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Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Simple Terms

I tried as much as I can to simplify my blog when I am trying to make a point. But then, after I have some random re-reading of my previous post, I had a sudden realization that some of the ideas I am speaking needed a little re-introductions or further clarifications. Sometimes I assume people knew what I am talking about...and as I have looked at it now, in my haste to share everything at once...I sometimes forget to give a little background. It's a shame...well, sorry for that.
   Then, I remember someone said that when you want to be understood, make it simple. Simple enough. Fewer the words; the better. Sometimes it is a struggle to concise a complex idea... 
   Rhetoric are flavor for speeches and sometimes unnecessary for debate...or is it? 

   I think had spend so much time in forums than journalism. I enjoy debate. But that one too, I had to stop...okay, maybe hibernating for a while. I decided last year to stay away from debate because of my new perspective and understanding of human nature...of the psychology of the mind. 
   The fullness of men are base on experiences...and those experiences forms beliefs...and beliefs become characters...and so on...
   Now if you put another persons belief system in question, you also put into question his being. So, I stay away from forums where we argue about conflicting ideas. 
   Sometimes, it is unavoidable especially those issue with regards to the existence of God or when somebody blaspheme the name of Jesus. I can not resist but to dip into futile arguments.
   I call them futile because, you can't convert someone who had already put a tattoo of his brand on his forehead. Do you think he or she will easily give up something? You can't take a person's faith without a struggle. Even if you ex-communicate that person or label them personae non-gratae. 
   So I settle here blogging, where I thought I can only argue with need to transform anyone. But then, I still blog issues with regards to Beliefs.   Hoping maybe, those unbeliever will realized something. That I am also right. 
   Back to the root once I really understood or they still ignore? I don't care...or maybe I should really care? 
   The problem is I care a lot. I love so much...I don't want to enjoy relishing the bread alone. So I would still is unavoidable I supposed. To hurt a few hearts...because when you truly cared you will surgically remove the thing that you deemed wrong. And it is always change paradigm. There are sacrifices needed. 
   Now this essay, I wrote to clarify my thoughts. Should I stay or should I go now?  


john2230 said...

Truth is truth. This is a inspired piece of writing.

john2230 said...

I think the scientists do not want to recognise the truth of this matter it would mean a total transformation of thier,(so called),comfortable lifestyle and belief systems. For them,hiding from truth and living a comfy life is better then the upheavel of altering thier belief system.