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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Illuminations

Playing online games, browsing, updating pages, and all that stuff. I feel I need something far beyond than these.
   This could be on a plateau where I have nowhere to go but stay still. 
   I re-check my collections of visual journals all 8 or 9 of them. Found an old game that I personally invented, it is called "Book of Wizards". Maybe I can adapt this game for internet use. All I need are extra time...
Elements The Game
   Wait a minute! What extra time I am asking for? Just a couple of years ago I've decided to quit being an employee and venture deep into my artworks. The internet gave new opportunities as well as threat...and I'm just playing along in the field. 
    Blogging is one way to express my thoughts...
   Now when I'm not blogging an article, I sometimes delve into what I call illuminations--a personal re-evaluation/s both from within and those that are beyond my control. That attitude can also be seen on my visual journal. 

Realizationism is the willingness to accept change—as I evolve so as my artworks. More often than not, you cannot expect from my paintings any conclusion and I also try not to be judgmental. I may share my opinions but I always keep in mind to be open in any suggestion or argument. I accept criticism the way I respond to praises. That is why I call my paintings Realizationism—I am not afraid to tore down a piece of work or a whole book…..if you will notice most of my book now came from other works that I have destroyed or recreated. I adhere to the idea of evolutions or a incessant process of refinement. Therefore a Fher Ymas is a living artworks which extend far beyond color and shapes.   There are three (3) constant in which Realizationism rely on, these are CHANGE, PRINCIPLE, and CHOICE. So first it is the Art of letting go. Second it stands on principle or law. And third it believes on cause-and-effect or the product of choices.
   Where will the impeachment case against Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona lead the Philippine political landscape? I'm afraid it is a double-edged sword.

Here I go again...the focus shifting on soooooooo many things. I re-visited all the sites I've made...and Ohhh! Headache...I need to polish some of them. Maybe I can make it a little more serious and professional. This is not an on-line game where I can drink healing potion and revive myself. 
from Experiential Dictations 10.3

I don't know if this is an advantage or a disability?  I want to do lots of things but only have two hands and only one life. 

One of my early piece (1985) when I was still trying to form my signature style.
   The first month had expired...and I intend the rest of the year "My Fruitful Year"...


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