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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In defense of John Todd

    To newbies in the Great Conspiracy of NWO, the first info that  they would come across usually come from this man's testimony. He was among the first who publicly expose The Illuminati's Secret Society. 

The Theory becomes Reality
   John Todd (1950-2007) claims to be a High Priest of The Grand Druids Council, a witch and an occultist...who became a Christian convert that makes him one of the most controversial figure in the occult when he started his expose against the Illuminati.  
   John Todd is a Collins by Bloodline, when we say Bloodline it speaks about the 13 Satanic Bloodline who trace their ancestry back to ancient Babylon. Like the Rothschild, The Black Nobility, Bush, Astor, Rockefeller, etc...Therefore, John Todd by birth is an important Satanic Royalty. Thus, His credential when it comes to the secret society would qualify him to be the best resource person when it comes to dark secrets and let me point out that if he is indeed what he claims to be, his reference to the satanic elite is credible. To be a High Priest of the Grand Druid council is like being adviser to The Illuminati Elite. They answer to no one except those at the very top. 
   His testimonies had been life saving to many former Satanist and those involve in the occult return to Christ Jesus because of his sharing BUT his life had been full of controversies and backsliding--even those Christians who had first associated with his conversion denied him...and stayed away from him.
   Is John Todd a fraud? 
   Even so that he was sentence to jail for child molestation and rape, does it also prove that all of his testimonies during his Christian Ministry are all lies? In fact, there is circumstantial evidence that the said rape victim was connected to his detractor. Also, the parent of the suppose victim was deeply connected too in the occult whom Todd exposed.
   The level of his knowledge about the Illuminati was far too superior than that of any other whistle blower during and even before his time. He spoke so factual and in minute detail. So it is no surprise that he was an extremely dangerous enemy of the Satanic  Agenda. 
   What you can read out in the open about this man are mostly fabricated lies. He may not be a perfect Christian example, especially during the time he and his wife backslide but I can tell you...the image that was portrayed by the media against this man is a covert plan to destroy his character. They said, he was over drugged and that he can't distinguished anymore between reality and fantasy. They also accused him to be in constant hallucination and a habitual rapist. (Here's a secret I'd like to share to those who want to do their own research on Conspiracy Theory; for non-controversial issue about anything, you may take words from Google and Wikipedia BUT to dig deeper into the real event it needs lots of research and prayer--ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance and you can never go wrong)
   Just like all the other Whistle blower who suffered either by assassination or defamation, he too was destroyed by the secret society up until his death. He died in a Mental Institution...How he died was even controversial. 
   He had been in and out of jail for varied charges like rape and forgery. Personally, my stand on this, after taking sometime to study what he had revealed, even if those accusation were true, what he told us are proven to be factual. What he had been telling from the 1970s about these satanic group is coming out in the open now.
   I for one, who had been into this research for around 20 years now, has not met anyone like John Todd who speaks so clearly and spontaneous about the secret society. As expected to a person who was from the inside, he sure must be with MPD (Multiple Personality disorder) and therefore he may sometimes suffers state of dissociation. Nonetheless, when it comes to Witchcraft where he specializes, no authentic witches had ever disproved what he claims. In fact, during his soul winning, thousands of witches surrender their life to Jesus Christ.  
   Although John Todd's track record may have been quite disturbing, which was expected to a former Satanist, I find his expose relevant to those trying to uncover the truth. Anyway, I will be sharing to you couple of letters that might answer some of accusation thrown against this man. 
    The following is quoted from Fritz Springmeier, 13 Bloodline of the Illuminati.:  
Every negative thing that has been said toward Johnny Todd that has any substance that I have been able to hear can be explained away very easily if a person understand MPD. If Johnny Todd was who he claimed he was, then it is an absolute given that he had MPD, because that is part of the "training", part of the preparation necessary to become part of the Illuminati hierarchy. In other words, the negative things which appear to be insurmountable obstacles to his credibility, may actually if people knew what being involved with the Illuminati is like be items showing his authenticity. Further, it appears that after his conversion to Christ, he received so much lack of understanding and persecution from Christians that he back slide for a period of time, but was brought back to Christ by the repeated message "Jesus loves you." The clincher was listening to the man. After having done years of research and hearing someone tell me much of what I learned the slow and hard way, was very exciting. The man speaks like someone who knows Satanism and the Satanic hierarchy, and knows it first hand. I have listened to many Christians speak on Satanism, and on a scale of 0 to 100 most of them are about step 1 Todd in my opinion, from the talks I have heard rates around an 80. If he is such a fraud, why is what he is saying such superior information than all the other people? People claim he simply borrowed from other people, but that doesn't hold water. I know of no one else who has openly talked about the Collins family. I could be wrong--he may not be legitimate--but I feel so strongly from what I have experienced that I honestly believe that the man is just what he says he is. And in that case, he is one of the highest Satanic hierarchy people to defect to Christianity who have been willing to talk. Johnny Todd is not talking now-the establishment got him put into prison in South Carolina.

Fritz Springmeier is probably the world's foremost authority on the bloodlines of the Illuminati and the techniques they employ to create a mind controlled slave. His books on mind control (co-authored with former Illuminati programmer Cisco Wheeler) are without peer in depth, rigorous detail, and uncompromising accuracy. (From:

CHICK PUBLICATIONS October 26, 1978PO Box 662
Chino, California 91710
To Whom it May Concern in the Lord:

This letter should be a warning to us on how subtle the enemy can be as an angel of light. I consider John Todd a friend and a brother in Christ.
On Sunday evening, October 22nd, I received a phone call that gunfire had hit John's house. My wife and I drove to his place at about 9 pm. There were five squad cars in front of his house.
John's face was gray. Someone had fired a shotgun through the baby's window aiming at John reading in the front room. It missed the children sleeping in the front bedroom and sprayed through the hall, hitting John's arm and breaking part of the front window. John jumped up, ran to the back of the house, and as the man went over the back wall, he responded to John's command to halt by firing his shotgun at John. Todd fired two shots. Eight neighbors saw the man going over the wall. No one could say this attempt on John's life was self-inflicted as they claim the others were. I saw the blasted window, the torn curtains, and the pellet wound in John's arm. The oldest girl, age 6, told me when the shooting started she put the babies on the floor to protect them. What a price to pay for exposing the occult!
New disturbing material has arrived in the mail with letters and newspaper clippings covering a period of time when John Todd had pulled away from the Lord, from July 1975 until March 1976 and beyond. In John's defense, I would like to give the other side of the story.
As some of you know, when John and Shiela backslid, I called them many times trying to get them to come back to the Lord, so I'm familiar with much of what happened during this time. The pressures John Todd faced after working with me on "The Broken Cross" in 1974 contributed to his backsliding. When the occult put the heat on John, Christians didn't want to become involved. His support vanished. The incident that broke the camel's back took place in the midwest.
A pastor asked John to refurbish an old building which belonged to his church, telling John he would use it as a retreat for ex-witches and for drug rehabilitation. John and Shiela put in 18 hours a day plus $2000.00 of their own funds as well as their furniture into this place. The night it was finished John said the pastor changed his mind and wanted someone else to run it. And argument took place. The pastor pushed Shiela and she had a miscarriage that night.
Everything was gone. They headed for Ohio in a Greyhound bus with only two suitcases and three boxes of clothing. They were broke and hungry when they reached Shiela's folks. Because of their past history with the occult in that area of Dayton they were not welcomed in the churches. By now they were very bitter.
The occult world would never forgive John Todd for writing "The Broken Cross." He was branded a traitor. Too many witches got saved reading that book. John's Catholic Landlord, Mr. James Seifer, wanted to invest his money either in an adult or an occult bookstore. He decided on an occult store and offered John and Shiela 50% if they'd run it. They agreed. This was September 9, 1975. They had gone back into the world. The Illuminati was outraged. It was like some cheap hood trying to set up a prostitution ring in an area controlled by the Mafia. John Todd, the outcast had moved into their territory. He had to be destroyed. I used to call the occult store and tell them I loved them and that Jesus loved them and wanted them to come back to Him.
Now we come to the insidious plot to wipe out John Todd as I believe it happened. Most of the people involved were directly tied to the Illuminati via the pope of the occult called Gavin Frost. I've been told the enforcer, who wants the Christians destroyed, is Isaac Bonewits who head up the Aquarian Anti-Defamation League. These were some of the heavyweights John was facing. The others were high priests and priestesses in local covens as well as Masons. Now understand, no legitimate witch was allowed in John's store. It had been boycotted.
John was surprised when two real witches came into his store bringing a 16- year old runaway named Karen Schnipper. She had been beaten by her father. Immediately John felt sorry for her. He had been a beaten child. They asked for John's help. Here's where it gets interesting.
The two witches were Bob and Julie Pritchet (not sure of spelling). They were known as "Terror" and "Albarros" (not sure of that spelling either) which means the Black One, or Undergod, or the devil. These two were leaders in the local Church of Wicca, under the control of Gavin Frost, the pope of the occult. The girl, Karen, was a witch from Chicago. John estimated her to be a second level witch. She had a history of incest and heavy drugs. She offered John $200.00 to drive her to Chicago to get away from her brutal father. He had a broken hand from hitting Karen. John agreed to take her.
Before he got to Chicago, John stopped and called Shiela. She told him there was an all-points bulletin on him for kidnapping. The police were waiting for John in Chicago, the father had made the charge. I believe the witches plotted the whole set-up. The police offered John immunity if he'd bring the girl back. The deal was made through John's boss. All charges were dropped. John admits he and Shiela were deep into sin. They were away from the Lord and miserable.
In January 1976, a 13-year old girl was missing from a children's home in Dayton called "Shawen Acres," located about a block form the occult store. A police officer by the name of Robert Keen who handled hundreds of cases singled out this girl. He accused John of killing her. According to police reports, John says this 13-year old girl was a habitual runaway because her father raped her at age 10 and she had become a member of the motorcycle gang called "The Outlaws." She was a known prostitute.
Officer Keen searched John's house and pushed one of the employees around, breathing threats of a murder charge against John Todd. This officer claimed to be a Christian. I called John on the phone that day and he told me about some of this man's actions. He was bitter. I said, "John, from what you're telling me, he isn't a Christian." There was no love. After a while the case was dropped.
In February of 1976 John was arrested for the Karen Schnipper kidnap case again. It was a shock. He applied for bail. At the same time he was hit with a warrant for his arrest in Carlsbad, New Mexico for forgery. Bail was denied. The warrants for his arrest from New Mexico turned out to be phoney. John was not wanted. They finally gave him bail.
Now the Illuminati made a deal with him. On February 21, 1976 at 7 pm John and Shiela were invited to a dinner with Gavin Frost, the pope of the occult and his associate Isaac Bonewits. They warned John to never mention the Illuminati again. John refused. They were furious. The next day in a Unitarian church, Gavin Frost denounced John. A "wanted" poster was to be issued for John raising the price on his head by the organization.
An interesting meeting took place. Gavin Frost, the pope of the occult who despises Christianity, and Isaac Bonewits, his enforcer who seethes with hate for the believers in Christ, met with the Christian police officer as friends. Isn't that strange? The other man was Wes Hill, the man who reported all the stories on John Todd and for some reason always misquoted him. It looks like they all had something in common.
In March, 1976, I got a surprise call from John. He called me "Brother." I praise the Lord because John and Sheila had come back to Christ. They closed the occult store and burned its contents. He was still on bail. The trial was coming up. Unknown to John, his lawyers were Masons. They told John if he agreed to say he was guilty of driving Karen across the state line he would be released. John agreed. For some reason a visiting judge from Tennessee presided. He also was a Mason. He gave John the maximum sentence of 6 months with no probation.
The first night in the institution, the nurse insisted that John get a shot of phenobarbital and Vallium, claiming his records showed at one time he had been an epileptic. They pumped so many drugs into John that by the end of three months he was in critical condition, moving him from the Veterans' Hospital to the General, and back again. They were also hitting him with 6 shots a day. He was being overdosed purposely. A specialist was only allowed to see John once. He took a blood sample and said John was critical and in a toxic state, poisoned by Dilantin in his body. John didn't recognize Shiela. He was having 10 to 12 seizures a day.
Shiela got on the phone and begged me to help her. I told her to get a lawyer. She did. The Lord was with her. The lawyer contacted a Judge Shields and said that John Todd through the lawyer would file a suit in inhumane punishment against this court. The judge ordered John released. John's life was saved. The Illuminati lost that round. God had answered our prayers.
Interesting note: While John was in jail that little 13-year old runaway that John was accused of murdering by Officer Keen called up her mother to say she was out of the state of Ohio and that she was alive.
John was released on December 23, 1976. After the first of the year Judge Shields gave John permission to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a job. Later, John moved to Alabama and called his probation officer to see if it was all right. The officer said it was fine.
John and Shiela told me they would try to warn the churches one more time what the Illuminati is doing to our churches and what they have planned for us. It takes guts to tell what's coming. John makes mistakes on certain statements and he'll admit it. He is a Christian layman, not a minister.
Part of the material being circulated includes letters from ex-police officer Keen and part of the news clippings from that area. All this was when John was backslidden. John points out the letters ex-Officer Keen sent were secret within the occult organization. Only witches or Masons could possibly get their hands on them. The last people on earth I would believe would be Galvin Frost, the pope of the occult and his enforcer, Isaac Bonewits who I've been told commit animal sacrifices and who knows what else to the prince of darkness. These men are not my brothers in Christ. They hate the ground we walk on. God help us when we have to rely on witches for information.
At least John has given us the warning. He is being blasted by witches and Christians alike. As far as I'm concerned, his past is under the blood. John has confessed all this to the Lord Jesus.
It would be easy to compromise and give in to these pressures, but I won't. I believe and love both John and Sheila. They are fighting for survival, never knowing where the next shotgun blast will come from.
I know that as a result of his messages revival is breaking out. Pastors have called me by phone and told me that the kids are burning their rock music and getting saved.
I believe the dear brothers in the Lord who are sending out this material have made a mistake in not knowing who they are lining up with. I pray these attacks cease and that we may all be in much prayer about this. John and Shiela need our support as they face an unbelievable powerful force who would stop at nothing to destroy them. They are counting on Christians to help them silence John. If I thought for one minute John was a phony, I would not hesitate for a second to expose him. I've prayed and sought God about this matter and I believe John is a true brother in Christ who has been given a very difficult ministry.
Yours for the lost,
JACK CHICK, President, Chick Publications, Inc.


Jack Chick is an artist. He is known for his comic-style tracts (informally known as Chick Tracts) and larger comic books for the purpose of Christian evangelism from a fundamentalist point of view. (From

MORE about John Todd will be tackled on this blog soon. 


Most of the info shared on this article is taken from

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