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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Focus focus focus....
   I have to urge myself to do that today. I am in Focus, the world is blurred, that's the detour...even if you breath in positive energies...situations are in chaos...Libya in civil war...New Zealand earthquake...Okay I will have to deal with my own raging war--the battle against self. I feel useless when I am not creating. The order in chaos. The pointless directions. Where are we gong next? The oil price hike...staged. 
   I bought new guppies for my fish tank...this will sooth...stare, stare, those tiny creatures care for nothing else but food. Do we live to eat? or do we eat to live? It's a pity the lady next door haven't eaten her lunch...6 kids to feed. I send my son to give them some of my cooked food. Now do we preach blessings to an empty we have to feel this responsibility for others?
    I must remind myself to vote for Joseph the your own..he lives in nearby Barangay. Oh well, Ding Dong Dantes in NCAA Youth Ambassador. Strong untimely rain last yesternoon when I visited Pasay City...I miss my home town. Blogger should give me the option to manipulate pictures here. I can't paste it as I want...or maybe I don't know how...Let me think???
   Do I have to explain again, that the purpose of this ILLUMINATION SERIES is basically to psyche myself...Yes, I do that, talk to myself...No, I mean write for myself...I have to keep the message...I easily forget. 
   I don't have many self-photo I grew up under the lens of a photographer...I don't have to pose more often. Back-pains that have been bugging me for nearly a month now. I'm sleepy...
Nine stab wound mostly at the back...Tito Voltaire had lived a very dangerous life. Our last conversation  was about my dedication on my aquariums...



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Enjoyed your writing interesting, I'll come back and read more