time. 

  By the way, I had been trying to avoid attacking the Catholic church but whenever I speak of the occult agenda, it is unavoidable not to speak of the main source. I'm sure when you have familiarized yourself with these symbol, you will slowly understand the inter-connection of occult leadership. You can easily spot who are with the devil. 

   I had so many Catholic friends, that are very dear to me, I don't wish to be in conflict with them...not in my wildest dream. Please re-consider what the Bible had been telling you. This message goes out to all Christians. Kindly check what WORD you are following. 

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