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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Illuminating Again....

The world is increasingly becoming too dangerous to live in...both by natural causes and by human actions. Come to think of it, whether you believe in an idea of a Supreme-Being; all these misfortunes seems to be an act of judgment...which some of us prefer to call as Act of Nature...  but on my part, I still believe those are redemptive and warning signs. Redemption on the part of the innocent soul that have died while an alert warning signs for those left behind.
   Is going to church enough? Doing what is right? Do we simply believe there is a God? Is faith enough? 

  The world is design to provide for all living creature and sadly it was also design with limitations...There are precaution that must be taken into consideration before we can harvest the fruits of mother earth.  
   But some of our fellow-beings chose not to obey rules...they harvest what they have not planted. In order to access the bounty of nature we have to till the ground, we have to sweat...Here we greatly need lots and lots of patience and faith. Faith that tomorrow the seed we put on the ground will bear. 
   When we take away Faith, we lose hope...we take other avenues. Some people chose to take the escape route, like drug addictions, entertainment, etc...while some take the drastic order to fill their needs. Faith is vital and necessary to survive. 

    ...and yet faith alone is not sufficient. Faith without action is dead! 

   Speaking about our lone world. The much talk about End of the World according to the Mayan Calendar...12/21/12...This coming Friday. Obviously, if you are a Bible reader, the current scenario does not have the necessary ingredients for an end of the world fulfillment. But what was clear according to Matthew 24 that all the signs are already here...not an ending yet but beginning of Birth-pains or Great Tribulations. 

   I still have reservations up to January 2013; so I'm quite confident that that the world isn't about to end yet on Dec. 12...seriously, our planet still have more or less a thousand years before it disintegrate into a fireball.

   What lies ahead???


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