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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Framed The Artist?

Is there a market for a visual journal? I have no idea nor knowledge of any gallery showcasing this kind of interest as of this writing. Then why would I still indulge into something that wont sell?  
   Financial gain definitely is a welcome add-ins if ever. BUT to divert my attention on something that would give me material increase instead of freely allowing my mind to create, will cloud my spirit.
   I have clearly defined and separate my artistic inclinations over artistic services. I do Face painting services and other projects that requires my talent for monetary gain BUT when it comes to my artistry, I do this purely out of LOVE. 
   This is a personal thirst I am quenching and nothing else. A deep sense of calling to share without exchange...I don't even expect some praises. But of course, I'll be a hypocrite to deny that I will not be hurt when somebody dislike my work. Anyway, so far the only non-appreciative remarks I get was when somebody said why I waste my time on visual manuscripts instead of making artwork that are framed and therefore exhibit them. 
   To answer the question: Why I waste time, resources, and effort on these manuscripts? The answer is: "Simply because..."
    When I don't expect any approval from outside forces I can manifest things more honestly, more sincere, and more creative. 
   I only want to enjoy this gift. 

What is a Visual Diary for me?
A Visual Manuscripts is a laboratory of personal experience...gathered on a minute detail randomness using whatever resources available or whatever life throws in front of me. 

Air Supply - Making Love out of Nothing at all


Mani said...

Fher your love for art is truly commendable n I can always visualize that...A true artist is always deep immersed in his art ...he doesnt even realize...happens wid me..wen i hv finished writing somethin n I q myself did i wrote this..phew!

I so love ur art...they r like enigma to me at time...which only u cn intepret at times...

Now abt this article..just from heart....

Keep it up....they way u r...

Andy said...

Hello Fher.
Art to you is like love to me. I eat, breathe, live love. I exist in the image of love. Love lives within my heart, body &'s what I know, what I write about and who I am. For me, there is no life without love & if I don't have love, then I cannot write...simply because love is the ink for my pen. When you are passionate about something, you will want to give it your all. Yes, it would be nice to be rewarded financially, but like you, that is not what I am about. I have a passion for writing poetry & will continue to do so until I breathe my last breath on this earth.

I admire your creative talent. My simple advice is to just keep doing what you love & don't pay any attention to what anyone else has to say...(s)he probably isn't passionate about anything so wouldn't understand (smile).

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

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