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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Veil of Deceptions...Explained

Telling stories in a single frame--the concise interpretation of ideas I have been harvesting these past days. This is the directions that I've been trying to build after those portraits...
   I always want a significant work that will express my thoughts...doing faces and human anatomy were just prelude or something I do to re-summon the energy especially during those long absence...I need to replenish my thoughts. 
   Finding the right symbol to express an immaterial idea needs surgical insight inside our mind and heart. The inner self never is our spirit speaking...the real person you are and not what other thinks of you (or what you think you are). 
   Now if I explain the parable of my art  work, it will preempt the needed understanding or personal growth of my audience...any artwork or images is a mirror reflection of the person looking. You see things according to your perceptions--you'll hold anything you believe and throw anything that violates your value.    I know my art work have reach its goal when the person start to ask. When I have successfully challenge another's mind to contemplate
   This is not a common process for give hint on my art works, I don't intend to influence your feelings, values, or desires BUT I think, to clarify or at least give you the basics of interpreting an artwork, which I have learned from my masters and mentors. The same process that I've learned (constant) in deciphering Bible passages...

   The unveiling...There are basic symbols that I put here...(Veil of Deceptions)*  first it will draw your attention to the central figure...a face, specifically a realistic mask...the personality they project in public is just a alter as supported by a 'red' curtain. There is a numerical revelations here of a card (so it is a sort of a game)...their devises, their plans, and they are powerful elite...below are minimal interpretations of a computer keyboard...the meaning are varied here. Then the devil as represented by the snake (we see only the tail...most are unaware of his true identity)...and they appear like angel (the angel fish)...angel that provides joy and comfort. A pencil...this is usually my own role...the role I share...
   The work is still on process...actually, just a signature is needed...but a pause was intended for contemplate cure the image first and settle on my brain a little longer before I create another artwork...there is another idea formed while doing this particular piece...
   By the way, YES I often represent myself as the pencil in almost all my work. Fher Ymas is a sometimes you see it broken, rotten, twisted,  or decaying...a pencil that needed sharpening too.
   Now, that I have explain this piece, something that is unusual for me, actually, I've just given you a starting point...a little aid to your own self-evaluation. 

   A prequel to this piece that I've signed and dated  March 1, 2012 was called Orchestrated Repertoire...maybe we can try a little mental exercise on I've said, follow your inner self.

*The title was suggested by Syed Alfandi

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Alfandi said...

It is just the same being a have images that tells a story..but how to tell it the best to convey the message across..well, keep up the good work bro..