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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Almighty's Art Collections

Above is a cloud formation known as Punch Hole Clouds. They appear as a circular or oval holes in a layer of super cooled clouds; sometimes they assume a form of a perfect circle and persist for quite a long time, drifting together with the cloud layer. One explanation seems to blame the air traffic (the jet contrail intersections) combined with a thermal inversion (a circular motion of a rising warm air). 

Now next image is the summit of Mount Sinai where God wrote the Ten Commandment. You can still see the traces that it was burned with fire a scene depicted on the Book of Exodus. 

 If you don't believe there is a supreme intelligent designer behind all things...the following images I have chosen will make you re-think again. And if you believed there is a GOD...then marvel again to the Almighty's artistry! 

Underwater scene - beautiful, colors, coral reefs, eye catching, fish, light

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