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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recent Paradigm Shift

I have not  written an article of my own for quite sometime now, merely sharing some item I've found on the web which I presume worth sharing....not necessarily something I believe personally but something needed our attention on matters of this world and above. Some may call these as Wisdom of a fool.... and some fools were actually right or probably more correct... or somewhat correct.  They said that all statement are half-truth. Basically, when it comes to the after-life anyone could be right or totally right... or partially right. 

   I'm under-going my own shift of paradigm and it was hard really to take away something you've already incorporated in your lifestyle and values. At this point, I am on a process of sorting.... 
   Nothing really big or grand scale shift, just minor re-adjustment.... we can not be too fanatical; that's my first cause of change or don't you ever think to be too heroic.  Most ideals are falsified and embroidered with bad motives. 

   As you would know, I've been more concern in my artistry these past months why I've partially hid away from the NWO, occult, and esoteric issues. Yet, somethings can not be easily ignored because it was inter-woven into the very fabric of your existence. Since my art was part of my world it was absolutely necessary also that I protect it from Demonic schemes. 

    The first step to initiate change is to generate interest. In this case, that will probably only result from an underground effort. Sporadically I still share my sentiment against the system.... via Facebook posting. Not to harsh as to over attract attention...or a little tweaking needed so it would fit on the mind-frame of the un-illuminated. Carefully selecting words, as not to offend common friends. Just a little poking would do.... 
   Atheism has spread like wildfire, mostly in subtle ways.... some would still claim to be a Theist but in mind-frame are disgustingly Satanic and taking a stance of an unbeliever. I love to discuss the flaw of Darwinian because it is very necessary.... it inter-woven even in Christianity. 

   I'm still's a good will probably be listening anyway..... time is becoming short. I have dreams of my own to fulfill. Material dreams and Spiritual destiny could go hand in hand sometime. 

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