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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Being a special creation had its moment of fame. I think everyone was alloted at least 5 minutes of popularity in their lifetime. I could name a few, when I sang in a  videoke bar and the crowd ask for more. Then there's that solo Michael Jackson dance during our town fiesta. I think I've heard angelic beings rejoicing in heaven when I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. Whatelse? 
   Whatelse? That should be enough I guess. Well, that's not just 5 minutes of fame but a lifetime of cheer. In fact, every once in awhile we had that opportunity to shine and be the center of attention.
   So when was the last time you had yours?
   I think I just had mine again at this moment. Why? A special person like you, reading my letter.


   Compounded Thought: If I have too many interest let us say 3 blog right now, then I would be dividing my focus into three parts...therefore, my intent and energy will not have a 100% effectiveness...(hmmm) at least I have them in different topics....but I can not avoid the link within them...Yes that's it!!! It is ONE at all.
   The Power to Generate Magnetism The more good energy you have within you with your intentions the more power you generate. You can create a core magnetic charge that literally pulls your desires to you with very little effort. Rather than working or going out to get what you desire you can literally become magnetic to your desires and watch as your desires come to you. (readbud)
You are the Light of this world   
   Acquire the Characteristic of Christ...that's the message today shared by Pastor Jun. I did not bring my notebook so let's see if I have retain the message....Christ is Compassionate, Christ is Prayerful, Christ had the attitude of Self-denial....what else? My memory is failing me now....I just have my lunch and now I've already forgotten the 2 other qualities...
   Now I think I go check the on-line Bible and read the reflects the model attitude of a Christian should be. 

   A great publicity campaign starts with courage, then planning, and lastly, it succeeds through persistence. If you're not sure why you should seek fame, consider fortune because the two go hand in hand.

   Fame will bring your business into the forefront of your target audience faster than any advertising campaign can hope to do. It solidifies you as an expert and creates a deep, abiding confidence in the consumer. It makes you a shining star with infinite possibilities. So what are the steps you ask? Well paste a gold star to your forehead and let's get started. (Anne Marie Baugh)

   There she goes...hurting me still,
that fatal smile that once enthralled me
...remember the chase
of anguish and hate. No!!! You are not steel...
you are just a heart
-- a broken heart.

   Every heroes at one point in their life must sacrifice something. Now expect your health to deteriorate; get used to muscle pain and always be ready to be criticized. All positive actions had an equivalent reactions....I don't call it negative reaction, it is as simple as cause and effect. No effort is ever wasted. No energy is lost, it simply transfer into another form.
   "The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music." by Skylark (Deviant Art)

Friday, January 28, 2011

MY LAMB: The Art of Sacrifice

   Every goal we set  will require certain amount of sacrifice. Before I came up with this enlightenment, it took me decades of trials and not so few of bruises.  There were decisions that are often miscalculated risk and make the journey longer with empty or very little results. The reality that I came across in these are most of my selfish
   That secret is the power of accumulated energy. Energy is power. It is the energy, emotion and intention that accelerate your ability to manifest.

The Power to Generate Magnetism

The more good energy you have within you with your intentions the more power you generate. You can create a core magnetic charge that literally pulls your desires to you with very little effort. Rather than working or going out to get what you desire you can literally become magnetic to your desires and watch as your desires come to you. 
   To learn more on this Art you can visit The Art of Realizationism
   The following are specific Article that will lead you to this enlightenment...


   Adjusting to a new time cycle, I spend the afternoon sleeping and push myself to rise before the evening comes. With coffee on my hand I go directly to my computer and started this blog. I was thinking of a brainstorming session with my wife and kids....this way, I will see various viewpoints from different perspective. Alas! Brainstorming is a nice topic in itself to tackle. First, you throw a question and then listen to various reaction....some initial reaction can be quantified and also determine which goes to the body of the article and what to be ignored. 
   That lead me now to have an article added to The Art of Realizationism, finally having written the process necessary regarding my art. I made two article: Thoughts into Image and  Renewal

   Finally saw the problem with my about that hidden drafts which took about 85 spaces. 
    As an average of one blog per day is enough....even if some entry are rather irrelevant, in time you'll understand why I am doing this. Perhaps, to help myself into the flow and retain the snaps of idea, to its original meaning....NOT to SWAY from the course of the event presented.
   Car napping by suspect Dominguez, Bus  Transport Bombing in Makati, PNOY buying a 2nd hand Porshe, Mishap on a construction site, and what else? Investor might fear the current situation and withdrew their stock. Workers underpaid and no SSS. The illuminati conspiracy theory....better identify the truth from the hoax. Dan Brown is a hoax....just like Charles Darwin, a mind controlled slaves. This thing could be addicting. OH yes, I need positive addictions... 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


How they see Jesus
   Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount has been called the most superlative teaching of human ethics ever uttered by an individual. In fact, much of what we know today as “equal rights” actually is the result of Jesus’ teaching. Historian Will Durant, a non-Christian, said of Jesus that “he lived and struggled unremittingly for ‘equal rights’; in modern times he would have been sent to Siberia. ‘He that is greatest among you, let him be your servant’—this is the inversion of all political wisdom, of all sanity.” Link:Y-Jesus 
  -- 0 --
Maybe tonight I will be able to blog about the celebration of Easter. The draft  had been stagnant on my notebook since August last year.

Monarch mind flies and the prey was not even aware....
The ritual inside the Great Whore requires young boys....

As I have said I will randomly quote here the thought which lingers on my brain; so here's how it goes then. The format is in daily doses. Therefore, some ideas may not be FINAL since I still have the OPTIONS to validate them or totally discard.
 836 friends on tagged is a slow progress compare to last year's activity.

   For life to have zest, everyone needs that natural feeling of drive, anticipation, and excitement. When one does not know how to get it naturally, one may resort to vices to stimulate that sense of being fully alive, desperately trying to bring some meaning into life. But you see, happiness is within you... If you can't satisfy your wants, then the other way to happiness is to release them.--readbud
    They'll probably recognized the images once and for all. They love rituals and all that stuff, as they say. Is my data getting into your head? The devil loves details....Love to claim the great architect thing running and boasting. They can make your life miserable...they handle everything you ever cared for, from toothpaste to formalin. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flight of the Badjao People

   Lured from a promise of a better life, the Badjao tribe migrate from their coastal domain in southern Philippines to venture here in Central Luzon. Often, this migration are either done illegaly with the help of human traffickers or selling their own little resources with a HOPE that the countries capital have better opportunity for them.
    Just a couple of years ago, the Badjao are just myth we read on textbooks as one of the many diverse ethnic groups we had in this country, along side with the Aetas, Maranao, T'boli and so on. Most of these ethno-linguistic groups are FREE of any Islamic or Christian influence and some still observe their religious custom and traditions. 
   What brought the Badjao here in particular? Although the same flight are happening to other minority group, I'll be focusing here on the Badjao, since in only about a decade ago we don't see them on our streets chanting songs and handling empty envelop to passengers, nor we see a Badjao woman in over-sized clothes carrying a child on her hips asking for alms; which by the way, doubting their literacy had written fluent tagalog on their envelops with these words  in Filipino "I am a Badjao and would like to ask for a little help" or variations of that sort in legible and clear penmanship. Words that perhaps they can't even read. There is an obvious BIG syndicate working behind these flight. 
   The victim here are not us when we sometimes took pity and drop a few coins. The victims are the Badjao themselves. In most cases, we don't even want to look at them as if by merely looking at them, we caught their invisible illness. The illness on my view, is the disease of the Society in whole. The government is telling us not to give to these fiddling for we are only tolerating them to beg for some more. But what are the steps the government are doing to prevent this migration by the hundreds?
   I saw a news on TV that shows Policemen arresting a Band of Badjao in nearby railroad. Admittedly, the police can't take them anywhere or had no clear relocation for them but just simply to put them away from harm of settling near the railroad. DSWD can't adopt them all or send them back to their respective provinces for obvious logistic problem....or is that a problem? Why can we spend Million on fertilizers on area without farm; or build roads twice longer to consume more fuel; or renovate The House of Senate but can not provide for the basic needs of its people.
   Badjao are coastal people. The word itself means in Malay-Bornean "man of the seas" they settle in Sulu archipelago at the southern tip of the Philippines. Other refers to them as Sea Gypsies and it is said that a new born infant is directly thrown to the sea the moment it was conceived. Some websites even consider  them the poorest among the poor.
   Have the seas lost its magic for them? Or Large Companies have claim the seas for  their own  interest, over fishing the vast seas so our Badjao brothers can not compete with their crude tools? Or the insurgency that the very people they represents are caught in the middle of the cross-fire?  
   In the distant I could hear a Badjao child knocking his handmade drums, a hallow rhythmic beat against the noises of bustling streets and the thick smell of gasoline mixed with dust; he breaths as fume rises upward he hum a foreign melody. The "man of the seas"  sang of the distant paradise and hoping to dip his foot some more near the ocean shore.
other readings on Badjao:

Random Flow 001

   I made a promise recently to be a prolific blogger, so I can keep my readers updated and therefore have my followers coming more often on my site. The detour are I also suffer what they call an artist block. I don't want that situation to happen again that I went astray once more and lost the feel. To resolve the matter, especially when I can't organize my thoughts into tangible material I now employ "Random" posting. 
   These will also serve as a point of reference for my future articles. These will also be very revealing for my readers to have a micro over-view or assessment on how the artist/author process a thought. This may be of little value to some, so if you feel this wont make any profit to you, you can skip the page and read other article that would inspire you. 
   Last night a blogger thought me a valuable realization, she made a comment on my page from the comment on her blog. When I check my comment on her blog it was deleted. This lead me to think that a blogger shouldn't be onion skin or easily be offended, he must know how to explain his/her side and be willing also to accept if wrong. Of course critic should be done in civilize manner. The other one, the site I visited a couple of days ago accused me of being "uncivilized" for expressing what I believe. I review my comment if I attack the person instead of the post. I saw nothing wrong but just re-copy Bible verses as my reply. Some people blindly defend their faith, and I don't blame them for their ignorance. Even quoting verses from the Bible but are out of context. Anyway, I have done my part for telling the truth. This lead me to another promise, I will NEVER delete a comment good or bad. On the part of those two blogger, I let them be....
   They have deleted my reply so future readers will accuse me once again for being rude. I can't please everybody. Now, I know how Apostle Paul feel when he wrote these; 
So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Build Your Dreams?

   Large corporations spend millions hiring the best dreamer? Yes, it pays to dream. Ad agency offer services on that premise that they have the best creative. Their duty is to make the consumer WANT or even DESIRE the product of their clients. 
   On that note, the consumer or the masses are left with a decision. Do we take their "word" for it? Detergent soap alone changes strategy (or catch phrase) faster than your  change of clothes Television bombard us with baits like "We are the next big thing" and sometimes we feel left out if the next big thing is beyond our reach. Cellphones are perhaps the fastest gadget to have evolve in the last 5 years. Just a couple of years ago, our cellphone can only presents text messages and analog calls. Now we have colored MMS, Internet access, x-ray scan, and who knows it will include also all the features of a Swiss knife and even do the ironing for us. My only concern with the last suggestion is, what if someone calls while we are ironing our clothes? We have roasted ears for sure.
   Seriously now, why this have anything to do with dreams, or ambition, or goals, or targets? I've site above examples to show you, how other peoples vision or ideas had change our lives drastically. Victor Hugo said "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." BUT, some people have stop dreaming or have given up on their dreams. Frustrations knock their visions and they cringe in their daily life accepting that others have better dreams than they. I remember a story once told by my friend, that during audition to a record company Eraserheads was rejected because their song was so silly and simple. Yet, now Eraserheads is a popular Icon of Filipino Rock band.  Before Henry Ford established his motor company he was broke several times. Marilyn Monroe was once told to stop dreaming to be a model and take up secretarial instead.  Of course, who can forget how many times Thomas Edison failed before he come up with the light bulb?
   So don't worry if your dreams isn't making any progress right now. Remember what Nike shoes told us "Just do it". I have this wonderful phrase that I recite every time I feel rejected  or when they laugh at my ambitions "Let others build a Cave with their clay, I will build a Castle with mine". 
   So who is building a dream for you? Not your parents who paid your tuition fees. Only you can propel that vision. You are the one rattling every time there's an exam. No one can PUSH you to dream. The advertisers can suggest what fastfood to go to, but they can never dictate what you want to eat. You are the one who will get the bruises for trying and you are the one who will take all the blame. Which comes to my mind also, before I forget, it is guaranteed that you'll experience some, No not some, but plenty of heartaches. Now, you know why others succeed? They have grown to accept the wound as part of their journeys toward their dreams....and they never stop building, even if others destroy it in one blow.
   Others says you need Lady Luck to smile at you. But you will never see that smile if you are not facing her. The proper way to start is from the beginning. Now start dreaming....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    If the person thinks the solution to his problem is outside himself, then the solution is near impossible. When a citizen determine his fate thru the actions of the government, he is more likely to be disappointed. If a wife relies so much to her husband for their marriage success, this too is destine to fall apart. Only thru acceptance of your responsibilities....can deter the blame against brokenheart, financial burden, dead-end situations etc.
     Likewise once the person acknowledge the pain, his body will begin the process of healing. If we don't pinpoint the problem area, our brain will not search for solutions. How can our body react if he does not feel the pain? When a broken heart tries to deny that a certain person have not really hurt him, we can not move on, falling in love again will never happen. let the wound heal first before we begin loving again.
     Of course healing takes time. Its a case to case basis. Some body have quick reacting enzymes  while others takes a lot of tears before it actually subside.
     most people tries to cure a broken hear by looking outside. This is like taking a pain reliever but does not actually take care of the illness. First, we should focus why we are hurt. Diagnose the reason why we are crying? Validate the fact and separate the imagined.
    The process must always begin where you have direct power. Relying on others to solve our rotten situations can sometimes lead to eternal daydreaming down to our grave.

    "But those who wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strenght."  -- Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Routine

   The chilled air makes me beg for a couple more snoozes. (Maybe) Half hour passed before I lazily make my coffee. Held the cup with both palm to let the heat travels to my arm...thankful for the day. I search my Bible, the one I called my Bible. We had 4 or 5 but that special one had sentimental value so to is the book that had stayed with me during my great depression....during my time of wanderings....encourage me in spite of the odds....but now it's missing. Where is it? I haven't seen it since the other day. Perhaps there in the jungle of my art materials, books, litters and.....Oh well, the day is gloomy as trees dances in tempo with the breeze. "Where's my Bible?"
   Sunshine, my Oscar cichlid is in bad shape since last week. Its tank partner had died yesterday, a hammerhead shark of the pleco family. Polluted water and I can afford to buy a new filter now. My 2nd cup of coffee before I go to the market to buy ingredients for our empanadas. No shower this morning, maybe later in the afternoon...
   The afternoon is the same, well maybe even more pronounce. Trees are hushing and they bow in rhythmic motion. After the dough was kneaded I had my brunch. I cooked friend fish and dip it in shrimp paste (bagoong alamang). Time for my web surfing....
   Read 3 articles from Readbud. Great 827 friends and only 35% of luv. Facebook doesn't held much. Foolish of me....its my sister birthday. Almost forgot thanks for the posting I saw on the homepage. Lazily I took the dead pleco,flush it to the drainage....
   Downloaded the sketch I did yesterday on my Tagged albums and link it with facebook and twitters. I must write something. Will I go preaching today? Will I tell more about my artistry? The sky is in pastel mood so I contend to float with the moment. The languid phase of the streets demand
no exultation so I let the moment transpose itself. The noises of children playing outside breaks the lethargic only worry at the moment are the speeding vehicles that stirs the dusty asphalt. I have to remind Elyona to stay on the sidewalk. My character on Wizard 101 had reach a new level and now has the title "Novice Sorcerer".    
   Yawn!  The rasping leaves and branches; the chatting teenagers and the women washing clothes at the deepwell; the occasional cryy and shouts of the little boys and girls....what matters most in the moment is that this moment is happening...and I am the only one who is experiencing it . Am I the only one? Well, I prefer to call it my story, I am its author and I can transform the season of my own preference. This is the painting that I want to paint, or what I think it should be, or the moment made me think this way. Am I only part of the picture or the creator of the scene?
   The Wizard had found 3 gold  coins and added EXP. Gina says thank you to my message. Bhel is now busy adding fillings to the dough. A passing tricycle roars until it fades only to be replace with another roar. No message on the group board. Where is My Bible anyway?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


   Shuddering knees, the chilled breeze emphasizes a pending head going in a trance and images where like obscure shadows of familiar ghost seems to have happened in the past and yet this is on-going, it is indeed happening. This could not be happening...this has to be a bad dream. I can hear her sobs...her tears flooding my mind. "Yona Please..." I can't find the right prayers. 
   As darkness grew even more darker, the more my fear escalates. Where is she?
  Gathering more strength, breathing heavily against as sound barely coming out of my mouth. LORD, you said you will be with me always. I can't complete reciting Psalm 23. I walk with no direction, but hoping to see her along the way. How do you explain to those people that a 5 years old girl had been missing since 4PM, and I can't let the night mature....please I have to beg my feet to stride. We enter, a god-forsaken alley known for its notoriety, hell-on-earth, Oh dear God not this place. Drug deal were done in the streets and these goons approaches us, I tell them "Do you happen to see two little girls?" I go on explaining the detail....But it surprises me that they cooperated and one even escorted me to enter the inner sections. He help me explain to bunch of guys who seems to be quite suspecting as they look me from head to foot. Oh men, I have no weapon in me. They promise to inform me if my daughter happen to enter their territory. I was keep on mumbling to myself, I need to talk to to Jesus. I need a verse, a Bible passage....only song of assurance came. As we snake hole after hole and network of passages, A thought just came to me, that two little girl can't make it alive in here.
   The whole Barangay was stirred and thankful for them for their so much care....they stay overnight searching, using motorbike and some had been walking for hours. We reported the matter to nearby Barangays. Some had report seeing them but did not matter to question the little girls.
   A cold itching my nose and jolting pain on my temple. Blurry images finally appears when I took a minute to pray on my room. Browse the Bible but all I could see are jargon's and heliography's of jagged lines. 
   Hours went by and the velvet sky grew even pitch black. I could hear someone crying on my brain, calling me "PAPA". The fever was not imagine anymore but real pinching on my joints and stress muscles. They beg me to take food...but thick bitter paste stays on my tongue. Pacing the house unsure whether I would sit, lie down or walk.
   I'm not sure if I fell asleep but the first ray of dusk mauve color sky appeared. So many what if's trying to decieve me....they maybe cold and hungry out in the open. What if they were taken by....Oh please NO!!!
   I was still hoping someone with a kind heart appear sending Elyona and Nene back home. But none of that occur. Here the devil was once again injecting unpleasant thoughts. I cast them out by whispering "In the name of Jesus!"
   Gathering another strength with a new options, after I posted HELP through websites, I started walking again. Posting on street lamps, street corner, Barangay Hall the re-print photo of Elyona with my contact detail. Talking and explaining to people....My wife took the Barangay near the seasides. My mother take the City Hall of the nearby municipality which is Sta. Rosa City, to report the matter at Department of Social Welfare and Development.
   No time for arguments now. There must be a reason for these occurences. I can't answer them now but there is always A REASON.
   I need to photocopy another batch of posters and I almost scouted every villages in our city. I haven't notice text messages on my phone when I return home. A bright light suddenly shines when I saw the smiling faces of my neighbors that announces, "They're here already."
   Relief showers my heart and my knees buckle a bit realizing that they were exhausted and the sole of my foot numbing instantly. There's Elyona hiding on her mother arms, she doesn't want to look at me. "Where have you been?" or I said something like that, I am not sure. I call her but she bore her face the more deeply in her mother's breast, "I'll just talk to you." and in that she cried out loud.
   Then my mother told me what happen. I can't imagine how two little girl could have walk that far. They said to have reach the seasides cross many villages, bridges and even pass the border of the next city. "We were trying to go to Ashley's house" Elyona mention their intent to visit her cousins. She said its already freezing so they sat on one corner against the wall  near an open field by the shoreline.  Luckily the Barangay patrol saw them, and they said this is around midnight. They turn them over to the policemen who brought them to DSWD in Sta. Rosa
   The whole afternoon we sleep till evening....Elyona embracing me tightly. When I woke up I've realized I haven't take any food since last night.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Road Plan for 2011 (A Prayer)

   "Declaring want we want to happen for 2011." Our Preacher said this morning.  Setting up vision is very important and the first step is to determine what we really want to receive from God this year. A nice advise and I think I can start doing my own list now.
Dear Father,
   First, Father you knew, I've always wanted to have my own restaurant. Although I love cooking, the foremost inspiration to set up one is because I like seeing people satisfied with my services.....chatting to customer about life in general was a constant image on my head ever since. I like it to be a gathering place not just a venue to have a good meal, but a sort of a community within a community. Where a tired laborer can unwind and let out what he feels, I want to create friends on the process.
    It will happen because I know you will provide.
   About my artistry? To create more inspiring works through Realizationism Art. Oh God give me the inspiration to share and bless everything that I've touch. More face painting projects too. Fulfill the visions of TAGallery and the arrangement for its missions. Bless  all the members and artisan and that they may find fulfillment in their works. That I may share on our Church ministry like a workshop on paintings and the arts. Use me Lord according to Your will.
   Give me the strenght Lord to accept the double portion of all the task you want me to do.
   Write more blogs about salvation and that the Lord lead me with all these and that only His  real Gospel be preach. Use me Lord Jesus as a vessel of blessings to other.
   Give my wife Bella the wisdom to enlarge her territory, her empanada business to create more jobs also to our neighbours. Fulfill all her hearts desire.
   To Elijah, may he continue in serving the Lord in Children ministry and that his faith will ever be burning upon the altar. To Elyona, who's going to her first year in school, may she shine as testimony to others.To my mother, more fruitful years. To Gina, my sister, may the hand of the Lord continue to hold her husband Roger and Children (Ezequiel, Troy & Kelly) and be with them always as they all left for Canada this year. To my other half-sister ; Ate Fe, Liza and Melissa, guide them to your Kingdom and that they will come to worship you in Spirit and in truth, so as their family.
   What are your plan for me Lord Jesus so that I can reach out  all my love ones, friends and my country? I expect your reply in the coming days of 2011.
   To my neighbour, may they have the willingness to listen to Your word, Father God. May they see your image in me as a living proof of your goodness and mercy.
   As a personal wish from you Father, remind me always of your Love. Stay by my side Jesus and let your Holy Spirit rest upon your servant, for I know apart from You, I can do nothing. All these supplication and request, I asked in Jesus name.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Then Again....Writer in The Closets

   Nearly three months in blog hibernation. I need redirection, sharpen the sword so to speak. As I stayed in the backdrop and watch things unfold....I came to this point, where I really must start talking again. There are lots of things to share (This lifetime would be inadequate to squeeze them all) and the field is ripe for the picking. 
   We have to thank the worldwide web for giving us the opportunity to express our thought even if some of them are junk. Come to think of it, there's no such thing as worthless idea, who would have thought that a humble paperclip would be a very useful inventions or a simple idea like facebook and twitter would make it in the mainstream?
   So here I am again, writing for the very simplest of all alibis, which is the urge to write. Checking this blog prove that very few had actually took the time to ream them, But who cares? My passion is to write ever since I was a boy with very little vocabulary to expound. I don't even care if my grammar was wrong but I was able to finish 3 Novels then (No copies available now) and more than a dozen short stories that only my closest of peer were able to read and the reviews where heartwarming. One friend even literally cried reading "The Way We Were" (1986) and the story still hangs on my memory and if given the luxury of time I might rewrite it again.
   As you can see, I don't even took the time to preserve my writings. The gratification of being able to write was enough for me. I'm still working on another novel since 1995 and the story was finish on my head but only 7 chapters was done at the moment. The reason is I'm not writing to earn, I write to quench the desire and express myself in words the same reason as my paintings. 
   So here I am blogging again, trying to contribute something even if it catches no attention at all. If you are reading this blog, I am so thankful to you that you took the time to listen to The Wisdom of A Fool.    
(You can check my other site: The Art of Realizationism & The Armor of God )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Roots

   Signified by a sketch of a crampled paper,
the confirmation of the 
artist/blogger's baptism to the art scene. 
To me, I considered the Visual Art Workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP is the birthmark of my artistry. As a kid I was never allowed to mother prohibits me but who can resist an instinct that never cease to pulsate on my pulse? Of course, I disobey....and one day my mother  discovered my drawings hidden under my bed and as a result he hammered my hand twice, but luckily no bones were broken. 
   In that childhood scenario I grew up naive in the arts, but at times my mother would allow me to draw but discourages me to take it seriously. I always wanted to take Fine Arts and obviously that would be impossible so I was oblige to study college at PNC and took Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Daily I would asked God "Why I am here?" All I can see then are gloomy future ahead of me if I become a teacher....
   But one day Dra. Loreto Castillo-Gloria (Head, Music & Arts Dept.) told me "I want to send you to a free art workshop, I can't think of anyone else....CCP send us this invitation and the school allowed only 2 representative one is from the admin." 
   I can't recall how I reacted but it was the happiest news I ever heard in my entire life.
   From then on I never question God's plan in my life. I simply let Him work....