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Sunday, May 16, 2010

CHANGE: The Election That Never Occur

   What happened was just a change of mask but the same face. There are a lot of competent individual who flunk the poll but nearly 90% incompetent non-performing officials where re-elected and mostly even garnered landslide votes. I thought the people wanted change? The politician themselves promised “PAG-BABAGO!!!”
     What is the real clamor that the masses were crying before the election? Do we simply want Gloria out? By the way GMA is The first and only president that was never elected but stayed in the office for 9 years. Do we want change simply because we want change? Change because we are tired of our miserable poverty and lack of opportunity? Do we want change because we want to have that chair in Malacañan too? We shout change from corruption to honest service.
    On the contrary, those people in position have another tactic and present “change” in a deceptive manner….They sell to the public a very powerful message that the only one who can solve corruption is the same people with experiences or the specialty on policy making. Experiences tell us otherwise that it merely scratches the itch and worse it also helps spread the disease.
    I’m not saying that we totally oust everyone from the government and replace them with new breed of social reformist. I suggest we become more discerning when it comes to choosing leaders. WE still chose leaders who can help us directly instead of looking at the big picture and consider the greater good.
    The real change I’m talking about is a change of heart. Where the real symbol of justice does not respect personality or institution.
    It’s an insanity to think there would be radical change when dynasties are prevailing. Is there democracy when very few family rules? That is monopoly of power and parallel to communism; where the intent is to protect the lineage and wealth.
   The culture of voting for a winnable candidate is like betting for a lotto ticket. Vote buying prevails over good platform.

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