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Sunday, April 17, 2011


  I have to visit some visual manuscript to get the feel...repairing some of the books with masking tape on the side because some of the pages are already loose.  Added some items...reviewing entries to re-evaluate the inner me, to see what have I done and have not done. Time will let it will continue to evolve according to my phase...according to the availability of time.
Junks are filing up...or what I prefer now to call as the accumulated experiences....
saw my phone cards collection too; and these bring certain joy. An achievement that I can call, inspite of my tentativeness in almost every area of my life.
  Everything shall be purge...what was left undone or discontinued means it doesn't mark that well. The stain easily remove. Maybe in the future then...what is in the future?
   I have to do other things too...the most important part actually aside from this isolation. Producing nothing to uplift my social rank. I can feel some chronic ailments I have acquired for being too artistic...artistically blocked. 
Drifting in nothingness--well, I still hold the faith of
this temporal...devoured by the pleasantries...
What will these sedated response lead?
The power will always rest to the one that hold your finances.
Come to my castle and meet my brave archers and cavalier. I can still shout to intimidate. Self-preservation. Even to this quest, I still see my innate self...the motivation to change desire regularly. The self. The Individual. My ownership. My sisters can't help me now...they have to shake me too. The little fisherman is still a boy and was created that way...chose to be that way. The phobia he had imagine that his steps will be ridiculed. Was he just tired of the systems?  
  The stone block my throat...the rock of truth. I have to learn to accept...
Those that pray among idols will just my irrelevant statue. Only there...only here where they look up at me; enthroned by the greatness of my pulse. My very very beautiful mind. My lips...they love me...they hate me...they pitied me.

On gaming character Cosplay...I need to diverse the mood of my stretch me a bit. I miss the comics industry here.

   Imagination only carve the mind...not yet a statement but just an deceived. You had been eaten by the lies...and now that lie was the ultimate reality.
Risk your images done to give you a stance of holiness.
The hidden chapter.

Man, got to...extinguished the load thus planning to stay up till the cock crow. I will bravely delve into a new venture tomorrow. I must. I will. I am.
   Soon the poison will overtake me....the acids. Our flesh are created with limits...but life is a bit short to accomplish many. Do not let the devil change your mind in doing good...
   Will I be exempted? Be snatch before the other words "the beginning of sorrows" are now happening and by the boggling way, not so many people knew it...perhaps a little over 1%. Does it matter how many? God will decided who He want to be with for the rest of eternity.

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