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Monday, April 19, 2010

Empanadas, sketches, and all in between

     I have not drawn or exercise for the past was due to many factor, most especially domestic priorities. Our empanada business was one. I gave up the job or circumstances lead me to it as the situation dictates that I am trapped in a very dangerous place as an administrative supervisor under the now defunct PRMC. (I perceived that I can not write all the detail for now) 

    Shown on the left is the empanada, that is now making a mark in our community. There is an interesting story behind my mother's recipe that she now pass to us. It never occur on my mind that this same snack will have a saving grace impact on my future. If God allow, I will write the childhood story behind the humble pie.
   So as I was saying, I have really done any major artworks as 2010 enters...the last was a work done after the typhoon. But doing another visual journal needed my hand to I always do, I search magazine, find a face, then try to is always easier to bring back the energy when a beautiful face was the target. Unintentional but the same same model was used on this drawing as the last painting I did. 
   That's the first successful sketch on my latest book >>>
   Oh yes it took me a lot of rekindling before I get the right mood to finish. The model name is Billy, a nurse. You may not want to get well if she is the one taking care of you. 
 The night stood eyes deeply wander, 
in what corner shall I reminized the path, 
I chose to erase. Wish to leave me alone.
It remains that the odour stood as well,
of eroticism, of whence a sinful past
was there evoke...

The lost forgotten, Nay...never will,
She had marked so deep inside 
my whole historical record...
The sacred mysteries of an artist that lay
Rejoice in me my dear 
   I have kept the secret so well, in writings but it is all there if you are keen enough to discern all my manuscript....starting from the very ambitious book, Realizationism, An Artist Journal, circa 1986.  

   Following the tradition of my Visual Manuscripts, this blog shall be random and spontaneous as the need arises to express issues and event happening or had happened in my existence. My interest is so varied that I can't think of any particular topic in which to direct my journal blogging here. I have started Religious topic on The Armor Of God, as well as The Art of Realizationism that talks about my art. I think I am so complex and often this varied focus become a disadvantage to finish easily a project at hand. I now have 6 visual journal/manuscript on the process, the latest I've started just a couple of days ago "A Whisper To A Scream" cover page shown above.
   All the manuscript bare resemblance as a book that expresses my artistic explorations, they are the laboratories of my personal quest to express what is in my heart. Now, as I have said before that it is my life time thesis that shall evolve with me. Perhaps, it will continue with my offspring as I lay to rest. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Then He created man....

Of all the earth's physical creatures that God has made, man alone can exercise free will. Simpler life-forms, such as microbes and insects, are preprogrammed to react in certain ways to certain stimuli. They behave in accordance with their environment and have virtually no independent decision-making abilities in the sense that man does.

The actions of more-complicated life-forms, such as mammals, are also largely governed by instinct, though they do make rudimentary decisions when reacting to stimuli and adapting to situations.
Human beings alone among earthly creatures have an advanced sense of time. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God "has put eternity in [our] hearts." In other words, we can contemplate the future. We make far-reaching decisions and plan our lives months and years in advance.
We also study the past; we have a sense of history. We learn lessons from our experiences and the experiences of others. God gave the capacity for advanced decision-making abilities only to man among His earthly creation.
God designed human beings to make choices. Yet we have never learned how to make consistently wiseproperly informed choices. Nor have we learned how to effectively manage our emotions, motives and desires and their influence on our decisions.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Gloria's Exit...

     Here's one big reason why we should really really take this coming election seriously...This is my appeal to the next president...
        Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's food expense for 2008 in Malacanan Palace is a whooping 7 Million per month. I rounded - off the figures for I don't have my pen with me when I listen to Commission on Audit Report. Around 40 Million on electricity per month and on transportation expenses 70M.
       Wait if you are planning to take your jungle bolo to the Palace, listen to this...more or less 640 Billion Pesos unliquidated expenses from the period of 2008-09...this simply means GMA had not yet submitted report where that tiny change goes? Let me borrow Mirriam's famous campaign line  "...people's money gone with the wind !!! "
      I think I recall Madam President GMA admonished Government Offices to take drastic austerity measure a year before that COA audit report...Hmmmm so the Palace is thrifty in that sense. 
     Now let's compare her neighbour just a few step away from where she stays. His name is Juan dela Cruz with 3 children, his daily budget on food is roughly around 50 pesos on good day he spend 100. Now let us say all 30 days he had good take home pay, that would be 3,000 per month. His monthly food intake would equate only to a single cup of coffee in GMA's table.
    So back to my appeal to the would be President this year...Please have Mrs. Arroyo answer where these money go?

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine 

deception on education...

     I was thinking maybe the government should do something about our education program. We should all together clear to our student Darwin's theory of evolution. It is a very dangerous philosophy. When he suggested man came from monkey, the evil thoughts was put to mind in our children....they become less loving because they feel they are just animal without purpose but to multiply or evolve into another species. It is very clear in Genesis that God made living things according to its kind...and he made Man special because He created it into His own likeness.
     Textbook used in school should be revised too. Actually, it had been proven by some sensible and God-fearing scientist that Darwin's theory is outdated and had no concrete evidence to support but just pure speculations. For one, he said that a bacteria is a simple single cell, but latest study shows that a single cell bacteria is actually far more advance than the latest computer in the world. Isn't it amazing that God's wisdom is so vast that we can not fathom even the tiniest of His creation.

     The human anatomy? Without design do you think it would stand up properly and in balance? If we consider the size of our feet to the body structure, it is almost impossible that we are even able to walk with our tiny feet. God is so amazing that by simply observing his creation, we will just look in awe and  marvel.

     I think we should include more of God's word into science. Than science trying to prove that all happen without a creator.

Colossian 2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the rebirth....

Gallery visit helps a lot during my self-search period as an artist...The Vis
ual Art workshop (1985) rekindle my once dying passion for painting. Financial situations took me into another course. The line "I never knew what brought me if somebody lead my hand, it seems so hard to understand my course was planned...." was the theme going on in my head during college.
Indeed, God had his better plan for me.
I always wanted to take fine arts, and to me to be able to
paint for the rest of my life was the only worth of my existence. Never in my wildest dream to become a teacher but....
One summer day while in my sophomore years in Philippine Normal College while trying to purge a degree in Education, the Music and Arts Director Dr. Loreto Castillo-Gloria picked me to represents the college for a visual art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was to me the most surreal but happiest moment of my college days.
So the rest was history....

I founded the campus artist gu
ild we name SAPIN
SAmahan ng PIntor sa Normal in 1986 and we were able to put up to group exhibit. It became the vehicle to unite various rival sector or parties in the campus. Politics is very much alive inside the school then....

colors of the flood....

Ondoy was the most devastating typhoon that I ever experience (Although I think Milenyo was far more stronger) which causes neck-deep flood that came so sudden. It took almost all of my artworks with it....I made sure my Visual Journal collection would be took many tears to put them together and I can't let it just be destroyed.
The work you see here is the aftermath reaction to the solemn state of Philippines, especially Luzon and Metro Manila area who was not used to such does not respect any personality or status. I lost count of how many lives were destroyed but I can still see vivid images up to this day.
I think why the work was greatly admired was because of the emotions I put in it. That face came from a torn magazine that was soaked in the flood. The finished product shall be posted maybe some other day....