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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Facebook SCAM Please Read Urgent!!!

I will re-share to you the item below because I think this is important and need our attention. I had one attack on my profile today...coming from my friend and after reading this I immediately remove it on my profile page. 
Here's the post...from Worst Tech
Exclusive news from the web is that hackers are coming up with a brand new trick to trap Facebook users. Make a note that this post is about the newest attack from the cyber crooks. Title of this new scam is Carelessness of Celebrities on Television!!! See below.
Most probably you will see a link on your Facebook homepage with the above title and a link just below the caption. Most of the lusty and desperate users instantly click the given link. Now here comes the best part; while you click the safe looking link you won’t be redirected to some third party webpage. Once the new page a loaded you would be surprised to know that you are still on Facebook! Wow! But mind it; this is just the second part of the attack.
Users will definitely click the given links on new loaded rouge webpage; at this instance the attack is about to begin. For more clarification see the screenshot below (click to enlarge).
Once you click on the above screen specially on the black rectangle (looking like YouTube player) a file will be downloaded on your machine. Let me tell you there’s nothing like YouTube premium and there are no more celebrities showing themselves on the TV.
Please don’t continue else you would be trapped badly. A flood of viruses will be entertaining you are your computer. While staying on the page, if you click somewhere else you won’t be asked to install a malware oriented file. You will see suggested people, more than 4K comments on so called video, who shared it and finally the sponsors, they are not actual. See screenshot below.
Now see the screenshot above, watch out status bar and the link on mouse hover, is it Facebook’s? Of course not! It’s from hackers.
To put it short; hackers are trying to trap you with their new, classic and innovative tricks. Don’t get trapped. Want to see careless celebrities? Go for some torrent Smile with tongue out.

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Autumn Eliza said...

Thank you, sir, for this important information.
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