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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Province, Laguna...My Home

   I hereby present to you home province and what I had always called my place of refuge. Found this video in YouTube and thought it would be nice to share with my foreign friends. If ever you wish to visit the Philippines you should include my hometown in your itinerary.  

Devil's Cave
Shooting the Rapids in Pagsanjan
Some random trivia about Laguna... The birth place of our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. The "Maglalatik" dance originated here. Laguna de Bay is like a giant footprint of a dinosaur and is also the largest lake in the country.  Pagsanjan Falls is really located in the municipality of Cavinti and behind the falls is the mouth of Devil's cave. 

   Laguna is also famous among tourists for the Pagsanjan Falls, the University of the Philippines campus and the hot spring resorts in Los Baños and Calamba, on the slopes of Mount MakilingPila Town Plaza, Taytay Falls, Majayjay, the wood carvings and papier mache created by the people of Paeté, the turumba of Pakil,The Tsinelas footwears in Liliw, the Pandan Festival of Luisiana, the Seven Lakes of San Pablo (San Pablo is the first city in the province) and Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan.

Splash Island, Biñan City


Andy David said...

Hello Fher.
I couldn't see Photos 1,2,4 or 6 on my computer. :-( The horse by the lake was a beautiful photo. It's always nice to see learn about where our fellow bloggers live. Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

Kirstz said...

Hi Fher your blog is really amazing very artistic. I've been to Laguna but I did not visit those places, I've been to Enchanted Kingdom only and I love to travel the whole Laguna because I could see it as beautiful vacation spot. Thanks for sharing this to us. Great Job. Keep it up.^_^

I will try to visit this ayala land Laguna too.