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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lisa Schmidt Art Journal
The first time I encounter another person's art journal was during the The Art Camp that was around 2005. Whew! My memory is failing me now. How can an important event slip my mind. If I get it right, I think Elyona Jean was not yet around at that time so it could be earlier than 2005. So that's where Visual Journal steps in...hmmmm....I can record even the tiniest detail with the corresponding feeling attached into it. I can relive the exact moment with clear visions of the bygone past.
   Romina Diaz art journal during that summer camp re-affirmed that I am not alone on this venture. Whatever her purpose for creating an art journal which was filled with random notes or paragraphs from corner to corner it gave me a new push during that time that I was probably doing something right. 
   Now I saw another art journalist through the blog of Lisa Schmidt, a facebook friend. There I saw her collages of what she call "pretty little messes" where all the coincidences in her life are kept. I saw the same eagerness and passion plus the dedication to put all those stuff together into a collage of her own world. 
   Well, Okay my visual journals are too personal in nature that is why they are not often posted on display for public viewing. But maybe I will let you peek at some of the general patronage pages. 
   Now what would I say about the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate (a commoner). It is grandeur, extravagant and the most talk about wedding of the moment. After more or less 350 years of Monarchy, a commoner is marrying a Royal lineage (is there another?)...It is indeed uncommon...the royalty value their bloodlines. It is very important not just because of pedigree but something mind blowing to the uninitiated.  Will I divulge it? Maybe...later.
   At the moment, the world is still starstruck from the romantic mood so I will not stir that consciousness...another European stirring shall be held tomorrow. Was it timed? It seems so...they are not letting the commoner take a leave from the numbness. 
   Kate and William are lovely couple. An inspiring fairy tale coming to life.

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