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Friday, October 12, 2012

Painting Again!!!

Perhaps when I say that I am "Painting Again" it would surprise my closest friends. They constantly sees me creating artworks on regular basis...  Sketching faces and things here and what do I mean? 
   I am painting again means I am speaking of individual pieces...

   Unlike my regular affair on my visual manuscripts or art journals....where I simply express the feeling of a fleeting moment while at the same time honing my skills...this time I am creating outworks on linear prose. 
   Everything inside those books are spontaneous and by the dictate of the moment. This time the discipline to go linear had to be prioritized.
As I've said before Visual manuscripts are my laboratory of experiences...where in fleeting moment are explored in minute is where I explore feelings and at the same time honing my skills. 

   I rarely make individual piece because it's hard to frame a story. Honestly, the challenge to summarized an idea takes lots of mental aerobics and brainstorming. (The brainstorming happens inside my visual journals) Yet, this time I think I have gathered enough experiences and courage to burst my sentiment on a 2D platform. Usually, illuminations on experiences takes years and hundreds of pages to fully fathom the depth.  
   Simply gathering images and experience… let them hang on my head for awhile…until the feeling of the moment lingers. Perhaps a realization would emerge out of this fleeting moment. That’s how we begin a process of illumination…and that’s how I want to express my Artworks. I measure the success of my artwork when you begin to asked “Why”? This artist won’t be there to explain…just let it hang there…the answer usually lies from within.

   Of course, there will still be daily doses of sketches to ease down the tension.

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