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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do You Really Have Rights?

In the traditions of my self-impose illumination, here I am again triggering my mind to think...just to out pour, never mind the answers...or  whatever...

Now who told you that you have the Rights to all basic needs? How far can a government intervene if we don't want these rights at all? 
   Have you ever wonder why they are giving you something you never ask ?  Have you ever asked why they are promising things to you? 
    What are the differences between a right and a privilege?

   What if a person chose not to chose? And have you ever wonder why they are choosing for you? So who told you that you have to shift paradigm? 
   In truth, we measure things according to the system. Try to Create your own ruler and then tell them to use this as standard. No one can invent time...and measurement are set principles...they exist before earth was born. People just invent names. As far as I know, the only original thing that a person can invent is "label". 
   Even reasons needed choice. So are we given that choice to have rights?

   So how do we begin a right?  
   First we have the right to choose a leader. The leader that will chose what is right for us. He must Enact a law for our Rights. Now we have to give our rights to that leader. It does not mean, that when you give your rights, you lost your rights. It's your options....or...

   The function of our president have to ensure that we are being provided with basic needs. To be the person that will serve our in real sense, a President is the one that must maneuver the wheel to our desired destinations. Is that happening? Is your president the Taxi driver that will bring you to your hope and dreams? Or is he the Jeepney driver that have an intended route in mind? Or you can travel your own way...... 

   Fortunately or unfortunately, these depends on how you see things, when we ask for rights, we must submit ourselves into a society or group. After all, nobody would insist on rights if he intends to be left alone. Sadly, no one was given the right to live your own when you are member of a society.
   Should we insist unto others our rights? Yes we can, because somebody has already told us that we have these rights. So we can insist our rights according to the person we vote. Since he is elected, he had the right to think for us...including our rights.

   No man is an island. And FREEDOM is an abstract word. No one can have total freedom. Freedom is just a dream. 

   To lead a nation now, you don't have to prove you're an alpha male or to became a King by bloodline. We exercise elections. Who by the way is counting your vote?  To the one to whom we have given the authority...

   But is it the rights of King to be our savior? Some people think that they are saving the world by doing what is best for us. Is it my neighbors obligations to feed me? or Is it my obligation to feed my brothers?

   They told us we have the right to be provided with health Reproductive Health...Did you ask for that? or did somebody tell you that you need to have a healthy Reproductive so and so reasons. But whose reasons?
   Are we given the choice? Maybe, but ordinary citizen is not congress. Congress thinks for us...they think what is best for us. But But it really what we want? So who said there is democracy?
   Democracy is just an invention. As well as Communism. They are just label (told you, people can event label even into something that is not true). There is really NO equality, don't ever imagine that there is one. Just look at the thumb print of your twin brother...Does even Nature tell you so that you can not be co-equal with another creature? 
   Don't waste your time marching the street for freedom, equality, and democracy. That's one of the greatest cause of conflict. Accepting inequality will set you free...accepting your fat belly will make you a more secure person. Accepting that there is no equal opportunity will make you focus on what you really have. I think you must define what is envy and what is admiration. 
   There is always someone much wiser than you. As well as there is someone much weaker than you. It's quite boring to have's better to challenge yourself and aim higher. In equality you stagnate yourself. You just want to be like others. If we want equality then we better start counting the air that another person breath. Let us synchronized our inhale and exhale.

   Liberty is the largest monument that commemorate slavery. 

   Remember that your idea of paradise is not another person's idea of paradise. Many have fallen because a dictator have dream a paradise...for others. 

   Wake up! These people are thinking for you. 

     Since we have given our leaders the go signal to think for us...then help them think. Again, let me remind my self that it's hard to think for millions of people. For that matter, can we think as one nations? 
   Yes we can, when we put label to a collective idea. We can think as a nation when we say: It's more fun in the Philippines.

  Even your own children have brains. Don't think for them...and again, just help them think. Eloquent words does not necessarily mean that it's right. 

   Now be wise as a serpent...and as gentle as a dove. 

   All in all, Rights are limited...and all these rights are others right too. 

For in much wisdom is much grief,And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.-- Ecclesiastes 1:18

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