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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Religious Freedom?

Freedom To Practice Your Religion

Religious Tolerance
   We as God children are told, not to adopt any of the Heathens traditions nor duplicate their religious practices. Because of these commandments, Early Christians were greatly persecuted because of their disagreement with pagan or heathen practices that surrounds them. Although generally Christians would not initiate an argument but at the same time would never compromise their faith…
   Truly, it often causes their life to obey God. Many were fed to the lions, made as Gladiators for spectacle, crucified, burn at the stake, or stone to death…
   Yet today, I constantly observe Christians doing and observing the way of the Heathen. Are they afraid to be persecuted? or simply trying to adopt with his unbeliever neighbor? or they just want social acceptance? It may not be popular because you would either be called trouble maker or be accused of extreme religious zealot. After all, Christians should be peace-makers.
   What are God’s expectations? Up to what level of tolerance can children of God extend that he or she does need to compromise their faith? 
The Critical Mass
    I sometimes do sideline job as a photographer on wedding ceremony. I have been in to different kind of churches and religions…was it a sin to kneel in the altar of unbeliever? Personally, I don’t consider myself bowing to idols inside a Catholic church…but for the sake of meekness I join the crowd to kneel but if there’s a chair around I opted to sit down. In the first place, I was there as guest. Being disrespectful isn't a godly virtue…I was there to work and not to worship idols anyway. I know God would understand.
   Right now, there is a bill in congress under stipulation whether a public or private establishment should remove religious icon or not?  I forgot the name of the politician lobbying this into law but some of the suggested provisions would include removal of religious activities inside government facilities.
   Now if my bosses worship Buddha or even the Devil, what can I do? I’m just an employee. If you’re not comfortable working there, then leave…
   I’ve never been into a Muslim country so I can’t tell if they push anyone to worship Allah. Anyway the Koran speaks that all unbeliever should be destroyed…(that’s another story)
   Everything is permissible for me—but I will not be mastered by anything.
   Respect is vital in any relationship. We are told by Jesus to love our enemy and those that persecute us.   

   But there are limitations. We should learn from Daniel how he acted inside the Palace of the Babylonian king. He excuse himself from eating food that the Hebrew was not allowed to eat. But today, Christians would even practice ritual that we are not suppose to be doing…
   One of them is Chanting that the unaware Christian adopted…they have no idea at all that it is an Occult practice related to Demon worship since Ancient times, practiced by the Babylonian, Egyptians, and Canaanites in worshiping their gods. 
   You wont find any law that requires people of God to chant His name. In fact, there was no proper name given to Israel how He was suppose to be called…the Bible was said to have around 72 titles for God like Adonai or I AM. Jesus instructs us to simply call His Father as Father. Not even an adjective of Holy before the name, which was often sacrilegiously practiced by RCC to call the Papal seat as Most Holy Father or Holy See.
   Chanting is invoking spirits to overtake an individual into a trance state. Often this meditation practice is followed with breathing exercises that allows the brain to enter the Alpha or Delta state, depending on the guru you are dealing with. Which practitioner claims they become more relax and enter into a state of Blissfulness. I doubt the calmness because Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. In fact, he was chief angels before his fall bearing the title “The Morning Star”.
Tolerance Can Sometimes Consume the Truth
  This is nothing new at all. When Rome declares Christianity as its official religion after around 3 centuries of trying to eradicate Jesus Christ followers, many of the new converts still can’t get away from their old practices and traditions.  To convince more converts, they allowed  practices and rituals to adapt in their new found faith in Christianity. But as years progress, paganism has already become a malignant cancer.
   If the apostle were alive today, they would not recognized the gospel this new religious leaders are teaching us.
   According to the Esoteric Religions we are on this generation into the Age of Aquarius, where similar to the water sign, humanity by the aid of cosmic forces shall be guided to enlightenment…the awakening of the soul or to the realization that we are part of god, or actually into a process of becoming god ourselves.
   The very same deception that the Serpent of old employed to deceived Eve and then Adam. “You shall become like gods…” if you eat the forbidden fruits. Generations after generations we have seen people claiming to be gods.

   It is no surprise since many false prophet will come out teaching the doctrine of men as if they were the doctrines of God. 

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