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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Mirror on Whitney Houston's Death

People are quick to judge others...especially those personality in the limelight. Why? Because they can easily be spotted and maybe all of us have that "inborn" curiosity of another person's life. We love to gossips about their personal life, Ohhh! the juicy one's are those that involve marital relationship or the absence of it...the paparazzi blood in us.
   Whitney Houston's life is of course one of the best candidate as mealtime sauce over chat groups. And now her death brings revived interest over her glamorous and yet battered life. It is no surprised that she "trends" the internet these past days...some are tributes, condolences, recollections...but there appeared also some character assassination against her...
   You can tell the person is or was famous even after her death...there are still controversy whispered everywhere and anywhere. 
   I wouldn't be discussing any of those issues about Whitney ...or even who or what she is a person. What I will be focusing is on us...OH yes "WE". 
   I include myself as among the guilty because it is really hard to resist discussing "skeleton in the closets" and those sort of things...especially those people you idolize or people at the higher echelon. 
   Anyway, who would want to gossips about "the regular" humans? Not unless she or he create a video of themselves and spread a scandal on YouTube. 
   Again, why it matters to us (our already problematic life) to surgically peep into another persons "Private Life"? Aren't you contented already to the headache you and your family experience on regular basis like an illness that wont go away? Now you are bringing another load of other people's headache inside your home.
   What I theorized are these: Gossiping at another persons mishaps... gave us a sense of security too. Yes, if the rich and famous had problem, why can't I? 
   Another that I can think of is...we feel triumphant after telling to others that "Hey"! I am much better than our neighbor.  
   Or maybe there are really that genuine "concerns" to another persons...that you wish you can at least sympathized but can not because they are far from you. This is by spreading the gossips...(in your thinking) you are actually helping the other person. 
   When we gossip about the person we "Admire" we are actually highlighting the persons influence in us. We admire them because we want to be like them...or we see ourselves in them. And when they have done something that is against your morale value or unacceptable to your friends, you want to scold that person because you "love" don't want your idol (your mirror self) to be prey upon by others/ or your friends

   Well, I don't know...I was just triggered to write this blog after hearing so many negative things against personalities. This is not just about Whitney or your neighbor...or the paparazzi...or the spy-cams....
    Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned. -- Luke 6:37
   There is a thin line between Gossips and telling News or Info...sometimes the distinction is blurry. 
   Character assassination and Black Propaganda can actually serve as Warnings! That is why there is what we call information wars or info-wars. 
   Jesus told us the extreme power of the tongue. It can be use for good or evil desires. 
   See this blog is misleading!!! You perhaps open the page because you thought this is dedicated for Ms. Houston or about her life. I think we should give her the RIP she deserve now. 
   Well as consolation to those who are itching to know something about Whitney...well, aside from what other people think she was...she sings Gospels too...and calls YHWH too.
   Listen to the last part how she testify her faith in Jesus Christ!

To those without sin! Cast the first stone!!!!


Tameka said...

I say amen to these wonderful words of wisdom. Thanks for the reality check. I agree with all you have said. I am a big fan of Whitney Houston's and her loss is very painful to me, but I know she loved the Lord and her friends and family. With all who we lose, we need to remember the good and let God take care of the rest. Great post. Thank you.

Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things said...

Kumusta? I was actually in tears when I found out about Whitney's untimely death. And yes, you mentioned so many painful truths in your post. This is what famous people suffer from - the risk of being judged by the public eye. I hope people will learn to examine themselves first before judging another person. Very insightful post! Thank you for sharing! :-)