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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ILLUMINATION 019 (Empty Hands)

Finally I had you! I don't know what causes why I can't access this site for a couple of days. I suspect it was my network connection. Well, now that I am in what would I really be blogging this time? The usual thing would be the fragment series on "illumination" to recollect my thoughts and perhaps had a topic to discuss and share.
   My heart was bruise and recuperating...trying to forgive. I must forgive. That's the Christian way. 
In the middle of round 2 I fell down much earlier than Mosley. Great singing of the
National Anthem by Charice. 
The fight was not that impressive but anyway Pacquiao proved his still the champ.
Dwarf Ram Cichlids
The quick punch just hit. The gloom was in the sky probably crying with me...and the fiesta passed as my soul heavily succumb to despair. I was expecting at least a see my self-worth. There were supporters who believe. How many times have they crushed my spirit? I just wore the mask. Now, a new illumination is coming and I fear the results. 
I am lucky that she is my destiny. The exact shape for my wholeness and worth. 
  What would had happened if I stay on the path? Be the bachelor where children learn their first recognition of words...probably, Realizationism traverse a different path or none existent at all. Heaven had written these lines and I had follow...did I follow?
The respect were there. And the children watch me recoil in humiliation. 
Henna gushed from my wound. Marking your face with insult!!! ... of shame.
splashing thunder from a previous parallelism 
of the almost same punctured from the brain--a memory
added to the collective misery. 
Then I would stay silent for a are just a scamp.
The pope laughing now until he realized my time will soon come.
   Would the second return be injected faster? I still have to make a relative contribution to my church...the Church Jesus build. 
   That night wont the night I chased for her, and the heavy construction boots drove some mud...together with sneering folks behind me. Now they saw my real face. I ran only to realized I look ridiculous for the chase. It is a useless child asked for a penny I heavily dug on my pocket. The crown belong to the woman and this man became the slave...he who hold the gold controls the power. Should I be thanking her, I must, but the scepter must be return to my hand. My hand should paint a millions worth. In time past, that label had been clear...the master...the grand master. "Look at you man, you should be ashame to let her burn in the sun and sweat..." These are not your destiny...create what you had shouted in the name of love. 
   It has been a long night...the stars are out and the dawn still soaked in her recluses. You can not poison the mind of the daylight truth. The web pages are just an illusion of the illusive reality. Taxing my ego are the insecurities weaving on my creative spoils. Sculpting the images of a situation that you was not the reality of realities. I saw her pain...and her tears how her shoulder carry the world. Alone. I should have stayed on her side. But I am too weak. They have assembled my arms on fragile clay. I need the energy her sunshine provided. The total eclipse just had been happening long ago even before you realized. The slow decay was not anticipated and are these your payment for hurting the poor?
  This are my illumination, don't bother to will grow or it will dies...time will tell.


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