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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sabah Standoff Stories and Hearsay

There's No doubt that Sabah belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu and therefore to the Philippines. Only elementary school children wouldn't understand that when you are paying rent into something it means it does not belong to you. But okay, the question now would be who is or are the real Sultan? 
   I'm just asking, shouldn't we press charges against Great Britain too...they are the one who created this conflict between the Federation of Malaya (now Malaysia) and the Sultanate of Sulu. 
   But first, before that, let us press charge against Noynoy Aquino for treason also. 
     Why is that? Because of his habitual inaction on important issues....
     From 2010 to 2012 Pres. Noynoy ignores the 3 letters sent to him from the Sultanate of Sulu, they just can't say that they misplace it...that's being irresponsible. Obviously, he doesn't care...more than his care for his beloved Mom's property Hacienda Luisita. 
   Should we remind you sir that Sabah is far more important than your Campaign for Team Pnoy. More than Spratly Islands who would just appear as a tiny dot compare to the vastness of Sabah. But it seems PNoy is more interested to die for a peanut than a whole field of Palm oil. Yes Sabah is very rich in Palm Oil. 

   Instead of acting fairly on the issue. He devise the Blame Game against the Sultan Royal Forces. All NoyNoy did was scold Jamalul Kiram III and his sympathizer. Why threaten them huh instead of bringing them home to safety. 
"I am aware that certain personalities conspired and brought us to this situation -- one that has no quick solution. Some of these people have not yet been identified. But I assure you that these people will not succeed and that they will be brought to justice," Aquino said in the vernacular.
    Now PNoy's imagination spurring again and trying to make us believe that there is a conspiracy going on. He claims there's someone financing the Standoff. Well, a president telling us an unconfirmed report or hearsay does not solve anything at all. He is only diverting the issue and putting the blame on his imaginary enemy or enemies. So after more than a month, can he tell us now who are this imaginary foes so we can finally blame them for good. 
   With financier or none, what we should be concern now is Noynoy's quick change of mind. I am worried he doesn't know what he is doing. He change his  stance almost daily...this is not a good sign of leadership. When face with sensitive issue like this a President must stand on something concrete, people expect more from him...are you willing to follow a leader who doesn't know what he is doing? When a Blind man leads another blind man are you expecting them not to fall into the ditch...well, we can pray.

   WE know for a fact also that for many years Filipinos are maltreated by Malaysian there in Sabah....including torture. This issue should have been address long ago from all past Philippine Presidents. No one stir, except of course the controversial vigilante group that Ferdinand Marcos allegedly formed.  (This is another issue of treason that involves Noynoy's father. So it seems Noynoy had personal dislike against Sulu and Sabah )

    On the other hand, why can't Malaysia be transparent on what's really going on in their so-called "clearing operation" at Lahad Datu. If they are not hiding anything they should allow foreign correspondence there to cover the battlefield.    

Malaysian Politics Behind?
   Several sources allege that the Lahad Datu issue is a deliberate ploy on the part of the Malaysian government to enforce emergency rule and “indefinitely delay” the upcoming general elections in Malaysia this June. Political observers predict that the opposition could win as much as 25 parliament seats in the elections – enough to end the over five-decade rule of UMNO-Barisan Nasional coalition. Some are even describing the situation as a “moro-moro” to divert the Malaysian electorate’s attention from several nagging issues faced by the government, among them “Amalilio’s billions.”
   Worse, Aman is also being implicated in a clandestine scheme known as “Project IC” where illegal immigrants are given identity cards to increase the number of pro-UMNO voters, with 500,000 Muslim Filipinos, mostly related to the people of Sulu, being utilized in the plan (also dubbed as “Project M” for former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad who is allegedly one of the architects). In local terms, Project IC was a plot to bring in “flying voters” to Sabah, our sources noted.
   Doesn't these sound all too familiar? Looks more to us like Filipino and Malaysian politicians are one and the same – true Asian brothers, perhaps? (Source)
   People are dying for Political gains and since anything that will get a head start for any candidates for this upcoming election they will definitely grab to get free publicity. Within this new hype we must be very vigilant on what's really going-on. What are the real issues? Who is telling the truth? 
   We just can't trust anything we are hearing or reading. Any Politician will hold into something that will give them extra mileage good or bad.  How can we verify the source? It seems we are doom for chaos without knowing where we should stand. 

  Let us check another alarming report from Wikileaks:
The following is the expose made by website Wikileaks which was gathered from the U.S. embassy cables (
Dreaming of Sabah…?
¶8. (C) MG Dolorfino commented that Malaysia is not only concerned about Misuari’s intentions toward Sabah, where Misuari apparently still has hundreds of followers, but also about his recent contacts with Malaysian opposition figure
Anwar Ibrahim, described as an “old friend” of Misuari’s. Over the past several months, Malaysian officials have held at least three meetings with Misuari and/or
Misuari’s wives, according to Jainal and Dolorfino. During an April 10
meeting, a special envoy from Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told Misuari not to meddle in Malaysia’s domestic politics, Dolorfino said. According to Jainal, Misuari promised Badawi’s representative that he had no
intention of getting involved in Malaysia’s internal affairs.
It is obvious that the relationship between Anwar and Misuari is more than just ‘diplomatic’ ties, because Anwar is described as an ‘old friend’ by Musiari. Thise expose also proves that Anwar and Misuari knew each other since 2007.
It seems like Anwar has a lot of controversial friends, including enemies to the country as well as Muslims. Previously, Murderer of Muslim, Wolfowitz also referred Anwar as his ‘close friend’. The same thing goes to Al-Gore who openly defended Anwar in Malaysia, for the sake of their relationship.
Malaysians should never take this matter lightly, having a person who wishes to be the next Prime Minister, and has friends who are enemies of the country. Besides that, logically, no rationla Muslims are willing to accept ‘close friend’ of those who kill our brothers, as the leader of this country.
We are aware that Anwar mentioned about Arab Springs for multiple times and he4 has been trying to trigger chaos through street demonstrations, with the hope that it could motivate his supporters to rise up and cause chaos until the government gets kicked out of Putrajaya.
Just as same a those Sulu intruders entering Sabah, Anwar did invite foreign intervention for our election process, even in his court case. This action clearly shows how Anwar really depend on outsiders, showing us how his administration would be if he gets to rule this country; the country would clearly lose its sovereignty.
Based on the expose made by Wikileaks, as well as intel reports from Manila, and Anwar’s behavior before and after Lahad Datu intrusion, we can no lonher put aside the fact that Sabah crisis began from Anwar and Misuari’s secret meetings.
Even though we know that Anwar really hates our country’s security and defence system, we cannot believe how Anwar dares to put the lives of Sabahans at risk for the sake of his ambition. Especially considering that some of the Sabahans are his own supporters.
However, there is nothing surprising with this because Anwar had proven himself that he does not care about the future of his own supporters, or even their security through all the demonstration series which was planned by him.
So, it is time for Anwar’s supporters to re-think about their decision, are they willing to accept a leader who is willing to sacrifice the lives of his own supporters? (Source
    The Sabah claims and conflicts wont die out easily...this issue had been around for generations. At the rate our government is handling the issue we can't expect better resolution. Maybe this coming election, with new breed (New Breed?) of Officials taking over we can hope for a brighter future for the people of Southern Philippines. 
   God bless the Philippines !!! 


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