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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Napoles Conspiracy

So Janet Lim Napoles and husband surrendered. But why do I feel something is wrong here....Scripted? You may want to read this article (Click to read) how this surrender to Pres. Noynoy happened. 

   Perhaps the President was pressured by the Million March in Luneta? Nope, he could easily ignore the people cries like he used to (Remember Sabah folks?)...but why Noynoy offered 10M for the capture of JLN earlier? By the way, who get the reward pot? 
   Anyways, Everything adds up from the VIP treatment at MalacaƱang Palace to the Planned EDSA march which was discoverd to be another yellow propaganda with the help of ABS CBN media prowess.
   Noynoy can actually manipulate both the Senate and the lower house with his new found weapon in Napoles scam. 
   One thing more this issue could actually cover-up the real isssue about PDAF.
   Let's wait and see...but I smell something fishy... 

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