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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fish Kill in Pangasinan and Batangas

The sudden change of temperature causes millions of fish kills in Bolinao and Anda coastal towns, particularly on Kakiputan Channel. As of May 31 an estimated 70 tons of Bangus (milk-fish) were found floating lifeless on fish pond through out the area. BFAR regional director, said the sudden change in temperature due to heavy rains following warm days and the drop in the dissolved oxygen level in the water caused the fishkill.
   Meanwhile, . Fishermen in Batangas province have lost millions of pesos following a massive fishkill in the waters of Taal Lake. In Talisay alone, the town's agriculture office said around P33 million worth of fish have died. This equates to around 355 tons of fish, or food for around 335,000 families.
   Yearly, fish kill happens due to sudden change of water temperature that may result into a drop of oxygen level. Usually this happen to ponds or fish pen where fish are contain in limited area. 

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