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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pre-enactment of Satanic Plan

Depending on the importance or magnitude the Satanic Elite like to show us before it actually happen their plan through fictional media. Like for example the 9/11 attack, this had been symbolized first in many movie and television shows. Lately we had the Boston marathon bombing mass media mind control that theorist believe was subconsciously played on our mind a month before it actually happened via The Family Guy (click Here)
   To satanism symbolizing events before they actually happen helps them to ensure the success of its fulfillment because they believe it can influence our subconscious, consciousness, and superconsciuos brain...

   It is also part of a ritual to ensure that nothing will go wrong on the actual play date. Sometimes this is simply to boast that they can actually do what they can think of.  Sending their message across via Mass-media also allows them to get experts (or simply critique) reactions or advises. Just like hitting the "Like" button on Facebook.  

The Unexplained Mystery
   To those who still can't connect the dot simply consider all of these as mere coincidence or worst people believe that terrorist was taking its cue from Hollywood. 
    Majority of the people have not yet open up there "third eye" or common sense (hahahaha) and continue to exist as a dumb flock of sheep. We can't blame them, they were flouride minded or brainwashed. Just see how many people watch and enjoy American Wrestling.  

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