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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tips for Bloggers

   In my recent interest in blogging and exploring different blogger and their site...I discover some interesting point that might HELP. 
   One, no matter how much you spam or promote to get traffic...only interesting article matters most. You may get one page view for being persistent but if it fail to attract or get the readers interest that's the first and last of your view. Most people fail to realized is that blogger have no time to scan your in your signature...write an interesting and Powerful catch phrase about your blog. Why we would want to read them. Never do the mistake like this:
    hi i'm fher follow my blog
Content is still and will always be the most important tool to get people hooked into your blog.

1 comment:

melissa said...

that's a very sound advice fher... i was about to write follow my blogger... hmmm... a catchy phrase? i'll think of one... thanks...