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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mysteries Of The Bible Banned From The Bible

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Not For The Proud and Weak

It has been a very long time since I've last written on this Blog...a lot of things had happened on me both as a person and as an artist. Although the thoughts that I'd be sharing to you today is about Art, and therefore should be written on my art blog but I've realized that it would be very important to share here, where greater audience can possibly read. 
This is about the recent realization that Life is about simplicity.... about true understanding of one's self including his Faith and belief. 
Creating Art works had always been my major duty, I believe, why I am here besides serving The Lord GOD. But just recently I've realized that this world...the Art world is full of fakers and vanities...self-righteousness and pride are sometimes the main ingredients if you want to reach your goal....there was a moment that you have to prostitute your soul just to gain recognitions. In the end, Artistry could loosen your faith in God. 
I say, now I believe that Wisdom comes with age....
It was as I've observed and confirmed that even mediocre artist can outshine the talented. It was not just connections but mutual prostitutions. 
And so I've concluded that it was a world not suited for the Proud and Weak. I've heard and felt so many sentiments from fellow artist the unbalance treatment to artist or biases in favor of Haves against the Have-nots. 
Yes there are too many artist in the world but very few are truly creative....Yet, you can just kiss away that Hope that by being exceptional and creative you will be rewarded greatly. That was not true in Art...The sad truth is, they buy the Artist and rarely do they truly care about what you have done. 
So there were people like Van Gogh, who despite their geniuses fail to achieve popularity during their life time....
So as of this very generation, where technology have shorten the distance between the audience and the performer, a new breed of Critics were born...the fool become sages....and an increase of OVERRATED artists. 
The cyber bully were born...

Ranting for The Ranters 
(This was the part that I have chosen to share on Facebook wall)
Listen! The Art world is Not for the Proud and Weak. Period. Don't read any further if you don't want to be criticized....
From the very moment you start showing your artworks your work will undergo scrutiny. Because Art can never be Art unless it stands scrutiny. 
Don't expect also that everybody will be CONSTRUCTIVE or Gentle because Not all who will see your work are Experts or Ally. They will even attack you as a "Person" because this is SHOW business for your informations. 
Don't you ever think that all these "self-proclaimed" critics do is to BELITTLE or DOWNGRADE you, that's a very childish thought. In fact "Constructive Criticism" are always met with HOSTILITY by the Proud and Weak. 
Because YOU yourself as an artist is a critic of things you saw around you, YOU yourself as an artist scrutinized the thoughts of others and translate them into your artworks, YOU yourself as artist is the MOST BOASTFUL critics of BEAUTY. 
"Who gave you the rights to decide what is beautiful anyway?"
It is a stupid PRIDE to expect that everybody will LIKE your work. ART is not about your VAIN or empty imaginations that everybody in this planet will APPRECIATE what you are doing. Don't live in Fantasy because even the Priceless Monalissa was highly Disliked by many.  
If you HATE critics then HIDE your work under your bed or bury them.
You say you are a HOBBYIST and not an artist...then focus your concern in entertaining yourself because once you show them to the world you already start performing like an Artist. 

A hobbyist singer who create NOISES will never be met with praises my friend. 

Start Thinking as an Artist but Don't to forget to wear a Heart of stone. Because once again, take it from your Kuya Fher...the Art world is NEVER meant for the PROUD and WEAK!!!! 

The Bible said, be gentle as dove but be wise a serpent!

To The Critics..the advise will be Few because you will always DISLIKE anything that does not feed your Vanities.
Just Read The Wisdom of Solomon, the wisest man that ever live...who admitted that he is Nothing in the end...