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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thanks You...Bangon Pilipinas

      To those who gave their unconditional support to Bro. Eddie's candidacy and to the rest of Bangon Pilipinas candidates, I would like to thank and salute you all.
         From the very beginning we knew the odds and the great obstacle to present a man whom we trusted to embody our ideals and hope. It has been a great battle against the system and the established bureaucracy, and I am deeply saddened that we are not given a chance to truly reform the sad state of a morally declining government. I respect the voice of the people and sincerely believe that it had been the most peaceful and clean election we ever had. I know it is the choice of the true majority....despite reported election related crimes and apparent vote buying. Any ways…
        Thank you so much everyone who voted for my candidate and for expressing your voice in this election although a lot of you had suffered so much...
        I also would like to congratulate Mr. Aquino for winning the much coveted chair in the land. As Bro. Eddie conceded & said, we will pray for the success of your administration for the next 6 years to come. And I hope you will continue what you had promise during your campaign sortie. My first request if ever somebody from your supporter would ever get the chance to read this letter is to attend to the injustices the Arroyo government did to the Filipino people. They are still in power and sadly a lot of them appear to be getting back their position both in senate and; the lower house. God guide your action and decisions.
       Thank you so much Bro. Eddie Villanueva for answering the call of Bangon Pilipinas Party to run once again on this election. I'm happy that we shall have you more again in Jesus is Lord Church as our Pastor again....we are looking forward to hear your voice leading the church again and in helping to change the life of millions all over the world.
       God bless The Philippines.

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