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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Final Episode of Voltes V

Episode 40: The Liberation

   As little boys and girls during the 70's we were disappointed when Late President Ferdinand Marcos banned Voltes V.  The explanation I get from my parents were very simple it was "bad influence" for young minds. 
In the interview, Senator Marcos said he understood that a cartoon like Voltes V would have been something important to kids “but it was actually the parents that worried about the violence that they were afraid might influence their children in a negative way.”
“There was a lot of private lobbying by all kinds of groups, parents-groups, and so I guess my father saw it prudent to acquiesce to their demands on an issue that was and still is not well understood,” he said.
Marcos said that up to this day, the effect of violence “as experienced vicariously by children through TV or video games is still a subject that remains contentious not only here but in other countries as well.”
source: Bongbong - Why Marcos Banned Voltes V
    But some says Marcos paranoia arises from the final episode itself which never reach our TV set. The finale of Voltes V saw the heroes rising up and overthrowing an oppressive government.  
   It just goes to show the totalitarian mindset of Marcos but for me personally he is still the best president our country ever had, no matter what they said. Anyway, that's enough for the introduction...Let's sing together our anthem when we were little kids.

Monday, May 20, 2013

How They Trick us in Stonehenge

“Imagine England without Stonehenge, imagine England without its great castles and abbeys, and imagine England without its great historic monuments,” said Dr Simon Thurley, Chief Executive of English Heritage. “It is largely thanks to the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act that these stone, brick and iron eye-witnesses to our past survive today to tell their story.” English Heritage traces its origins back to the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act and today is the government’s principal adviser on heritage in England and cares for the country’s National Heritage Collection.
But wait! What if these rich history was in fact concealed in secrecy? 
    The Collection of photos I have gathered here will definitely make you re-think your History 101 or at least your limited knowledge about Stonehenge. This is one of the darkest secret of history archeologist don't want you to know. The Centerpiece of British rich history and visited by Million of tourist every year was actually less than 50 years old. 
      The Stonehenge official guidebooks had been full of fascinating facts, figures, and  wild theories about the ancient worlds mysterious monument but what they aren't telling you is the fact that from 1901 (see picture above) it has undergone an elusive systematic restoration.

      Aren't you hurt that we've been systematically dupe by an opportunistic group of liars? We been robbed of more than 4,000 years of history. Generation after generation we are told about fake symbols.
     A million visitors a year are awe-struck as they look back in time into another age and marvel at the primitive technology and muscle-power which must have been employed transporting the huge monoliths and raising them on Salisbury Plain. They gasp as they are told about this strangely spiritual site.... mankind's first computer, its standing stones and precise lintels, lining up magically and mysteriously with the heavens above and the solstice suns. 

What if Stonehenge doesn't exist at all but just another fabricated lie? What if a much earlier pre-planned hoax was at play already. Let me ask you one final question: "What if the past they told you doesn't really happened at all?"

   Sources on this can easily be trace via the internet and no secret at all (especially to those who have already made themselves aware) but how was it possible that a massive cheating easily escaped  a large part of the human populace? Once again, we will return to Critical analysis of things. That had been made possible because the majority of people had been persuaded or brainwash to worship idols. When a person worship an animated object they become what they focus into.
   I would like you to re-read Romans 1, please take the time to digest the secret why people are easily brainwashed. This chapter will define where all ungodly things originate and how people became what they are now. 
   I know you have read this many times before but please; this time open your mind....don't cheat this blogger by simply browsing on the verses. Give the Holy Spirit a time to reveal it to you...especially from verses 20 onwards....

Romans chapter 1

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fragmented Thoughts Headlines 1

So we now have 12 new it really final now? Just a couple of days ago COMELEC chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr. said the proclamation may not push through but my son told me it was proclaimed last night.
The poll chief refused to explain why, but gave a suggestive answer. "Hindi ho muna ako magbibigay, because we are still analyzing what is happening in the field," Brillantes said. (I will not disclose the reason yet, because we are still analyzing what is happening in the field.) -- Source
   I'm not in the mood to comment on this issue right now....Let's see instead what I have gathered these past days which I deemed to be noteworthy:

Thousands of people protested in Rome on Saturday against austerity policies and high unemployment, urging new Prime Minister Enrico Letta to focus on creating jobs to help pull the country out of recession. (Read Here)

France's president has signed into law a controversial bill making the country the ninth in Europe, and 14th globally, to legalise gay marriage. (Link Here)

Syria has put its most advanced missiles on standby with orders to hit Tel Aviv if Israel launches another strike on its territory, The Sunday Times reported overnight Sunday. Read More...
'If we want things to change here, we'll have to recognize the Arabs' suffering,' history student says during ceremony marking 'catastrophe' of Israel's inception in 1948. Rightist: They can go to Syria

Introduction to Fragmented Thoughts Headline Click HERE

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Introduction to Fragmented Thoughts Headline Series

fragmented thoughts, acrylic on paper
   The painting above marked the first of an intented series regarding my latest artistic direction. I hope to summarize on these upcoming collections my personal representation on the complexities of our times and relevant issues we now face plus everything else in that same inspiration I also would like to begin a new blog series on that same direction since I felt it is necessary to understand what are the real issues -- to fully grasp the order of things to come. 
   The Book of Revelations gave us symbolic warnings on things to come which our Lord Jesus Christ called The Great Tribulation (or are we  in it already?) and without understanding of the unfolding of events we will not be enlighten  or properly warned to protect ourselves and our love ones. 
   The FTH series first of all beside myself is for those who believes in critical thinking. Critical Thinking as to what I've understand is only achieve when a person is able to reflect on certain actions, behavior, or ideas that he or she had observed.
   Base on experience, and the illumination process that I've learned somehow via my Visual Manuscripts, that is by simply gathering images and experiences; in the same said art journal I was able to unravel some of the secrets in what we call life in general. 
    Our frame of reference varies but there is only one ultimate truth. A different set of truth base on the half-full and half-empty glass analogous is one good example of personal filterization base on paradigm. So, hopefully I would be able to destilled some valueable info and perhaps apply the understanding also. Let us read...and discern.    

Fragmented Thoughts Headlines 1 (click here)

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've felt the need to reshare this video for this coming May 13th election....Good Luck to your life. 

My Artistry's New Twist and WW3 Twister

Becoming a face painter wasn't part of my career path as an artist. It just so happened that the face painter my sister contacted for her event couldn't come....she asked "Fher, can you do face painting?" My Ate Fe owns a studio by the way and she had a Birthday to cover that day where she promise to provide the Clowns and face painter....
    And the rest was history...I mean, I actually don't have the time to practice the medium nor any idea at all what to do...
    Right there and then I experimented how to actually work on human skin. It's a different surface plus your subjects usually can't hold very still for a very long time...especially kids. I just let my instinct work that day and perhaps the costumer was satisfied since one of the guest and the owner of the venue asked for my number. 
   At that very first gig, I've felt a different joy so I decided to take it seriously or at least give some sort of importance. I begun to browse and actually do some investigative research. 
   I've just realized once again that most of what was written on my Bio-Data came from coincidences or what Carl Jung called as the 'magical effect'...or what I accepts to be 'divine intervention'. 

Speaking of divine intervention...I've just updated, well actually re-activated my The Art of Realizationism blog....and it might interest you how my artistry is taking it's more refined destination. (Check it out HERE) 

And speaking of another twist, I gotta an information last year that WW3 will start in the spring of 2013. I think I had it written somewhere here....anyway, here's what I can remember from that reliable source: With an attack on Iran by NATO, The Russians and China was said to stand against this attack. 
Everything will be just minor war after least until 2016...but when USA moves it nuclear missiles to Georgia, it will escalate into something very terrible. Possibly, USA will experience an unexpected Nuke attack from China and Russia. 
Now that might result in 3 Billion death and lots of radiation everywhere.

Forget for awhile world war and revisit some of my works....

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