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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Random Illuminations

The Mayan Apocalypse was definitely on top of the perspective, if you were in Compostela Valley or at Sandy Hook Elementary School the world does end in December 2012.
   I'll try to recall what have hit us last year...
   First there was those close fights in International scene like Jessica Sanchez coming second against Philip Philips on American Idol and then  Janine Tugonon came also second in Ms. Universe. Therefore, Filipinos still have reasons to celebrate after all...

 But the epic fail was two of Manny Pacquiao's fight this year  was a disappointment. 
  The revenge was taken by Nonito Donaire when he knock down another Mexican. 
   First half of 2012 was the CJ Corona Trial drama when they ousted a Supreme Court Justice, it was the first in Philippine political history. 
    On my birthday last year July 10 the king of Comedy Dolphy died.
   Mother nature did some heavy damages too that the landslide in Negros and Cebu. 
   Judas of Lady Gaga create quite a stir but the concert still manage to pack people which some says the church mandate doesn't ring anymore. This can be reflected also when RH Bill gain majority approval from our legislature.
   But the Pinoy Catholics had its moment of joy when they get there 2nd Filipino saints. 

   The Netizen went on an uproar when the Cyber Crime Prevention Act was passed in September. 

    Last year also when the tension between China and Philippines rekindled over the disputed West Philippine Seas.  
   Amalayer vs. Lady Guard in LRT and then Mon Tulfo badly beaten by Raymart and cohorts also known as the thrilla in NAIA. This is what happen when you give a person a camera on there cellphones.

   What are the best remembered dance tune? Oppa Gangnam and Cha Cha Dabarkads of course. How about love song? Pusong Bato, I guess. :)

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