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Monday, June 11, 2012

Are We About to meet The Anti-Christ?

'I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle ...' (Zech 14.2)
'I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone ... though all nations of the earth are gathered against it' (Zech 12.3)

   I think people should check this recent article I've found on seems a chilling fulfillment of Daniel's prophesy that we can read on Daniel chapter 2 and 7. (check the Bible for comparison to this shocking parallel) We are maybe into coming face to face with the Anti-Christ mentioned on Revelations as the man called 666.

   The European Union is planning to scrap Britain?

SENIOR Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realise their dream of abolishing ­Britain, we can reveal.
   A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and David Cameron 
   The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union. (Press to Read the full article here)

  23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.
24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. (Daniel 7: 23-24)

   Take special notice on "shall subdue three kings" 
   The three nation of Great Britain will be subdued; which are England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. 

   Euro-MP Paul Nuttall, of the UK Independence Party, said: “This is a truly ridiculous idea that must never be allowed to happen. It sounds as if they are trying to go back to the days of the Holy Roman Emperor.”

   Just as what we can read on the book of Daniel, that on the last days there would be a revived Roman Empire. Could it be that 666 stands for United States of Europe? I still haven't fully outlined my own study on this matter, so I'll just be sharing the analogy of Hal Lindsay in the meantime: 

   The prophet Daniel predicted the successive rise of four Gentile world empires. God through Daniel said that these would be the only world empires that would rise before the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His kingdom over the earth. These kingdoms were Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and Rome. However, the fourth Kingdom would not be conquered but fade from power until it is miraculously revived again and rule for a little over seven years. Daniel predicts that Rome revive again through the power of a Satan-possessed man that will unite the ten-nations out of the ruins of the old Roman culture and people. His Biblical name is the "Antichrist." Daniel interpreted the prophetic symbols concerning this prophecy: "Thus he said: The fourth beast will be a fourth kingdom on the earth (Rome), which will be different from all the other kingdoms, and it will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it. As for the ten horns, OUT OF this kingdom (latterday Rome) ten kings will arise, and another (the Antichrist) will arise after them, he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings ..." (Daniel 7:23-24 NASB)   According to this prophecy, Rome would fade from power between verses 23 and 24. Then it would be revived again initially in the form of ten nations out of the culture and people of the old Roman Empire. I believe we are finally seeing the groundwork of that predicted revival of the Roman Empire. Just listen to some electrifying quotes out of a recent article about secret plans being made to change the EU: "Senior Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realize their dream of abolishing Britain." ... "Opponents fear the plan could create a modern-day equivalent of the ‘European emperor' envisaged by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages." ... "It sounds as if they are trying to go back to the days of the Holy Roma Emperor." ... "Such a merger would represent a massive shift of power into the hands of a single, unelected bureaucrat ...The holder of this new office would be both Europe's political and administrative leader, giving him far more powers than those given to the US president."   You should read the entire article, but these key quotes reveal the purpose of planned actions that are right of the pages of Bible prophecy concerning the final stages of history before Christ returns. And even more important, they reveal that we are in the immediate general time of Christ secret coming to remove all true Christian believers some seven years before Christ's return to earth in an event known as the Rapture. The appointment of this new leader could be the beginning of the career of the antichrist. People will not fully realize it at the beginning stages. But he is the one that will bring together the revival of Rome and the beginning of the final seven years of this age theologically known as the Tribulation. The proposed removal from the EU of the UK composed of England, Ireland and Scotland could even possibly refer to the predicted removal of three nations in Daniel's above prophecy.   Folks, time is drawing short. It is time for all Christians to focus on bringing as many as possible to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. It is also time to seek to grow in our faith and stand for Truth of God's Word. Jesus died in our place and purchased a pardon for our sins. We must be sure that we have received that gift and turn to following Him.
   At this stage, I still haven't finished my personal analogy that I had been busy with these past months. As I've said, I'm into the writing and reading stage of a revealing post that I will soon synthesized on this blog. However, the above commentary is also parallel to my own research so far, and therefore I recommend to be taken into our hearts for considerations. 
   What I am researching are the Occult relationship of all these events, from the very root of the its Satanic origin...The Mystery Babylon. As of now, let us all pray that we may become worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass...
   There are also other article or News headlines that might shed more light to  understand the unfolding event we had on Bible prophesy. 

EU Foreign Ministers Criticise Israel's Activities in West Bank Clearly frustrated by long-stalled peace talks, European Union foreign ministers issued a detailed statement, accusing Israel of accelerating settlement construction and tightening its control over East Jerusalem at the expense of Palestinians. (Read Here from International Middle East Media Center)

The Coming Invasion of Israel...
   "Israel has continued too long ... the battle has come in which we shall destroy Israel" ... President of Egypt, 1967
   "Israel should be eliminated from the pages of history" ... President of Iran, 2006
   "Israel is a cancerous tumour that should be cut and will be cut" ... Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 2012

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