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Monday, February 11, 2013

Origin of the Papal Office

Nimrod, the political and religious leader of the Nation Babylon. This religion merge the office of a king and a priest. For the first time in human history a Priest-King office was held by one man. Binding the separation of church and state. 
   This Pagan religion started that idea of building a tower that would reach heaven. The popular story of Babel where God compounded the languages of men.
   Most people think that the Priest-King office ended there but the Babylonian Mystery religion survived.  
   Many are familiar with the feast Belshazzar held in Babylon when the mysterious handwriting appeared on the wall. Some have failed to recognize  however, that this gathering was more than a mere social party! It was a religious gathering, a celebration of the Babylonian mysteries of which Belshazzar was the head at that time. ‘They drank wine, and praised the gods of gold, and of silver, and of brass, of iron, of wood, and of stone” (Dan. 5:4). Adding to the blasphemy of the occasion, they drank their wine from the holy vessels of the Lord which had been taken from the Jerusalem temple. This attempt to mix that which was holy with that which was heathenism, brought about Divine Judgement. Babylon was marked for doom. (Source)
   This Priest-King office was also adopted by Rome, when it conquered the world they mixed Babylonian Religion with their Pagan Sun-Worship. Another title given to Caesars (or Kings) is Pontifex Maximus. The Supreme Pontiff, The Chief Priest,  and today simplified as Pope. 
 The title Pontifex Maximus is repeatedly found on inscriptions throughout the Vatican--above the entry of St. Peter's, above the statue of Peter, in the dome, over the Holy Year Door which is opened only during a jubilee year, etc.  The accompanying medal, struck by Pope Leo X just before the Reformation, illustrates one of the ways that the title "Pont. Max,"   has been used by the popes...
  It was not until 431, however, that the pope publicly made the claim that the keys he possessed were the keys of authority given to the apostle Peter.  This was over fifty years after the pope had become the Pontifex Maximus, the possessor of the keys.  Keys are shown as symbols of the papal authority. 
   We know that Catholicism is known to mixed together Paganism and Christianity. They look for ways to merge Sun Worship and Christianity. It's not easy to declare that the Pope is also Pontifex Maximus but they found a clever manipulation. They found there man, Peter. To Jesus he gave to Simon  the nickname Peter for his rock solid faith but to the Vatican it is an opportunity to infused the Chaldean title Peter or interpreter (or the interpreter of the mysteries). 
The Problem with Peter
   To Christianize the sun worship, the bishop of Rome associated the Grand Interpreter of Rome to Peter the apostle. But there is a big problem here to Third Century Christian in Rome. Peter was unknown or unpopular to third or forth century Gentile Christians. We must remember that Christianity spread to the gentile world via St. Paul. Peter never even set foot on Rome. To merge the Peter (The Interpreter) to Peter (The apostle) they have to invent a story that Simon Peter died on Rome. So you heard the story that Peter died on an inverted cross in Rome but that was unfounded, no basis, and the Bible had no record too. No first century Historian told us that...but a latter Roman Historian told us otherwise who is this Peter or to be exact Simon. 
    This Simon, known to Bible students as Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9), is said to have later gone to Rome and founded a counterfeit Christian religion there! Because this sounds so bizarre, in order to make it clear there is no bias on our part, we quote the following right from The Catholic Encyclopedia about this Simon:
   "Justin Martyr and other early writers inform us that he afterwards went to Rome, worked miracles there by the power of demons, and received Divine honors both in Rome and in his own country. Though much extravagant legend afterwards gathered around the name of this Simon, it seems nevertheless probable that there must be some foundation in fact for the account given by Justin and accepted by Eusebius. The historical Simon Magus no doubt founded some sort of religion as a counterfeit of Christianity in which he claimed to play a part analogous to that of Christ." (Source)

   Perhaps this "Simon" being in Rome was later confused with Simon Peter.  The popes have claimed to be 'Christ in office' on earth.  Apparently Simon the sorcerer made the same claim in Rome.  But we never read of any such claim being made by Simon Peter the apostle!

  The cock crowing during Peter's denial was associated to the cock that was on Janus (the two-face god) foot. It was an easy task isn't it? To Janus worshiper the cock was regarded as a sacred animal.(read John 18:27)
   To Real Bible reading Christians we know that the key was not given alone to Peter but to all the other apostles. 

    It is certain that the title "supreme Pontiff" or "Pontifex Maximus" which the pope bears is not a Christian designation, for it was the title used by Roman emperors before the Christian Era.  The word "pontiff comes from the word pons, "bridge," and facio. "make."  It means "bridge-maker,"  The priest-king emperors of sun worship days were regarded as the makers and guardians of the bridges of Rome.  Each of them served as high priest and claimed to be the bridge or connecting link between this life and the next.
Mithraic Branch of Babylon

   That branch of the mysteries known as Mithraism grew in Rome until it became-at one time-almost the only faith of the empire.  The head priest was called the Pater Patrum, that is, the Father of Fathers.  Borrowing directly from this title, at the head of the Roman Catholic church, is the Papa or Pope-the Father of Fathers. The "Father" of Mithraism had his seat at Rome then, and the "Father" of Catholicism has his there now.

   But in when it comes to Religion we are told by Jesus Christ himself in Matthew 23:9...
And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. (Matthew 23:9)
   See that open-mouth fish on the head of your pope or bishops?

   The tiara crown that the popes wear-though decorated in different ways at different times-is identical in shape to that worn by the "gods" or angels that are shown on ancient sun worship Assyrian tablets.  It is similar to that seen on Dagon, the fish--god pictured here, Dagon was actually but a mystery form of the false Babylonian "savior."  The name Dagon comes from dag(a word commonly translated "fish" in the Bible) and means fish-god.  Though it originated in the sun worship of Babylon, Dagon worship became especially popular among the Philistines (Judges 16:21-30; 1 Sam. 5:5,6).

    The way Dagon was depicted on Mesopotamian sculpture is seen in the drawing reproduced below (second figure from left).  In his book Babylon and Nineveh, Layard explains that "the head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed."

   Babylonian Mystery religion continues up to this date hidden as Christianity,  to be exact false Religion of the Roman Catholic Church, even the name itself does not claim to be follower of Jesus but of Rome. 
   If you are RCC member,better beware. Please if you really love Jesus Christ consider what I have written here. 
(While I was writing this I've heard that pope Benedict XVI is resigning from office...Hmmmm? What Political stunt is this again? Better check....)

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