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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Truth about the Radiation Scare

   Stop scaring people with misinformation, the people of Japan and their relatives had and is suffering right now...don't add to their burden. Recently there are text messages being circulated about the danger of the Nuclear reactor that exploded during the wake of Japan tsunami and its aftermath...saying the danger could reach globally and the foolishness is saying that just a small drop of rain (supposedly carrying radiation from Japan) can be fatal and give you all sorts of diseases. The danger I see is in the global market, but not the radiation level these uninformed science-fiction wannabes are spreading.  I'm not a scientist but I think a little common sense can save you from "stress" and "worries".
   Please don't spread information that are false....First, to my knowledge we get daily doses of radiation from our "sunshine" so I think, an explosion of the reactor some 1,900 miles would categorically fall on the low-dose threshold. It's like having an X-ray examination for medical check-up.
   Speaking of medical check-up. Low-dose radiation is documented to be beneficial for human health but, for political reasons, radiation is assumed to be harmful at any dose. Low-dose radiation has been shown to enhance biological responses for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and the removal of cellular damage, including prevention and removal of cancers and other diseases. 
   Hundreds of credible scientific studies, reported in the peer-reviewed literature, during the 50 years since the Manhattan Project studies, demonstrate beneficial responses to low-level radiation. With more than 2,000 studies going back more than 100 years, research has consistently demonstrated beneficial health effects and biological responses.

   Yaroslov Shtrombakh, a Russian nuclear expert, said it was unlikely that the Japanese plant would suffer a meltdown like the one in 1986 at Chernobyl, when a reactor exploded and sent a cloud of radiation over much of Europe. That reactor, unlike the reactor at Fukushima, was not housed in a sealed container.

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Justin Ryan Schwan said...

I looked at low-dose radiation and what I found was inconclusive. I'd say it won't hurt us, but help us much? I found nothing to "prove" that. But there's really nothing at all to worry about here. They evacuated everyone to a safe distance.

People can be very naive about nuclear radiation. Hiding under a desk isn't going to save you from an explosion, nor is radiation going to hurt you hundreds or thousands of miles away. I like the one that radiation stays for 10,000 years. Totally false. Hiroshima is a thriving city today. Chernobyl is almost back to normal. Most of the reason why Chernobyl's meltdown was so bad was, if I read it right, that the material fused to carbon molecules and spread throughout the air that way. The carbon took a lot more of it a lot further than would have otherwise been possible, but still it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.