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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year That Was 2011

New year! Okay this is one of the only worldwide holiday celebration that we can agree upon. Even if it has some pagan rituals, renovations, and innovations; we can skip that part for the sake of being in a society and unity...Oppps! No more debate here. Hahaha. Well, I also would like to take this opportunity to say sorry if I have not return your christmases greetings. I hope you understand my Biblical position on this matter. But nonetheless, you are always dear to me and I sincerely appreciate all those greetings. At least, instead of hurling to me insults or death-threats which I have had before, instead I have a flashing widgets and caroling emails this time around. 
   Now let's forget (in the meantime) the political and religious connotations of the holidays that just past us by; and allow me to list down what I considered an impact on Fher Ymas' 2011.
   First, I will not make any resolutions...for the sake of New Year. I make and decide a resolution any day of the year especially when I found myself in the position of dead-ends, realizations, repentance, and awakening. I prefer to spend the last days of 2011 reflecting...counting blessings and even remembering failures and mishaps. 
   There are images and story-lines that still lingers on my mind from 2011. The cyberspace had been a big part of it. Especially when I started the Tagged ArtLover Group's Blog in February evolving from to our migrations in Facebook late 2010.   
   Well, you can't have thousands of friends without creating some enemies too along the way. I even wish before that FB provide a dislike button too. Now, I think that wouldn't be necessary. You just ignore them or "unsubscribe" to their status updates. One thing I've realized was that you can't "please" everybody as well as you just can't "push" your self to like anyone. Which brings me into another eye-opener: that I should apply anesthetic before I surgically remove tumor. I have to take that lesson in 2012 or in years to come, that people held their beliefs as part of themselves, and when you challenged that faith, you are stabbing their heart. The same goes to me, I should be more understanding and patient (as well as open-minded) because one of the greatest lesson I've learned so far, is that perceptions are just product/s of personal experiences. When you understand their experience, you understand their heart.
    For 2012? I must admit I have some fears and yet a great amount of hopes too. Let us just say, the world is so tiny for the universe, so there is no problem too big that can disrupt my world. Tsunami, earthquake, flash-flood, whatever! Life will go on without me anyway, so why I should be bother. 
   This is just another New Year's Eve. And here I am blogging after sniffing a smorgasbord of fumes from firecrackers and oily foods. 
   Would I change a thing? Would I dare climb up or slide downward? Should I cut my coffee intake? Should I finish what I've started? or should I just stop this blog right now?
   Well, let's see...some dreams doesn't last but we should never stop dreaming.
   Special thanks to all who have unconditionally share their support. To those who took the time to read my post. To those who inspired me to paint as well as those who had destroyed my mood. Either way, you made the man I am now. 
   OHHH!! Before I forgot, I would like to thank those people (even strangers) who had tweet, reshare, and re-post my message during the time my daughter was missing early in January. Thanks again for your prayers! That's one of my cherished memories using the internet in 2011. 
   Well, I have taken so much of your time...till next year. (OH No! It's already another year) Let's keep in touch.

Self-Portrait, at the end of the day

I don't know what the future holds,
But I know who holds the future.


melissa said...

Oh dear Artner, look at us, we've come a long way and you're one of those who remained faithful among the few friends I have. 2011 has been a great year for me personally speaking.

I know one of our common friends who dislike you...oh oopss. Well, I understand you and even if we don't agree in certain matters ~ I wouldn't go as far as send you a threat lol...

I'd like to thank you for your friendship, for introducing me to the blog world and for understanding my moods.

A very Happy New Year Fher, to you and your family :)

Mani said...

O! Fher, I wish everything goes smooth and family first dear, I pray that all f them glow with health n happiness this year and I love ur art being a writer myself, I respect the artist first and think about the person secondly.

Everyone has their opinions and beliefs so doesnt matter, so continue ur good work and my enduring support will alwys be there.

Lots f love n blessings!!