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Friday, April 22, 2011

ILLUMINATION 016 (Rice Shortage)

I just can't swallow this that despite The Philippines advancement and pioneering effort in rice technology we are still experiencing rice shortage. We are now the number one importer of rice in the world. Why is that?
  Other nations especially rice producing country come to the Philippines to study at International Rice Research Institute in Los BaƱos, Laguna province. Particularly Thailand the number one producer of rice in the world is also the number one exporter of rice for us, they learn the technology of high yielding rice variety here. I just don't get it that the teacher now rely to its student.
   Listening to farmers agony will lead you to the truth. Corruption. From fertilizer fund scam, farm to market access, irrigation system and even the body created to protect them (Department of Agriculture) are all contributor to their woes. This noon, my eyes get teary watching a TV program about the situation of Rice production here. Farmer are selling their lands to developers because they don't see bright future in this industry. The usual farmlands have turn into subdivisions, malls and golf courses or resorts.

   ON side note. A new variety of flood resistant rice, bred by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) "This will basically remove farmers in many parts of the world from being the victims of floods." IRRA now produce a new breed of rice that can hold its breath under water. 

   I remember what my father taught me, you don't use broom to clean rice that fell on the floor... pick it one by one with your bare hands. That's how you respect the food that gave you life. Now I have realized how much sacrifices our farmer gave, they literally shed sweat and blood so we can have food in our table .

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