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Monday, November 7, 2011


When people hear the world illuminati, the first thing that came to mind is a secret society planning global dominance thru one world order. To some, this are science fictions and are just product of Hollywood's over active imaginations. 
   My first introduction to this cult was when a friend showed to me a dollar bill that carries illuminati symbols. Well, my first reactions was that of amazement. From then on I started making my own little research from Dan Brown's highly erroneous novels up to more serious claims, like those of John Todd, a former satanist and the well documented writings of Fritz Springmeier. I heard familiar group like Priory of Sion, Knight Templars, Bavarian Freemasonry, Councils for Foreign Relations, Skulls and Bones fraternity, and so on...I also heard about Svali. Who is she? Why her testimony is important?
     Svali, who is/was a former mind control programmer for the Illuminati. She was groomed from birth to have a key role in the Illuminati and back in the 1980′s was forced against her will to marry another generational Illuminati member. They had two children from this marriage and they also were raised and tortured by the cult until Svali fled the cult in the early 1990′s.     She was severely warned by the cult to keep quiet about her past. She had been writing and speaking out against the cult and their activities. She has not been heard from since November, 2006.
     There is no known verifiable evidence of her being alive or has there been any known contact with Svali by anyone that I know of. All traces of her have disappeared.
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 So Svali, obviously is a pseudonym to protect her important note here is that she has a credible stance since she was from the inside, as she claims. 

All groups have goals, and the Illuminists are no exception. Money making is not their final goal – it is a means to an end. This end point, or goal, is no less than to rule the world. The Illuminati has a set plan similar to the Soviet Union’s previous “5- year” and “10-year ” plans. This is what the Illuminists themselves believe and teach their followers as gospel truth. Whether they will actually succeed is another matter altogether.

Svali is Alive!

Ex-Illuminati Programmer turned Born-Again Christian
and Whistleblower is Confirmed Alive and Well!

by Ed Koni
I have recently confirmed that Svali, the ex-Illuminati mind control programmer who opened the eyes of thousands of people on the internet with her writings and radio interview about the inner workings of the Illuminati, is indeed alive and well! Praise Jesus! She had not been heard from online since November of 2006 and it was feared she had been killed. I have learned that she is residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of fellow Christian brothers and sisters. She is in no immediate danger and is continuing to heal and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no internet access where she is staying so she cannot electronically communicate with the outside world even if she wanted to. I cannot elaborate any further on her whereabouts as I don’t want to endanger her in any way.

 The real living Christ, the Savior of the world. Without a relationship with Him it is going to be pretty hard to exist in this world of chaos. I urge you to seek Him with all of your heart.

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