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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ILLUMINATION 020 (On Circular Motion)

Still on illumination cycle...
had those topics hanging and yet I can not at the moment plunge for the 
instances I had no real knowledge.
I just want to sink in my hole...

not hibernating nor blocked but in contemplation, whatever that was.
Trying to change the course, I wear my sandals and carry my bag...
going to a point somewhere I know but unfamiliar. The circular motion was to persuade
my incapacity to present the eloquence...

Speak and you can test the water. You can stir the cloud of doubt.
Actually, that is the main hindrance.... comparative to conquest of your infinite self.
Was self infinite or finite? The bully just hang there and wait to grapple you...
The imagination of foreboding shadows...just what was that?

I just wonder?
   Are there any new update from Japan? It seems people shall be numb again and return to the common patronage. The shaking continues...a major strike doesn't hit the home run. We indulge for a while to the grandeur of The Royal Wedding, the sainthood as they claim, and the punching of PacMan's glove. We can ignore the calling of the choir, the stirring of heaven, and the crime of the rich hood-looms. It seems inappropriate to speak of the evil clearly visible from the book. They just don't make sense when you are having a feast.    
I have to look at the sky, lift my hands...move the earth.
Unwelcome faction marching on the horizon and it is not changing its directives. It could turn the tides...does God throw a dice? Everything was on constant migration and we barely making friends. My sole are tired and calloused from the rugged terrain...and we are yet to find our nesting ground. Moving again.  

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