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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Keeping a covenant within a personal frame of artistic goal was proven to be a self conquest. The source of energies varied from the swift thrust of inspiration limited only by the vigor played at the moment.
    What I have long played as a role vested or claimed by instinct are still the primal force that transport this energies into my veins...THAT personal goal whether of value to humanity or just to quench a thirst should never be defused.

    The gradual flow of the minimal instance until it transform into an event....that when at further self-evaluation the causes were cleared. Realization from the product of schemed agenda. Therefore,with a discerning spirit via reflective pose I have at the core seen the tonal essence of a well directed life.


What is a Visual Manuscript?
   The CCP-Visual Art Workshop was a self-discovery type curriculum where we are not directly thought but allow us to explore the given agenda or project presented. Also, we are asked to make at least 5 books or portfolio of our artwork in series. Which means, one subject (i.e., serigraph we had to make 20 copies) we have to make multiple copies which in turn we shall include in our books. Perhaps, the influence of that book-making had inculcate in me the love for filing my works.
  After the workshop I continued my self-search and taught myself on various fields and mediums in art to discover my identity as an artist. During the process I discover tear-out style that became my personal signature on my art works. A tear-out style is an adaptation from collage or assemblage technique that was a common feature in my artworks. That later became incorporated into my compilations....It has always been my aim to tell stories and rarely do I make an individual work for framing. Thus, it is the birth of a visual manuscript or journal, which tells stories employing artistic technique.
  The Visual Journal also serves as a memoir or records of events and situations; also being a laboratory of learning and unlearning.