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Monday, June 11, 2012

The biggest disappointment in the Boxing history.

If you were Bradley would you still accept the belt? Have you not taken anything you don't deserved?

There were some serious accusations of a "fix" during the aftermath of Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight that sports enthusiast and boxing federation officials must not easily dismiss and should focus to resolve as soon as possible.
   What are the kind of negative messages this event is sending to its millions of followers? What kind of morale it would give to our athletes when these kind of "distrust" is happening in a professional boxing arena?
   For me, even if Pacquiao did not knocked down Bradley, it is still one of Pacman's greatest fight. The split decision in favor of Bradley is the biggest disappointment in the Boxing history. 
   Within minutes after the fight the cyberspace are instantly filled with negative remarks against the decision both from fans and experts. There was no euphoric reactions...the public had been robbed.
   Just look at this scenario, it had been claimed that as long as Bradley stay up until the 12th rounds, he is given the guarantee of the belt. What is that suppose to mean? That it is all a money making conspiracy...
   A rematch will definitely draw-in more crowd in Las Vegas come next November, as speculated, if ever there is a rematch. And it is almost guaranteed. 
   Sadly, if there is indeed a "fix" this is a big blow into the institution of sports in general. R.I.P. Boxing was already streaming on twitter by the thousands. They don't really care about sports, it seems to say, all they cared about is money.

   The following are just few of the comment from boxing aficionados and sports analyst:
The bottom line is that if you're an honest man, if you're a competent person that knows what he's watching, Pacquiao won that fight. Only one man won that fight. And he doesn't get the decision.

It's an injustice to the sport, an injustice to the fighters, an injustice to the fan base and it's one of the fallacies…one of the problems with the sport of boxing right now that the wrong guy wins sometimes.
- ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas, on SportsCenter
 I didn't see a single scorecard during the fight that it in Bradley's favor. Not one. And this is the Internet, where anyone with a computer has their own scorecard and a medium with which to vomit it out. -- Adam Hirshfield, Bleacher Report
Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to pacquiao right after the decision. -- Oscar Dela Hoya
"I had the fight 11 rounds to one in favor of Pacquiao," ESPN boxing expert Dan Rafael said onSportsCenter. "Maybe you can make it 10 to 2 or I'll even give you 9 to 3….Harold Lederman on HBO had it 11 to 1." 

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Farfalla Dreams said...

WOW! Nothing is sacred anymore! It seems that everything is corrupt! Very sad!