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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Realization of Faith

    I slap my face, literally in front of the mirror to see (and maybe feel) that when I kick another's faith I am actually stabbing his or her heart. Now, what are you going to do about that? I just tell you that my God is God and yours are mammon. Well, that is if I am right, who will judge between us? God? How about those who do not believe? Can we apply Muslim standard to a Buddhist or Hindu?
  Aha! Somebody said that Jesus Christ is not a Christian. If he was, he would not be as dirty as you. So maybe Jesus is not a Christian...because he is Good and Christians are evil.
Now I sit down and slap my face again...Better act like Jesus, if you want that Christian surname attach in your bio-data.

   I've mellow right? Wont be arguing for're not listening anyway...

   Factual data wouldn't change your views, some memories are even altered so it seems these whole discussion is pointless NOT unless the Holy Spirit awaken you. Maybe you can find the reading entertaining somehow.  ☺ Critical thinking doesn't have to be quick in judgment...and that's what I'm trying to practice right now. 

   I will perhaps blog here from time to time....

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