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Friday, March 22, 2013

Vatican's Money Management

An Institution that should have been promoting peace owns a gun factory? 
   This was no secret at all that the Vatican Bank is the majority shareholder of  Peitro Beretta Arms Factory Ltd. (the largest arm factory in the world)  Read more on this link: 

   Well you know already that The Roman Catholic Cult will do anything to suck large amount of money. Remember how they invented the vendo machine? Yes, that's right! The machine where you insert money to receive blessing from idols? They had a lot of those under their so-called saints or icons inside their churches. You have to pay for masses, pay for baptism, pay for prayers, pay for marital vows, penance etcetera...anything you can think of the Harlot church had ways to siphon your hard earn money. 

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. -- Matthew 10:8 

   Just when you taught that The Vatican Cult only problems are sexual harassment and tribal genocides but they also faces more complicated problems.  
The crisis facing the church is deeply complicated by the fact that in 1980, as Archbishop of Munich, the future Benedict XVI appears to have mismanaged the assignment of an accused pedophile priest under his charge. That revelation — and questions about Ratzinger's subsequent oversight of cases as a top Vatican official — has been the trigger in turning a rolling series of national scandals into an epic and existential test for the universal church, its leader and its faithful alike. It has blunted Benedict's ambitious enterprise of re-evangelizing Europe, the old Christendom. Over the past two months, the Pope has led the Holy See's shift from silence and denial to calls to face the enemies from within the church. What is still missing, however, is any mention of the Holy Father's alleged role in the scandal. Can the Pope, the living embodiment of the ancient Gospel and absolute spiritual leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, publicly atone for his sins and yet preserve the theological impregnability of the papacy?
Without alluding to the crisis, Benedict told his May 26 audience in St. Peter's Square that "not even the Pope can do what he wants. On the contrary, the Pope is the guardian of obedience to Christ, to his Word."
Read more:,9171,1992408,00.html#ixzz2OGMDJyCu

CNN Reports: 

Vatican Bank faces money-laundering probe

By the CNN Wire Staff | September 21, 2010
Italian authorities are investigating the Vatican Bank over possible violations of money laundering regulations, the Bank of Italy told CNN Tuesday. Another Italian bank alerted Bank of Italy investigators to two Vatican Bank transactions that did not appear to comply with anti-money laundering requirements, the Bank of Italy said. When Bank of Italy investigators told legal authorities about the transactions, they were told that judicial authorities were already investigating the Vatican Bank, a source close to the investigation said.(Read On...

At the Heart of the Darkness
In the end, the test is not about doctrine or dogma, not even about the wording of mea culpas and the resignation or prosecution of prelates. It is, rather, about the voices of children finally crying out, long after their childhood. Listen to Bernie McDaid's story and you will know why St. Peter's trembles.
"He grabbed me, tickling and wrestling like I did with my dad, and I thought at first it was fun," McDaid, who grew up in Salem, Mass., says of a parish priest. "But then something changed ... He started grabbing my genitals. I felt him rubbing against me from behind ... I was so scared. I knew this was so wrong. I looked out the window. I started praying." That would happen again and again over three years. McDaid's devout mother was delighted whenever the priest arrived to pick up her son, just 11 when the abuse started, to join other boys on trips to the beach. But, recalls McDaid, now 54, "the last boy out of the car was the one who would get molested." He finally spoke to his dad, who then took him to a priest from the next town to report what had happened. "We waited for months. Then there was a rotation of priests. He left, but they made it look like a natural progression. They celebrated him with cake and ice cream." The boy was left in silence and with his secret shame. The priest, Father Joseph Birmingham, went on to abuse boys in three other parishes in the Boston area before he died in 1989.

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