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Monday, April 19, 2010

Empanadas, sketches, and all in between

     I have not drawn or exercise for the past was due to many factor, most especially domestic priorities. Our empanada business was one. I gave up the job or circumstances lead me to it as the situation dictates that I am trapped in a very dangerous place as an administrative supervisor under the now defunct PRMC. (I perceived that I can not write all the detail for now) 

    Shown on the left is the empanada, that is now making a mark in our community. There is an interesting story behind my mother's recipe that she now pass to us. It never occur on my mind that this same snack will have a saving grace impact on my future. If God allow, I will write the childhood story behind the humble pie.
   So as I was saying, I have really done any major artworks as 2010 enters...the last was a work done after the typhoon. But doing another visual journal needed my hand to I always do, I search magazine, find a face, then try to is always easier to bring back the energy when a beautiful face was the target. Unintentional but the same same model was used on this drawing as the last painting I did. 
   That's the first successful sketch on my latest book >>>
   Oh yes it took me a lot of rekindling before I get the right mood to finish. The model name is Billy, a nurse. You may not want to get well if she is the one taking care of you. 
 The night stood eyes deeply wander, 
in what corner shall I reminized the path, 
I chose to erase. Wish to leave me alone.
It remains that the odour stood as well,
of eroticism, of whence a sinful past
was there evoke...

The lost forgotten, Nay...never will,
She had marked so deep inside 
my whole historical record...
The sacred mysteries of an artist that lay
Rejoice in me my dear 
   I have kept the secret so well, in writings but it is all there if you are keen enough to discern all my manuscript....starting from the very ambitious book, Realizationism, An Artist Journal, circa 1986.  


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